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"The 100" is an action-packed, apocalyptic TV series, known for its devastating plot twists and controversial characters. Only the most dedicated fans will be able to ace this quiz. Can you? Play on to find out!

How did Chancellor Jaha's son, Wells, die?

When Bellamy gave one of the youngest members of the 100, Charlotte, a knife and some advice about conquering her fears, he couldn't have known how things would turn out. Charlotte stabbed Wells in the neck because she thought it would help her overcome her pain and fear. Wells' father - the Chancellor - had executed both of her parents,


Who killed Lexa?

Titus intended to kill Clarke and pin the murder on John Murphy, but he accidentally shot Lexa instead. After removing the Flame from Lexa, he passed the Flamekeeper responsibilities on to Clarke. He was later killed by Ice Nation Grounders.


What is the Flame?

The Flame is an artificial intelligence, otherwise known as A.L.I.E. 2.0 and the spirit of the Commander. It was created by the neuroscientist Becca in an attempt to make up for the damage caused by the original A.L.I.E. AI. It contains the memories of all previous Commanders and can only be safely implanted in Grounders with nightblood.


How many years did Octavia live under the floor?

On the Ark, women were only allowed to have one child due to severely limited resources. For 16 years, Octavia had to hide under the floorboards whenever anyone came to their room. The one time Bellamy, her elder brother, encouraged her to venture out, she was caught and imprisoned for being a second child. Her mother was floated and Bellamy was demoted to maintenance.


What caused Lexa to decide that love is a weakness?

The late Ice Nation Queen Nia kidnapped, tortured, murdered, and cut off the head of Lexa's former lover, Costia. Nia believed Costia knew Lexa's secrets because of their intimate relationship. In retaliation for this, Lexa killed Queen Nia.


How many generations was the Ark in space before it crash-landed on Earth?

"The 100" takes place 97 years after a nuclear apocalypse that all but decimated Earth and its inhabitants. After 3 generations, the Ark had to crash-land on Earth because it sustained catastrophic damage during Diana Sydney's rebellion and could no longer support human life.


Octavia is named after who?

Because of the one-child law on the Ark, Bellamy couldn't ask anyone to help his mother as she gave birth to a baby girl. He said Chancellor Jaha's strict rules reminded him of the Emperor Augustus, who he had read about with his mom. Augustus had an older sister named Octavia, who Bellamy chose to name his little sister after.


Raven is what type of mechanic?

Raven Reyes was the first person to ever earn a perfect score on the zero-g exam, but she failed her physical due to a heart murmur. This should have prevented her from becoming a spacewalking zero-g mechanic, but they made an exception. But not before Finn took the fall for a rogue spacewalk he set up for Raven when they thought she'd never be able to do it otherwise.


Near what former major U.S. city did the 100's drop ship land?

Mt. Weather, where the Mountain Men lived, is about 40 miles outside of Washington, D.C. It is part of the Blue Ridge Mountains, near Bluemont, Virginia.


How many Ark residents were voluntarily culled, to preserve oxygen for the remaining residents?

Despite Raven and Clarke's desperate attempts at notifying the Ark that the Earth is habitable, Chancellor Jaha chose to dismiss their rocket signals as anomalies without further investigation and continue with the culling. Like Clarke's father predicted, the situation brought out the best in the residents of the Ark and, instead of choosing anarchy, 320 people chose to voluntarily eliminate themselves from the Ark's supply grid so that their loved ones could have a chance at living longer.


Jasper was speared by Grounders on the way to find supplies where?

Jasper had just saved Octavia from the river monster, then bravely took the first rope swing over to the other side. Everything seemed to be looking up for Jasper, when suddenly he was impaled by a spear that had been thrown from across the river. He survived the attack and was later rescued by the 100.


How many clans are there?

The 12 clans were united under Commander Lexa and, together, create the coalition. Lexa invited Skaikru - the Sky People - to join the coalition. As leader of Skaikru, Kane was branded on his forearm with the mark of the coalition.


Roan is a member of which clan?

Ice Nation is also known as Azgeda. There are 12 Grounder clans in the Mt. Weather-Washington, D.C., area. The clans are: Trikru, Azgeda, Floukru, Sankru, Yujleda, Ouskejon Kru, Delfikru, Trishana Kru, Podakru, Ingranrona Kru, Boudalan Kru, and Louwoda Kliron.


What did the Mountain Men call the Grounders?

Exposure to radiation resulted in severe, often fatal burns and poisoning for the Mountain Men. They discovered that filtering Grounders' blood through their systems could help them heal from radiation exposure. So, they captured Grounders and harvested their blood. The Mountain Men did the same to the 100, except, in this case, they were after bone marrow to cure their vulnerability.


Where is the City of Light?

The City of Light is part of the artificial intelligence program, A.L.I.E. After taking a chip, people's memories are uploaded to the system, which stores their being even after their physical death.


Which city is the coalition's capitol?

Polis is the capital city for the coalition of the 12 clans. It is where Titus, the former Flamekeeper, lived, and where Lexa died.


How many Tondc Grounders did Finn massacre?

In the episode "Human Trials," Finn shot and killed 18 unarmed Grounders, including men, women, elders and children. He would have killed more if Clarke, Bellamy and Octavia hadn't arrived on the scene.


