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"Minority Report" is a prophetic movie, as it talks about a time when even our intent to do something can be used against us. Take the "Minority Report" quiz and find out if you can change the future.

"Minority Report" was supposed to be a sequel to what movie, where mutant psychics would not look out of place?

"Minority Report" was supposed to be in the same Martian setting as "Total Recall," and would even have had Schwarzenegger back as the same character. However, the original film company went bankrupt and the script was changed after Spielberg picked it up.


It’s all about the balls! What detail determines the action needed for the law enforcers to act on something?

The color of the balls describes the period the PreCrime team had to act in. Brown means that they have a few days and red means they have to act fast. The colors are based on blood: fresh is red, brown is coagulated.


So, we know that PreCrime has something to do with figuring out a crime before it happens. But why is it necessary?

The intro of "Minority Report" states the problem outright. Crime rates are rising, to the point that looking at predictive, pre-crime arrests is a good idea, even if it’s a bit disturbing.


Another social problem is escalating, and is actually important to the story line of "Minority Report." Which is it?

Drug abuse with new sorts of drugs, like Neuroin, is widespread. That these drugs are powerful and untested becomes a plot point.


So, we know why we need PreCrime, but how exactly does it work?

The PreCrime group uses reliable psychics - three of them. Since they can see into the future, it is a matter of using them to see crime before it happens.


Let's go back to the balls. While this info delivery system looks simple and retro, it is also a symbol for what present-day activity?

It is a fortune lottery. If your name comes up in the balls, you are either lucky that you were spared being hurt or killed, or you are unlucky since you are about to commit a crime.


The PreCrime offices in the Temple facility have which wonderful visual technology?

The large, see-through curved screen they use in the film is based on heads-up displays. It’s unique since you can also see through the screen. Very high-tech!


This 2002 film featured which Hollywood icon, who seems to have a penchant for appearing in technology-based, action-packed movies?

Tom Cruise also starred in sci-fi tech-infused action flicks like "War of the Worlds," "Oblivion" and "Edge of Tomorrow." In "Minority Report," he plays the role of John Anderton, a police chief who heads the PreCrime department.


"Minority Report" shows what unique background detail, also seen in "Blade Runner"?

Advertising billboards were scattered all over "Minority Report." They were used not only for ads, but also for identification, given the retina scanning tech that was all over the movie.


Why Anderton is such a dedicated man when on the job?

The story of John Anderton in "Minority Report" starts when his son disappeared - presumably kidnapped. In the movie, he is divorced and strung out on drugs when not at work.


During the first arrest, we see Anderton use a device that resembles what Apple device today?

The idea of a TV screen and communication on a watch has been around since it was featured on "Dick Tracy" in the 1930s. The wrist communicator and screen we see in Minority Report looks like a military version of an Apple Watch.


Sometimes, the psychics in PreCrime have a sort of loop in their minds, seeing the same crime repeatedly. What term do they use to describe it?

Sometimes, the psychics may end up having some sort of flashback, or they may be fixating on one event. This creates echoes of previously seen information. The technician would erase or suppress them.


Aside from the awesome screen in the PreCrime offices, what other office tool does Anderton use so expertly?

Tracking gloves, or the technology for computers to track hand movements, is becoming a reality in the late 2010s. In this sci-fi story, we see another agent, Danny Witwer, use this tech a lot.


What is an unsurprising result of people finding out that there were psychics who could predict the future?

The three psychics are seen by many people as religious figures. Federal Agent Witwer himself believes this to be true. This forms part of his skepticism about PreCrime actions.


When Anderton goes on the run, all those advertising boards do what?

With people's biological details linked to identities in a database, Anderton has a hard time evading authorities. Every eye scan of interactive billboards could tell the police where he is.


The cars in this film are somewhat different, with what crazy feature?

In "Minority Report," we are shown how roads have become three-dimensional, with part of the freeway being a vertical wall. It is probable that some sort of magnetic traction keeps the car stuck to the wall.


For Anderton to remain anonymous, he does what extreme thing?

