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In 1997, the first "Anaconda" movie was released, and three others followed soon after. Test your memory, two decades after the movie's first appearance on screens!

Where is the movie set?

The movie is entirely set in Brazil - more specifically, in the Amazon. This region is known not only for the rich population of snakes but also for the giant size of those snakes!


What sport does Westridge play on board the boat?

Warren Westridge is a gentleman, therefore he enjoys gentlemen's activities. He cannot disrupt his golf routine, even on a river boat in the heart of the Amazon.


What is the name of the boat?

When the group leaves the port, the video maker focuses on the name of the boat, painted on its side. Later, when the same boat nearly sinks, the viewers are able to see only half of the name, the other half being underwater.


In the introduction of the movie, some data is given relating to snakes. How long can an anaconda allegedly grow?

While the longest measured and confirmed anaconda was about 17.1 feet long, greater lengths have been reported for this species, without verification. One of these is the specimen in the movie, which is described as 40 feet long!


Which wine does Westridge bring on the mission?

Warren Westridge is a gentleman who always has gentlemen's beverages close at hand. He cannot give up his glass of wine, unless it is knocked out of his hand...


Terry and Dr. Cale begin flirting while looking at what?

On the boat, when the sun is low and the air is chillier, the two main characters can't help flirting, despite the uncomfortable surroundings. Their attention is captured by fireflies glowing in the dark and Cupid does the rest.


Danny Trejo, the first actor we meet in the movie, also starred in what movie?

Danny Trejo has an incredibly intense expression and his face is easy to remember, so he is not always cast in "traditional movies." Nevertheless, he won the hearts of thousand of followers.


What is the group originally looking for, along the Amazon River?

The Shirishama tribe is not real, but was imagined for the movie. The explorers begin their adventure by looking for a long-lost native tribe that lives along the Amazon River.


Which of the following actors in "Anaconda" became famous thanks to comedies after 1997?

Re-watching "Anaconda" 20 years later makes you feel pretty weird because Gary is interpreted by a now-famous actor. Nevertheless, the part of the adventurous sound engineer with a dash of drama is very convincing - especially when he is taken by a giant snake.


Once the group meets Serone, troubles follow shortly after, including which sabotage?

Soon after Serone is rescued by the group, the boat gets stuck in the vegetation and Dr. Cale dives in order to release it. But Serone has other plans and inserts a bug in the doctor's scuba gear, to knock him out and later overpower the crew.


Which of these characters unexpectedly appear together in a picture during the movie?

Our crew will soon discover that dangers in the jungle not only come from animals, but also from people. When you go looking for fuel on an abandoned boat in the jungle, you never know which sort of peril awaits!


Which of the following is used as a lure for anacondas ?

Bait is used by hunters also to attract other prey, including giant snakes. A dead body, in this case, may prove extremely useful, but once the animal is attracted... who is the prey and who is the hunter?


On what occasion is dynamite used?

The group is rushing Dr. Cale to the hospital because he is severely injured, but what once appeared as a shortcut becomes a dead-end side of the river. A wall in their way and blowing it up seems the fastest method to remove it - especially if Serone is a member of the crew.


What is the first wild animal that attacks the group?

Even if it seems almost a farm animal, a boar can be extremely dangerous. its pointy tusks are able to penetrate flesh deeply and, when in motion, it is capable of eradicating trees.


Which crew member dies first and how?

Mateo is strong and this is why when things get rough, he is immediately enrolled in the search for fuel on an abandoned boat. When the group leaves the stranded vessel, Mateo is left behind, and anacondas are attracted by immersed warm bodies....


What does the anaconda represent for the native tribe, the Shirishama?

The Shirishamas are a fictional indigenous population, created for the movie. As a result, writers could devise any belief system for the tribe.


Who played Terri, the main female character?

Due to her Latin beauty, Jennifer Lopez is definitely a plus for the movie. With a simple white shirt, tied-up hair and jeans, she has control of the scene most of the time. Terri, her character, lures Serone in an ambush by flirting with him, despite her feelings for Dr. Cale. But the gimmick does not turn out as expected.


