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After the success of "X-Men" in 2000 and "X2" in 2003, the Marvel Universe needed another installment in the X-Men film series. How well do you remember the third film, "X-Men: The Last Stand?" Find out with this quiz!

At whose house does the film begin?

The film begins 20 years ago, at Jean Grey's house. Charles and Magneto are speaking with her parents about joining the school.


When Jean Grey shows Charles and Magneto her powers, what does she manipulate?

When Jean Grey doubts that anyone is like her, she lifts the cars on her street to show her powers to them.


Stan Lee, Marvel's creator, has a cameo in the film. What is he doing?

When a young Jean Grey is showing her abilities to Charles and Erik, we see Stan Lee using a water hose while the water is being manipulated.


During the fighting simulation, who throws Wolverine at the robot?

At the beginning of the film, Storm has the older students undergoing a simulation. Tired of 'helping out,' Logan has Colossus throw him at the robotic machine and removes its head.


When Mystique is captured at the beginning of the film, who are they questioning her about?

Since the end of the last film, Mystique has been captured by the government. They are questioning her for the whereabouts of Magneto.


Who does Charles ask to someday take over the school?

It is implied that Scott was originally supposed to take over the school, but after the 'death' of Jean Grey, Charles decides it's best for Storm to watch after the school.


What does Charles call Hank McCoy?

Everyone calls him "Hank" and he even introduces himself as such, so one might believe that is his actual name. But Charles Xavier calls him by his real name, "Henry."


What is the name of the mutant who can stop other mutants' powers?

When the government decides they have a way to 'cure' mutants, they send in Hank, the Secretary of Mutant Affairs, to meet him. When he goes to the lab, he meets a young boy, Jimmy, who turns his blue, beastly hand into a human hand.


Who returns to Alkali Lake after Jean's death?

After Jean's death, Scott is having trouble coming to terms with it. When he begins hearing her voice in his head, he travels to Alkali Lake.


What did Jean's other personality call itself?

When Jean is found to be alive, Charles explains to Logan that he's not sure whether they're dealing with Jean Grey or her other personality, Phoenix.


Who is the first person with which they try to inject the 'cure'?

When Worthington works on a cure for mutants, the first person they try to cure is his son Warren. Warren changes his mind and breaks free.


Who sacrifices themselves to stop Erik from being shot with the cure?

When Magneto goes to free Mystique from captivity, a guard attempts to shoot Magneto in the back. When Mystique realizes that the gun is pointed at him, she steps it the way.


When a fight takes place at Jean's childhood home, with whom does Wolverine go head to head?

When Charles and Magneto both go to Jean Grey's home, Magneto tells Juggernaut not to let anyone into the house. When Wolverine plans to enter, Juggernaut tries to stop him.


Which of these words isn't written on Charles' headstone?

When they hold a funeral for Charles, we see his headstone located on the quarters of his house. On it is written "Father, Teacher, Leader."


What activity does Bobby take Kitty to do after Charles' death?

When Bobby finds Kitty crying in her bedroom after Charles' death, he takes her ice skating on the fountain outside.


What level mutant is Jean Grey?

When Callisto realizes that there is a powerful mutant nearby, Magneto realizes that it's Jean Grey and she's a level 5 mutant, the strongest of it's kind.


Who runs into Rogue as she's trying to leave the school?

When Rogue decides that she wants to get the cure, she runs into Logan before leaving the house. He tells her to make sure it's something she wants.


Who does Magneto send for his first attack on the humans?

While Bobby is looking for Rogue at a rally, he runs into his former classmate, Pyro, who blows the windows out of a building with his fire abilities.


To what island is Magneto headed?

When Magneto plans to steal and kill the cure, he heads to Worthington Lab where it's being kept. They make plans to head to Alcatraz Island.


Who gives away Magneto's campgrounds in the woods?

After Mystique is hit by the cure during an attempt to protect Magneto, he leaves her behind. She then goes to the government and reveals his location.


What is Jimmy's mutant name?

Jimmy's mutant name is Leech because his powers act as such. When a mutant goes near him, he has the ability to stop their mutant gene.


Which of these students doesn't go to Alcatraz Island with the X-Men?

Before the X-Men can head into battle, Rogue already leaves the school with plans of getting the cure.


What does Magneto manipulate to transport him to Alcatraz Island?

In order to get to Alcatraz Island, Magneto destroys a bridge to transport him and his army to Worthington Labs.


Which bridge does Magneto use?

When Magneto transports himself and his army to Alcatraz Island, he destroys the Golden Gate Bridge in the process.


With whom does Storm go head to head during the final battle?

During the final battle, Storm goes head to head with Callisto. She is able to sense other mutants and the level of their powers.


Who is Kitty racing against to get to Jimmy first?

When Magneto sends Juggernaut to get Leech, Kitty volunteers to rescue him before Juggernaut gets there.


Who saves Worthington's life when he is thrown off a building?

When Worthington is thrown off a building by some of Magneto's followers, we see his son, Warren/Angel, fly in and rescue him.


Who does Bobby go head to head with?

During the final battle, Bobby goes head to head with his old friend, John, who now goes by the name Pyro.


What does Magneto have Pyro light on fire and throw at the X-Men?

When Magneto decides to bring a little more destruction to the table, he throws cars at the X-Men, while Pyro lights them on fire.


Who injects Magneto with the cure?

When Logan offers himself up to Magneto as a decoy, Hank/Beast sneaks up behind Magneto and injects him with the cure.


Who kills Jean Grey?

During the battle scene where Jean Grey/Phoenix is obliterating everyone and everything in her wake, Logan realizes that the only way to stop her is to kill her.


Who is buried next to Jean Grey?

After the death of Jean Grey, the camera pans to the gardens outside the school. Here we see Jean Grey buried next to Scott.


Who gains their powers back at the end of the film?

At the end of the film, we see that Magneto hasn't completely lost his ability to control metals.


What does Magneto move that shows he hasn't completely lost his abilities?

At the end of the film, we see Magneto playing chess by himself in the park. He lifts his hand and the metal chess piece moves slightly.


Which X-Men is found to be alive at the end of the film?

At the end of the film, we see a hospital room. When Charles' old colleague, Moira MacTaggert, walks in, we hear his voice say, "Hello, Moira." Shocked and stunned, Moira calls out Charles' name.


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