Most advertising systems and social security networks use eye identification in this world. So the logical thing is to have an operation to switch eyes. Ouch!


What weapon, that looks like a shotgun, does Anderton use as if he's in a Wild West classic?

The sonic shotgun that Anderton steals and later uses actually has a real-life counterpart, but not as small. The real-life version can disorient you or make you throw up.


Dr. Hineman, the other founder of PreCrime, drops the bomb on Anderton with what piece of information?

Dr. Hineman is the person who tells Anderton that the psychics - the precogs - can be wrong. And that is the title drop right there: the "Minority Report."


The sick stick, which PreCrime agents try to use on Anderton, is so named for what reason?

Sick sticks supposedly make the person feel so disoriented or uncomfortable that they vomit. Scarily enough, there are LED-based versions in the real world.


Dr. Hineman says one of the psychics is the most important. This clears up that PreCrime can actually be serviced by one psychic. But which one?

Agatha is actually the most important psychic, since she is the one who can see crimes most clearly. The twin brothers are just used to verify or give more details.


At first, Anderton does not know why he would kill a man named Leo Crow, like the precogs predicted… and then what was the frame-up?

Leo Crow was paid by someone to be framed for the kidnapping - and death - of Anderton’s son. Leo's family would receive the payment and he would be permanently rid of his drug addiction.


What facility is named the Temple, because, as Agent Witwer says, some people are aware of how the Precogs are seen?

PreCrime headquarters is apparently seen as some sort of pilgrimage point, because of how the precogs work as oracles. It seems that some of the PreCrime administration agrees.


What detail might be the practical reason why PreCrime agents are usually wearing protective jumpsuits?

Jetpacks are one of the signs of classic sci-fi. It's no surprise, then, that a movie like "Minority Report" would try to show a practical, somewhat reasonable version of this.


The murder of Anne Lively is at the center of the real story of "Minority Report." Why is she significant?

Anne Lively was a former Neuroin addict. When she cleaned herself up, she wanted to get her daughter, Agatha, back from PreCrime. Burgess, the head of PreCrime, killed her so she would not get custody.


The two other precogs with Agatha are related, but in what way?

There are three precogs that make PreCrime arrests a reality. The two male ones are twins.


What do they do with PreCrime perpetrators?

People caught by the PreCrime system are placed in suspended animation for what are, effectively, full life sentences. No moving from that one!


Witwer kicks the bucket for what reason?

Agent Witwer realizes that Anderton is being framed, because there is too much evidence. Unfortunately, he tells the wrong person about it.


What does Agatha do that convinces Anderton that PreCrime visions are not unstoppable?

To prove that Minority Reports do happen, Agatha generates one. She does this by using her ability to see the life of Anderton’s son, Sean, had he not disappeared and died.


Simply put, what does a Minority Report take note of?

The Minority Reports take note of when the three precogs have vastly different interpretations of the same event. Given their power, this may mean that a crime is not yet set in stone to happen.


Lamar Burgess decides to do what in the end, proving what the Minority Reports were talking about?

By committing suicide, Lamar Burgess proves that the PreCrime system is not foolproof. He wanted to show this both in how the precogs work and how they could be fooled.


Agatha, Arthur and Dashiell were cleverly named, given how their abilities work. The precogs are named after what?

The three precogs were named by the scriptwriters after detective story writers Agatha Christie, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle and Dashiell Hammett. Even without most of the sci-fi elements, the story would still work as a detective movie.


Dr. Hineman offers what explanation for the existence of precogs?

Dr. Hineman explains that somehow the new drug Neuroin, when taken by pregnant mothers, could turn some of their children into precogs. Agatha is living proof of that.


What drastic thing does Anderton do to halt the PreCrime technology from working?

Anderton wants to take matters into his own hands, so to speak. Literally abducting the main precog, Agatha, sparks the events that will hopefully lead to proving his innocence.


The film "Minority Report" is actually based on a short story written by which prime sci-fi writer.

Philip K. Dick wrote a number of novels and short stories that were turned into sci-fi films. "The Minority Report" is one of those short stories, which was published back in 1956.


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