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The Americans is a TV period drama series by Joe Weisberg that first aired in 2013. Think you can spy the facts? Test your knowledge now with our quiz!

There are two main characters in the series (a couple). What are their names?

They have an arranged marriage, set forth by the KGB.


Who are the Jenningses?

Phil and Elizabeth Jennings are soviet spies with an arranged marriage.


What country to Phillip and Elizabeth often refer to as the Motherland?

Phillip and Elizabeth often refer Russia as the motherland - it is where they both grew up


What agency do Phillip and Elizabeth work for?

Phillip and Elizabeth spies living in America but officially work for Russia.


How many kids do they have?

They have two kids. A girl named Paige and her younger brother, Henry.


What is the career that the Jenningses use as a cover?

Their cover is that they are travel agents. There is a few times where they actually have to perform this job.


What is one way the couple get others to disclose information?

They both often seduce people, or perform sexual acts to convince people into trusting them or giving them information.


Where does the show take place?

Washington DC is where Elizabeth and Phil are stationed undercover.


What does KGB stand for?

The KGB, standing for Komitet gosudarstvennoy bezopasnosti is the main security agency for the Soviet Union.


What is the name of the Jenningses' neighbor?

Stan Beeman is their neighbor who moves in, in the first season.


What does the new neighbor, Stan, do for a living?

Ironically, Stan, their new neighbor, works for the FBI. However they seem to do a good job at revealing their identity to him.


Who is the main woman Phil starts a relationship with during the series?

Martha has a way of getting lots of information. Phil is assigned to seduce her and start a relationship.


How does Phillip and Martha's relationship progress throughout the series?

Phil needs to prove his love since Martha starts to have doubts. The two get married.


Stan flips a KGB agent. What is her name?

Phil turns Nina into an informant. She is now a mole at the KGB.


What is a way to classify Stan's forming relationship with Nina?

The two spend lots of time together and soon enough, they become romantically involved.


Phillip and Elizabeth do lots of assignments out and about, how do they protect themselves?

They have lots of disguises and fake names to protect themselves.


What is the name of Phillip and Elizabeth's first “Handler”?

In the show, a handler is a a KGB supervisor


During the series, someone at the KGB develops feelings for Nina. Who?

Olegs dad is very important in the KGB. The two develop a relationship after Nina confesses about Stan Bochmann.


In season 2, what is the name of their new “Handler”?

Kate is their handler, but not for long. They discover she is in contact with Jared, and romantically involved. The source of why he killed his parents.


What is exfiltration? (As described in the series.)

As in the series, when an agent is exfiltrated they are ordered back to Moscow, Russia


What is a soviet defector? (As described in the series.)

A soviet defector is one who abandons their home country of Russia for a different country.


What religious affiliation does Paige start to have?

She meets some Christians and dives into the religion. She goes to church and confides in the Pastor.


In season 3, Paige discovers something about her parents. What?

Paige is very upset when she finds out that her parents are Russian spies and lied about their identity. She feels like her whole life is a lie.


Who is the President of United States during the show?

Ronald Reagen is just elected as president when the show is beginning.


In the 4th episode, there is an assassination attempt, against who?

John hinckley tried to assassinate Ronald Reagan. He was wounded, but survived.


What happens to FBI agent Chris Amador?

Amador is Stan's partner. The KGB agents kill him, making Stan enraged.


Who is Martha?

She is agent Gaad's secretary. She becomes an informant for Phil and gets her hands on lots of classified documents.


Who is Arkady Ivanovich?

The resident advisor is a higher position to the KGB agents. He has lots of power.


What is Paige's surprising birthday wish?

She asks to be baptized. Her parents are upset and don't want that for her, but realize they can't push her away.


Why does Phillip reveal himself to Martha?

She knows that he is lying about his identity. The person he is said to be, showed up at the FBI office, and it was not him.


What relative of the Jenningses falls very ill in Russia?

Elizabeth's mom is very sick and she brings Paige to go see her.


Where do Paige and her mother take a trip to in Season 3?

They go to West Germany to visit Paige's grandmother so she can meet her before she passes away.


What is the name of the Pastor of the church where Paige attends?

Pastor Tim has a lot of influence on Paige and she often confides in him about personal subjects.


In the finale of Season 3, what does Paige tell Pastor Tim?

She tells the Pastor that her parents are Russian! This is a huge secret to give up that could lead to them being arrested.


In the 3rd season, the FBI discovers a bug in the office. Where was it hiding?

The events of the discovery led to her discovering phillips identity. The man Phillip. was pretending to be, showed up at the office. Martha realized it was not Phillip.


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