Can You Recognize These Awesome Kitchen Gadgets Used in the '80s?

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Teasmades, SodaStreams, stand mixers, and hostess trollies are back. Whether you have a modern version of a kitchen classic or still use your mom's favorite kitchen gadgets, we bet you've seen them all. Are you a master of kitchen kitsch?

Retro toy and favorite kitchen gadget of any kid - Mr. Frosty was indeed a genius invention. Kids could use any fruit drink to create delicious frozen treats. No wonder this sweet, smiley toy was at the top of many Christmas lists in the '80s.

The toasted sandwich maker, commonly known as a “Breville,” or simply a “Toastie Maker,” was an important part of the kitchen in the '80s. To put it simply, it was an electric hot plate cooker, but its cooking surface was triangle-shaped to fit slices of bread. In addition to everyone's favorite grilled cheese, a Toastie Maker was widely used to make snacks, pies, cookies, ice cream sandwiches, garlic bread, etc.

Legendary British housewares brand Swan is best known for the invention of the Teasmade - an unusual teapot that had a clock with light, alarm, and a function to set it to make tea at a certain time. Even though drinking tea is more popular in the UK than in the US, Swan Teasmade became extremely popular in the '80s.

SodaStream is a very '80s product. Many of us still remember that ad and how everyone was obsessed with this gadget that could turn tap water into sparkling water in 30 seconds. For anyone growing up in the '80s, having a“fizzy-drinks maker" in the kitchen was the equivalent of a magic show!

While today the KitchenAid stand mixer is a must-have in the kitchen, in the '80s, the Mixmaster stand mixer was one of the most desirable kitchen gadgets on the market. Many people are still obsessed with the iconic stand mixer. There is even an exclusive club of MixMaster owners online - a YouTube channel for MixMaster recipes and Tumblr devoted only to vintage MixMasters.

Cookie press just makes the process of creating consistent cookies easier. Baking a batch of cookies together with kids, be in on New Year's Eve, Halloween, or Thanksgiving, was so much easier when mom had a cookies press along with decorative tips and disks.

While poaching eggs by yourself usually results in a big mess, egg poacher pans make perfect benedicts every time. All housewives in the '80s had one of those to cook delicious eggs Benny or breakfast sandwiches.

It all began when Thomas Jefferson first tried "potatoes served in the French manner" at the White House in 1802. Years later, in 1856, the expression "French fries" and its definition appeared in print - in the book, "Cookery for Maids of All Work," by E. Warren.

This easy and fun gadget allows you to craft classic ice cream sandwiches at home. I scream, you scream...we all scream for an ice cream sandwich maker.

Ice Ball Maker was used to make large ice spheres that melted slower than traditional ice cubes. Round ice not only lasts longer, it also looks fantastic! Dads in the '80s used those gadgets to make perfect chilled drinks - be it a Whiskey Highball Cocktail, iced tea, Bourbon or Scotch drinks.

Meat Tenderizer is a kitchen gadget that has stood the test of time. Draw out the flavor and transform cheap cuts of meat into tender and juicy deliciousness. Perfect on beef, pork, or poultry.

Perfect for delicious drinks on a hot summer day, ice cubes are a must-have in any house. Today we have ice cube trays made of different materials that create ice cubes of different sizes, shapes, and flavors, but in the '80s, most moms had only one aluminum ice tray for all occasions.

A pot strainer is a great space-saving alternative to a bulky colander which is less manageable and hard to store, especially in a tiny kitchen. All in all, it's a pretty simple, easy to use gadget, often used to to strain pasta, vegetables, or stock, with no mess.

According to some sources, the original recipe for mashed potatoes originated in 1771, when there was a competition in France on ways to make potatoes. Others believe it was the English who came up with a mashed potatoes and gravy recipe, sometime during the 17th century.

Baking molds come in many shapes and sizes. While today silicone baking molds are undoubtedly the most popular on the market, in the '80s, the best baking molds were made of metal.

The poultry roaster most families had in the '80s is not your run-of-the-mill poultry roaster. Many of them also allowed you to grill your side dishes and veggies at the same time or use a wide variety of liquids for roasting.

This gadget almost hasn't changed since the '80s. A measuring sifter can be used to measure both sifted and un-sifted flour, while a removable measuring cup keeps sifted flour contained and prevents countertop messes. A must-have for any of your baking projects!

Electric knives usually have a few stainless steel blades for different purposes - usually, one is a bread blade, while the other one is a carving blade. No matter what you are carving - a ham, roast, turkey, duck or any other food item - this handy kitchen device can significantly speed up the entire process.

A precise kitchen scale is a must-have for all your basic home baking and cooking needs. Home bakers who want more consistent results from their baking, cooking, or even coffee brewing, use a kitchen scale on a regular basis.

Before a silicone egg separator, there was a stainless steel egg yolk separator / extractor / remover. Its effectiveness and easy clean-up process made it a must-have in any kitchen.

Nothing can be easier than washing and drying your salad greens with a salad spinner. You definitely need this simple, yet genius, invention that has been around since the '80s if want your greens more thoroughly washed and dried.

