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How well do you know Lightning McQueen and crew?

When the movie begins, there's a three-way tie for The Piston Cup between Strip Weathers, Chick Hicks, and ___________?

Lightning McQueen is an anthropomorphic stock car with the number 95.


Lightning McQueen is based on a _________?

The Chevrolet Corvette (C6) is a sports car that was produced by Chevrolet for the 2005 to 2013 model years.


The tiebreaker race is scheduled for one week later at the _______?

The fictional California speedway is where McQueen hopes to be the first rookie to win the cup.


What is McQueen's catch-phrase?

McQueen says "Ka-Chow" during his sponsorship commercial for Rust-eze.


What is sponsor does McQueen want to snag?

Chick Hicks teases McQueen that whoever gets to CA first gets Dinaco.


Who sponsors McQueen at the start of the movie?

Rust-eze is medicatedbumper ointment with a new rear end formula.


What is the name of McQueen's transportation big rig?

McQueen pushes Mack to drive all night long even after Mack tells him how tired he feels.


What town does McQueen end up in?

Radiator Springs is a fictional village created as a composite of multiple real places on historic U.S. Route 66 from Kansas to Arizona.


What does McQueen do when he gets to town?

In his panic to outrun the sheorff who he thinks is shooting at him, McQueen bursts into town, gets tangled up with a chain, hooks the metal statuate in town, and drags it down the road ripping the road up in the process.


Who voices Lightning McQueen?

Owen Wilson can be heard voices McQueen in the upcoming film, 'Cars 3.'


Who talks Doc Hudson into making McQueen fix the road?

Sally, the town's D.A., gave a moving speech about how the car that ruined the road needs to be the one who fixes the road.


What vehicle does McQueen need to pull to fix the road?

Bessie is Radiator Springs resident road-paving machine. Fill her with kerosene, gravel, and tar, and she'll make beautiful blacktop.


What is the name of the town's motel?

The Cozy Cone is run by Sally, the town's D.A.


Doc Hudson tells McQueen _______ when making a turn on a dirt track?

After missing the left turn on the dirt track and losing the race to Doc Hudson, he practices to try to make that turn.


Mater talks McQueen into tipping _______?

If sneak up to a tractor and blow the horn loud, it scares the tractor and it falls over.


Who voices Sally Carrera?

Bonnie can be heard voicing Bonnie Hopps in 'Zootopia' and Dolly in 'Toy Story 4.'


Mater says he is the world's best ________?

Mater proves it to McQueen by weaving through the town while driving backwards.


McQueen realizes Doc is the _________?

The Hudson Hornet won three Piston Cups and stole the record for the most wins in a single season.


Luigi only follows ________ race cars?

Ferrari is an Italian sports car founded by Enzo Ferrari in 1939 as Auto Avio Costruzioni, the company built its first car in 1940.


What would Sally love to get up and running again?

The motel used to be a very popular stop for visitors. It was closed by lack of clients when the Interstate was built.


Who voices Doc Hudson?

Paul Newman had a long successful career as an actor, writer, producer, and entrepreneur. 'Cars' is his last movie before his death in 2008.


Who declares McQueen as his best friend?

McQueen feels the same way towards Mater by the end of the movie.


Who voices Chick Hicks?

Micheal Keaton can be seen as Betelgeuse in 'Beetlejuice' and 'Beetlejucie 2' as well as Ray Kroc in 'The Founder.'


Float like a Cadillac, _______?

The saying is a reference to boxer Muhammad Ali's "Float like a butterfly, Sting like a bee," a catch-phrase he made popular during his rookie years.


Sally is a _________?

Porsche is a German automobile manufacturer specializing in high-performance sports cars, SUVs and sedans.


What did Mater find that he hadn't seen in twenty years?

He found it in a canyon. After he put it back on, he sneezes it off and it goes right back into the canyon.


Who voices Mack?

John Ratzenberger is the only actor to voice a character in each of the Pixar films starting as Hamm in 1995's 'Toy Story.'


Why did the Hudson Hornet leave racing?

He was injured in a race and took time off to heal. Once he felt better, he thought he'd return with fanfare but no one acted like they cared.


Who is Luigi's helper?

Guido, a cutom forklift, is voiced by Guido Quaroni who also does additional voices in 'Monsters, Inc.'


What kind of cafe is Flo's V-8 Café?

Flo is the owner of Radiator Springs only gas diner, or as non-cars would call it, a gas station.


Chick Hicks kicks _______ off the track during the tie-breaker?

Hicks rams into Weathers by sending him into a dangerous rollover. This is reminiscent of Richard Petty's violent crash in the 1988 Daytona 500. Richard Petty voices Strip "The King" Weathers.


Who voices Mater?

Larry the Cable Guy is one of the members of the Blue Collar Comedy Tour, a comedy troupe which included Bill Engvall, Ron White, and Jeff Foxworthy.


What does McQueen do once Weathers is knocked off the track?

McQueen stops short of the finish line and allows Chick Hicks to win. He then pushes Weathers over the finish line so that Weathers could finish his last race.


Who voices Ramone the lowrider?

Cheech was part of the stoner duo, Cheech & Chong and can be seen as Ricardo Cruz in 'Dark Harvest.'


What does McQueen do when Dinoco offers him their sponsorship?

McQueen thanks Dinoco for the offer, but wants to stay with Rust-eze as they've gotten him this far.


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