At the beginning of season 1, Clarke hated Wells. Why?

Clarke believed Wells was to blame for her father being floated, because soon after she confided in her friend about her father's plans to tell Ark residents about the failing oxygen system, Chancellor Jaha had Clarke's father arrested and then floated. It was later revealed that Wells had not been the one to tell the Chancellor about Jake's plans, but that Abby, Clarke's mother and Jake's wife, had told Jaha.


What type of plant did Clarke turn into a poultice to use on Jasper?

While the seaweed Clarke used is from a future place warped by radiation, modern day seaweed also carries antimicrobial properties. Scientists out of the European Centre for Environment and Human Health have found that some samples of seaweed are able to kill the super-bug MRSA.


The ruins of which memorial indicates the Grounder village Tondc is near?

Abraham Lincoln was the 16th president of the United States. He was assassinated by John Wilkes Booth on April 14th, 1865, not long after the end of the Civil War.


Why did the Grounder Gustus poison himself?

Gustus tried to frame Raven for the poisoning, which would have brought an end to the alliance between the Sky People and the Grounders, but Clarke exposed his set-up. As punishment, Lexa sentenced him to death by a thousand cuts and executed him. Gustus believed he was ultimately protecting Lexa from assassination attempts by her own people.


Aside from Atom, who else has Clarke killed out of mercy?

Because Finn massacred 18 Grounders, Lexa could not move forward with the alliance between the Grounders and Sky People. They were owed the pain and blood of 18 deaths, so Lexa sentenced Finn to Death by a Thousand Cuts. She allowed Clarke to say goodbye to Finn, and Clarke took the opportunity to kill Finn before the Grounders could torture him to death.


How do you say "blood must have blood" in Trigedasleng, a universal language among the Grounders?

"Yu gonplei ste odon" translates to "your fight is over," and "ai hod yu in" translates to "I love you."


The Ark had 2,237 residents at the time, but only enough drop ships to save how many people?

The former Chancellor Diana Sydney led a rebellion and stole the Exodus drop ship, which left the Ark crippled. The Exodus ship crash-landed on earth after its parachutes failed, and there were no survivors.


What does Wanheda mean?

The Grounders believe that you absorb the power of the souls you kill, and because Clarke has killed so many, particularly in regards to Mt. Weather, she is the Commander of Death. Whoever kills Clarke would absorb all of her power and become the Commander of Death.


Who was first to enter the City of Light?

Thelonious promised A.L.I.E. that he would populate the City of Light with his people, and the first person he attempted to recruit was John Murphy, who refused to take the "Key" or chip.


Who trained the 100 in Earth skills?

Pike, a proud "Grounder-killer," executed Lincoln, who Octavia was in love with. At the end of season 3, Octavia sought her revenge by stabbing and killing Pike.


At the start of season 4, how long does Clarke think they have before the Earth's radiation levels become fatal?

In the season 3 finale, A.L.I.E. informed Clarke of her prediction that in 6 months time, 96% of the earth would be inhabitable due to global radiation rising to fatal levels. Nuclear power plants that were designed to be self-sustaining for 100 years would begin to break down, threatening life on earth.


How do the clans choose their commander?

Typically, a group of young nightbloods train together and then fight to the death in what is known as the Conclave. The victor is then implanted with the Flame and ascends as Commander. In season 3, the nightblood Ontari slaughtered all of her nightblood peers in their sleep so that she would become the Commander.


The AI (artificial intelligence) chips, also known as the Key to the City of Light, can only be taken by people who:

When A.L.I.E. encountered people who would not willingly consent, she found ways to force them to consent, usually by hurting or killing their loved ones. She tried to have Abby, Clarke's mom, kill herself in order to force Clarke into choosing between letting her mom die and taking the chip.


Where did Monty and Jasper stash their weed on the Ark?

Monty used to live in Farm Station, which was also Pike's station. In season 4, Bellamy decided to blow up the remnants of Farm Station in order to save prisoners being held by Ice Nation Grounders.


Reapers are former:

The Mountain Men created Reapers by torturing Grounders and injecting them with a serum. Once the Grounders became physically dependent on the serum, they were willing to do anything to get it, and the combined effects of the torture and chemicals turned them into Reapers. The Reapers brought the Mountain Men Grounders, which they then harvested blood from and eventually would feed to the Reapers.


In which clan's territory did Farm Station crash-land?

In the season 3 premiere, it's revealed that there are additional Ark survivors from Farm Station, which crash-landed in Azgeda. They were at constant war with iIe Nation Grounders, and each Farm Station survivor was a "Grounder-killer," a fact of which they were proud. Monty's father was killed by an Azgeda Grounder.


What is the art supply store?

Finn found the bunker and invited Clarke to join him there. It is where the two first had sex, and where Clarke later took Raven to find supplies for making a radio needed to communicate with the Ark.


Why did Octavia assassinate an Ice Nation ambassador?

Many Ice Nation Grounders were upset with King Roan for his decision to honor the alliance with the Sky People instead of killing Wanheda and taking her power, so an ambassador thought he would solve the problem by challenging an injured King Roan to a fight. Octavia solved this problem by assassinating the ambassador. So long as Roan is king, Clarke and the 100 could work to solve the impending radiation crisis.


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