What is Serone's "monkey juice"?

Serone kills a monkey, whose body is used immediately as a lure for capturing the anaconda. The animal's blood is later also used for horrifying Terry and Danny, when they are restrained and at his mercy. Serone pours the "monkey juice" right on their heads.


How do the crew members overpower Serone the first time? And how do they do it again?

Serone is the tough guy in the movie, because he escapes the first attempt to knock him out with a golf club and goes right back to causing trouble. This is why the remaining crew members try to knock him out again, with a sedative for snakes.


What is Serone's plan, regarding the giant anaconda?

Live wild specimens represent big business for poachers. Serone is a professional snake hunter and thinks that this is just the right time to make the trade of his life.


When the dynamite explodes, what does the group lose?

When Serone blows the dam up, wooden fragments impact the group's boat, where the fuel was stocked in barrels. In seconds, the barrels are released from the holding ropes and they fall in muddy waters of the Amazon River.


The movie is introduced with a statement on anacondas' feeding habits. Can you remember which one?

Anacondas are ferocious snakes and it is factual that they eat their prey, regurgitate it and eat it again. But this is not the default rule, because they do so only when disturbed during the digestion process.


What job does Terri have?

Terri is an adventurous and brave young woman. The documentary about the Shirishama tribe represents the chance of a lifetime to boost her career.


In the movie, Dr. Cale is subjected to which surgery with an unexpected object?

After being bitten by a wasp, right in his mouth, Dr. Cale is struggling to breathe. No hospitals are available in the jungle, so Serone cuts his throat with a knife and inserts a pen in it, granting Dr. Cale precious time to seek medical help. But things do not go quite as imagined...


How many people are killed by the giant anaconda during the movie?

The poacher kills himself while chased by the anaconda, so he doesn't count. The anaconda's victims are Mateo, Gary, Westridge and Serone.


What valuable item does Serone find on the poacher's boat?

Remains of wild animals are popular on the black market. Serone finds an unusually long snake skin on the abandoned boat, but this is not what he is actually looking for.


What does Danny use to make the anaconda stop chasing his fellows?

After regurgitating the body of Serone, the anaconda chases Terri in the muddy water. Danny traps the anaconda by pinning its tail to the ground with a pickaxe, but the strategy works only for a few moments.


In what unusual way do some baby snakes approach the crew?

Baby snakes fall all over the crew of the Micaela I as a consequence of the explosion. After that, Terri starts to understand that Serone might not be focused on seeking medical help for Dr. Cale.


The anaconda does not kill humans only. What animal is also lethally attacked?

Despite the fact that a panther is an extremely dangerous predator, any snake big enough could swallow a panther. However, it is very rare than an anaconda reaches the size required for such a gourmet meal.


There's a mistake in the movie's editing. Can you remember which one?

In the final part of the movie, when the boat is finally functioning again, it is possible to see reversed waterfalls. This can be attributed to the editors, who used the same film twice - once in reverse.


Which of the following characters kills the first anaconda, and how?

Some argue whether or not the giant anaconda shown in the final scene is the same one that the characters appear to have killed a few moments before. Actually, the anacondas are two different ones, as is easy to understand by looking at their different colors - one is green, the other is black.


What is another name for the native tribe, the Shirishama?

Director Terri Flores is shooting a documentary about a long-lost Indian tribe, the Shirishamas, on the Amazon River, along with the members of her crew. This indigenous population is not real, but is an important part of the fictional world created for the movie in 1997.


Before being killed by the giant anaconda, Westridge has another close encounter with a snake... when?

The boat is filled with snakes and the crew members are desperately trying to get rid of them. But they are everywhere and Westridge discovers that no matter the size, local snakes can be very aggressive.


What should you avoid the most, when the giant anaconda is nearby?

Anacondas are great hunters, and this is especially true in the water. Nevertheless, the characters seem never to tire of swimming in the muddy waters of the Amazon, crowded with snakes.


Ultimately, who survives?

Terri, Danny and Dr. Cale eventually have the chance to do what they had come for: filming a documentary on the natives. No character from the first film appears in the sequels.


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