It's movie night with the family and popcorn cannot be missing! Be it at home or at the movie theatre, popcorn is a huge part of watching sports, movies, or binge-watching TV shows. Those first bulky popcorn makers from the '80s were a big hit as everyone tried to make homemade, movie-theatre-quality popcorn at home.

Fondue became a Swiss winter tradition during the 18th century. There is no standard recipe, so people can endlessly experiment with their fondue pots and make broth, melted cheese, or hot chocolate for dipping and cooking.

Today most food processors are electric motor-driven appliances, but in the '80s many of us used manual devices. While in some ways food processors are similar to blenders, unlike blenders, they don't need liquid to operate. They are used to chop, slice, shred, puree, juice, and knead food.

This gadget been used since ancient times and is still widely used today. This simple yet efficient tool is also used outside the kitchen. In fact, for centuries it was used for a myriad of purposes from alchemy to pharmacology and masonry. The oldest pestle and mortar found dates back to 35,000 BC.

Most pie servers act as both a slicer and server. Its sharp, serrated edges allow you to precisely slice up various desserts - delicious cheesecakes, fruit pies, pizza, moist chocolate cakes, etc. - and then deliver it to a plate.

The cheese grater was invented in the 1540s in France. This device later made hard cheese a popular ingredient in pizza, pasta, etc. Before the invention of a cheese grater, people preferred soft cheeses.

Today they are made of glass and plastic. But in the '80s, people also used enamel food containers to store leftovers. Jars and canisters, on the other hand, were used for countertop food and ingredient storage, such as spices.

Even though preservation of food using tin cans had been practiced since 18th century in the Netherlands, the first can openers appeared in the US only in 1858. The first can openers looked like variations of a knife and were very simple.

Percolators, French press, single serve, drip and K–Cup compatible machines ... today the choice of great coffee machines is endless. But those who were raised in the '80s probably still remember the weird Bosch centrifuge coffee machine, Black & Decker Spacemaker coffee maker, and a few others machines that could be found in almost any kitchen.

With an indoor electric grill, you probably won't get the authentic flavor and smell, but you can make grilled meat and veggies in the comfort of your own home! Perfect for the gloomy, rainy days or when you and your family just can't go outside to grill.

No other kitchen gadget can mash and strain soft chunks of food better than a food mill. A food mill not only purées soft food, it also strains fiber, seeds, and skin. While it's not as convenient as a blender or a food processor, it's still an ideal tool for certain jobs.

Skip the juice boxes and and give your body a healthy boost with fresh, homemade juice made of natural, organic ingredients. A juice extractor makes the process of making homemade juice or lemonade for your family fun and affordable.

Electric sharpeners make your life easier, and while they can definitely make sharpening a knife faster, they are also convenient, safe, and pretty cheap. While dull knives cause accidents, sharp knives can make meat carving a breeze.

No drink is complete without coarse or fine crushed ice. An ice crusher is a must-have when you need ice for cocktails or an ice bed for vegetables and seafood.

A blender is needed for making everything from frosty margaritas and healthy smoothies to blended soups, milkshakes, and everything in between. In the '80s, everybody wanted an Osterizer Galaxie Blender or a machine made by Hamilton Beach.

The '60s and '70s produced dozens of new “fast food” cooking inventions in the US, but the idea of cooking a quick and healthy “real meal” remained elusive. But in the mid-'80s, pressure cookers started to attract the interest of American consumers. In Europe and Asia, however, the pressure cooker has been widely used since the '40s.

Perfect for slicing meats, cheese, and vegetables, an electric slicer is still not something you'll see in the average kitchen.

What can be better than fresh, homemade pasta? It's easy to prepare your very own delicious pasta at home with an old-fashioned pasta maker, the same kind used in kitchens throughout Italy.

Chicken, pork, sandwich fillings, pot roasts, chili, stews ... there is so much you can do with a simple slow cooker. Slow cookers rose in popularity during the 1980s as an increasing number of women continued working outside the home after they were married. The Crock-Pot, a specific brand of slow cookers, became a number one wedding present.

For the master chef or the beginner baker, glass, stainless steel, plastic, copper, or ceramic mixing bowls are kitchen must-haves, ideal for both cooking and serving.

A food warmer is a must-have when you want to serve a buffet. It keeps food hot for hours while also keeping it fresh and downright delicious.

There is the casserole dish - perfect for baking casseroles as its name implies, roast chicken breasts, or bake brownies - and there is the electric casserole pan, which you won't see often nowadays. In the '80s, however, many housewives used it to make delicious homemade meals.

Also known as a stand mixer, this kitchen gadget is the best way to prepare your own bread dough at home. Both avid bakers and passionate beginners can appreciate this kitchen tool. After all, who doesn't want their kitchen to smell like a bakery?

Cooking eggs with an electric egg cooker/poacher is not only easy, it's fun. In addition to delicious eggs Benedict, you can also make hard and soft-boiled eggs, poached eggs and omelets.

The wooden rolling pin makes rolling out dough for any of your baking projects simple. The ideal rolling pin also has lacquered handles, made for a smooth, comfortable grip.

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