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The horror continues. If you thought the series ended with the "Murder House," you're in for a rude awakening. The horror continues in Season 2. Test your knowledge of the season!

What is the name of season 2 of American Horror Story?

The second season of the show is named "American Horror Story: Asylum" which premiered October 2012.


Which of these actors from season 1 didn't appear in season 2?

Taissa Farmiga, who played Violet in Season 1 didn't appear in Season 2 although she returned for Season 3.


What is the name of the asylum?

Season 2 is set at Briarcliff Manor where the story surrounds the patients and others working there.


In the beginning of the season, which singer do we see at the abandoned asylum?

At the beginning of the season, we see a couple (Adam Levine and Jenna Dewan-Tatum) who are exploring the abandoned asylum before they are attacked.


What is the man who is admitted into Briarcliff because he is believed to be a serial killer?

Kit Walker is brought to Briarcliff because he is thought to be the infamous serial killer "Bloody Face."


Which actor plays Kit Walker?

After starring as Tate in Season 1, Evan Peters returns to AHS for Season 2 as Kit Walker.


Why does Lana Winters get committed to the asylum?

Lana Winters initially heads to Briarcliff to write a story exposing them. She is quickly committed by Sister Jude for the life she lives with her partner, Wendy.


What is the name of the doctor appointed to see if Kit Walker is fit to stand trial?

Dr. Oliver Thredson, played by Zachary Quinto, is a therapist assigned to Kit's case, but we soon find out he has sinister motives.


Which person working at the manor was involved in a hit and run?

When a teenager at the asylum becomes possessed with a demon, he reveals Sister Jude's past where she ran over a little girl while she was intoxicated.


When they perform the exorcism on the teenager, whose body does the demon go into?

When the teenager dies after the demon leaves his body, the demon enters Sister Mary Eunice.


Who is the first person Sister Mary Eunice tries to seduce?

When Sister Mary Eunice is initially possessed, she goes on a spree of killing a patient, tormenting Sister Jude, and trying to seduce Dr. Arden.


What are the name of the creatures who live in the woods surrounding Briarcliff?

When Lana, Grace, and Kit attempt to escape Briarcliff during a storm, they run into cannibalistic creatures called Raspers.


Who is caught by Dr. Arden trying to escape during the storm?

When Shelly tries to escape with the trio, she is caught by Dr. Arden. He then tries to rape her, but when she laughs at him, he amputates her legs.


What is the name of the patient who is brought to the asylum and panics when she sees Dr. Arden?

When a new patient is brought to Briarcliff, she identifies herself as Anne Frank and immediately recognizes Dr. Arden.


Who does "Anne Frank" tell about Dr. Arden's past as a Nazi doctor?

When "Anne Frank" arrives at Briarcliff, she tells Sister Jude that Dr. Arden was a Nazi doctor whose real name is Hans Gruper.


What is the reason Grace gives Kit for killing her father and stepmother?

Although Kit is initially in the dark about Grace's circumstances, she later reveals why she killed her parents.


Which Briarcliff resident is slowly becoming a Rasper?

After Dr. Arden amputates Shelley's legs, he put her through a series of experiments which has her transforming into a Rasper.


Who is Sam Goodman?

When Sister Jude becomes aware of Arden's past, she hires a Nazi hunter to collect evidence against Dr. Arden.


Which Briarcliff worker helps Lana escape?

Although we see Dr. Thredson help Lana escape, he quickly locks her up inside his house.


Who is the real Bloody Face?

Thredson got himself appointed to Kit Walker's case so that he could frame him and make sure he couldn't be tied to the murders.


Who kills Shelley?

When Monsignor Howard goes to perform last rights on Shelley, he sees her mutated body. In order to preserve the asylum's secrets, he strangles her with his rosary beads.


When Sam Goodman tells Sister Jude that he needs Arden's finger print, how does she get it?

As a sort of 'last drink' when Monsignor Howard says he's sending her to Pittsburgh, Sister Jude is able to get Arden's fingerprint by sharing a glass of cognac with him.


Who kills Sam Goodman?

When Sister Mary Eunice impersonates Sister Jude in a phone call with Goodman, she goes to his home before killing him and taking his evidence on Hans Gruper.


Which actress plays the Angel of Death?

Frances Conroy returned to AHS Season 2 as the Angel of Death.


Who is the first person to summon the Angel of Death?

At the beginning of episode "Dark Cousin," we see the Angel of Death appear to give Grace the kiss of death. Before she can do it, Grace is resuscitated.


Who does Grace take a bullet for?

When Kit returns to the asylum to rescue Grace, they are stopped by Arden. Arden pulls out a gun, intending to shoot Kit but Grace steps in the way.


When Mary Eunice allows Leigh to dress up as Santa Claus, who does he attack?

When Monsignor Howard brings a handcrafted star for the Christmas Tree in the asylum, Leigh knocks Frank down and slices him in the face before the orderlies are able to stop him.


Who stabs Leigh?

After Sister Jude's harsh treatment of Leigh in the past, Sister Mary Eunice lock them in a room together. Leigh, who canes her and has intentions of raping her, is injured when Sister Jude stabs him in the neck with a letter opener.


Who nails Monsignor Howard to the crucifix?

After Leigh appears apologetic, Monsignor Howard baptizes him. Immediately after, Leigh holds the Monsignor underwater before nailing him to the crucifix.


Which of these characters become pregnant?

Grace finds out that she is pregnant a few episodes prior and in "The Name Game," she gives birth to a son.


Who is the father of Lana's baby?

While Lana was captured by Dr. Thredson, he raped her which led to her unexpected pregnancy.


Who ultimately kills Grace?

Alma, who was abducted by the aliens, grows hysterical before chopping Grace to death. This leads to her permanent residence at Briarcliff where she later dies.


After being locked up in the asylum, what name do people use to refer to Sister Jude?

Since Monsignor Howard faked Sister Jude's death, Lana can't rescue her from the asylum. As she begins to deteriorate, she becomes known to the asylum as Betty Drake.


Who ultimately rescues Sister Jude from the asylum?

In the season finale, it is revealed that in 1970, 6 years after the story began, Kit returned to Briarcliff to rescue Sister Jude to went on to live with Kit and his children.


Who kills the present-day Bloody Face seen at the beginning of the season?

Lana killed the original Bloody Face, Dr. Thredson. When she finds out she is pregnant after he rapes her, she attempts to give herself an abortion. When her son, Johnny Morgan, who she gives up for adoption shows up planning to kill her, she convinces him to put the gun down before killing him herself.


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