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"Remember, Winnie, remember!" "Hocus Pocus" is definitely a Halloween classic, but how well do you actually remember the film? Let's find out with this quiz or Winnie might put a spell on you!

In which state does the story of "Hocus Pocus" begin?

"Hocus Pocus" begins in Salem, Massachusetts, around the time of the Salem witch trials. The year is 1693 before it fast forwards 300 years to 1993.


How many witches is the story of "Hocus Pocus" centered around?

"Hocus Pocus" is focused on three witch sisters who try to steal the youth from children in order to live forever.


What is the last name of the witches in "Hocus Pocus"?

The witches in "Hocus Pocus" are often referred to as the Sanderson sisters, a trio of witches who attempt to steal the lives of children.


Bette Midler plays the role of which witch?

Bette Midler stars in "Hocus Pocus" as Winifred Sanderson, the leader of her trio of sister witches.


Which Hollywood actress portrays the role of Sarah, the beautiful but dim-witted sister?

Sarah Jessica Parker stars in the 1993 film, "Hocus Pocus," as Sarah Sanderson, a beautiful witch who follows the lead of her sister, Winifred.


Which actress stars as Mary Sanderson?

Kathy Najimy stars in the 1993 film, ""Hocus Pocus," as Mary Sanderson, a witch with a keen scent for children.


Who is the first person to appear in the movie?

Thackery Binx is the first character to be shown in the film. He is seen getting up out of bed before soon chasing after his sister, who has fallen into the witches's trap.


What is the last ingredient that the witches brew into the potion for youth?

In the film, the witches are shown brewing a potion in order to steal the youth of children. The last ingredient they put in the potion is a tongue.


What is the name of Winifred's book of spells?

Throughout the film, we hear Winifred call her book of spells by the simple name she's given it, "Book."


Which facial feature can be found of Winifred's book of spells?

Winifred's book of spells has an eye right in the middle of it. After years of being asleep, we see it blink open when Winifred returns.


Which state did Max's family move from?

Max's family originally moves to Salem, Massachusetts from Los Angeles, California. A group of bullies take to calling him Hollywood.


After waking up the witches after 300 years, what does Max do so he can escape their house?

After the Sanderson sisters are woken up after 300 years, Max is stuck in the cabin with them. He triggers the sprinkler system in order to escape.


Which character goes around chanting "Amok"?

In the film, Sarah is seen chanting "amok" after Winnie declares that the day is now one where children run amok. Sarah quickly becomes fascinated with the word before Winnie silences her.


At the end of the film, when the witches brew the potion for Dani, who drinks it instead?

Although the Sanderson sisters initially brew the potion to steal Dani's youth, Max drinks it so the witches will stop going after his younger sister.


Which person sings the song to lure the children to the witches?

While the sisters each seem to have their own responsibilities, Sarah is responsible for singing "Come, Little Children," a song that lures the children of Salem to their cabin.


What is the "stage name" of Ernie, one of Max's bullies?

Max has two bullies from his school when he moves to Salem. One of them goes by the name of "Ice," although he is initially introduced as Ernie.


What do Max's bullies steal from him?

On his way home from school, Max rides his bike through town before bumping into his bullies. They manage to steal his sneakers from him.


Which seasoning does Alison take from Max's house to protect them from the witches?

Alison takes a container of salt as they leave the house to go save Dani. They learn that surrounding themselves with a ring of salt will keep the witches away.


Which sister dies first?

In the film, the sisters must take the youth of a child before the sun rises. Winnie is unable to do this because while she is in the process of attempting to suck the soul out of Max, the sun comes up.


Which character thinks the story of the Sanderson witches is "just a bunch of hocus pocus?"

When Max ventures into the cabin with Alison and Dani, they notice all the objects from the story of the Sanderson sisters. He mentions that all of it is just "hocus pocus" before lighting the black flame candle and bringing the witches back to life.


Where do Max, Alison, and Dani originally go to get rid of the witches?

When Max, Alison, and Dani originally try to get rid of the witches, they lure them into the school before trapping them in a kiln.


What does Dani con Max into dressing up as for next Halloween?

Max is invited by Alison to explore the Sanderson cottage. Although he is supposed to take Dani trick or treating, he convinces her that it's the better idea, and she agrees, as long as he dresses up as Peter Pan for next Halloween.


When Max and Alison go to the cabin to rescue Dani, how do they distract the sisters?

When Max and Alison set about their rescue mission for Dani, Alison turns on the headlights for a truck and shines them through the windows of the cabin. This causes the sisters to hide, thinking the sun is coming up and their time is up.


How many times to we hear the words "hocus pocus" in the film?

In the film, we hear the words "hocus pocus" mentioned twice. The first time, it is mentioned by the Max and the second by Winnie.


Which sister flies around on a mop?

After the sisters get their brooms stolen, they have to use whatever they have in their cabin. Although Winnie manages to find a broom, Sarah is stuck flying around on a mop.


What does Mary fly around on after her broom is stolen?

After the sisters have their brooms stolen, they are stuck with the objects inside their cabin. While Winnie gets a broom and Sarah finds a mop, Mary is stuck with a vacuum cleaner.


What instrument does Max have in his bedroom?

Max has a drum set in his bedroom, and he is seen playing it in the film.


What does Mr. Dennison dress up as for Halloween?

For Halloween, Mr. Dennison dresses up as Dracula, the famous vampire.


According to Dani, what is Max for Halloween?

When Max is forced to take Dani trick or treating, he runs into his bullies. When they ask what he's supposed to be for Halloween, Dani responds that he's a little leaguer.


Who does Mrs. Dennison dress up as for Halloween?

Mr. and Mrs. Dennison are headed out for a Halloween party. While Mr. Dennison chooses to suck blood, Mrs. Dennison decides to be one of the biggest pop icons.


What spell does Winnie cast on Mr. and Mrs. Dennison as well as all the other adult party-goers?

When the Sanderson sisters show up at the adult dance, Winnie casts a spell on them. In order for them to stay there and not go home. She casts a spell that will make them dance until the sun comes up.


Which of these Sanderson sisters did Billy NOT date?

While Winnie might have thought her relationship with Billy was hot, but it soon turned sour when she found out that Billy and Sarah were also in a relationship. She then sewed his mouth shut and sent him to the grave.


When the sisters find their "master," what is he dressed as?

On Halloween, the sisters are out exploring when they find a man in a devil costume. They soon begin calling him "master," thinking he is the actual Devil himself.


What does Dani dress up as for Halloween?

For Halloween, Dani chooses to dress up as a witch, but she's definitely the nice kind!


Who is Thackery reunited with at the end of the film?

At the end of the film, we see that Thackery is finally able to be reunited with his sister, after trying to save her life from the witches 300 years prior.


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