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Stay calm, cool and collected! Within the 26 letters of the English alphabet, there are some letters that are used more than others. While you could expect to find most of your vowels at the top of the list, it's not surprising that "X" and "Z" fall at the bottom. The letter "C" falls right in the middle of the most used letters, but even without the top spot, you can expect that there are thousands upon thousands of words that begin with the letter. When given a word, can you pick the correct "C" synonym?

Samuel Morse is credited with the creation of Morse code. In order to figure out the most effective way to do this, he researched and made a chart of the most frequently used letters in the English alphabet. "E" came in first, with "T" a close second. They were followed by "A," "I," "N," "O" and "S." In this chart, "C" came in 13th. While you might be wondering how "C" could fall behind letters like "H," Morse's list was just for the frequency of letters, not for coming at the beginning of a word. 

You could probably name dozens of "C" words off the top of your head, but can you think of them as synonyms? There's only one way to find out!

Synonym for: Self-satisfied

The definition of "complacent" is "showing smug or uncritical satisfaction with oneself." A few synonyms would be smug, self-satisfied or conceited.


Synonym for: Massive

The definition for "colossal" is "extremely large." Some other synonyms could be huge, enormous or gigantic.


Synonym for: Protect

The definition of "conserve" is "prevent the wasteful or harmful overuse of." Some additional synonyms would be protect, preserve or save.


Synonym for: Stabilize

The definition of "consolidate" is to "make something physically stronger or more solid." Some additional synonyms would be strengthen, secure or reinforce.


Synonym for: Solace

The definition of "consolation" is "comfort received by a person after a loss or disappointment." Some synonyms for consolation are comfort, sympathy, commiseration and empathy.


Synonym for: Abrasive

The definition of "caustic" is either "able to burn or corrode organic tissue by chemical action" or "sarcastic in a scathing and bitter way." Some synonyms to the word would be corrosive, abrasive, derisive and sardonic.


Synonym for: Remorseful

The definition of "contrite" is "feeling or expressive remorse or penitence." Some synonyms are repentant, regretful and apologetic.


Synonym for: Outspoken

The definition of "candid" is "truthful and straightforward." Some other synonyms are forthright, blunt and sincere.


Synonym for: Astonish

The definition of "confound" is to "cause surprise or confusion, especially by acting against their expectations." Some other synonyms would be amaze, dumbfound and surprise.


Synonym for: Self-control

The definition of "composure" is "the state or feeling of being calm and in control of oneself."


Synonym for: End

The definition of "cease" is "bring or come to an end." Some other synonyms are halt, stop and terminate.


Synonym for: Immature

The definition of callow is "inexperienced and immature." Some other synonyms are unsophisticated, adolescent and raw.


Synonym for: Mercy

The definition of "clemency" is"mercy, lenience." Some other synonyms are leniency or indulgence.


Synonym for: Cooperation

The definition of "conformity" is "acting according to certain accepted standards." Some synonyms are cooperation, compliance and agreement.


Synonym for: Relief

The definition of "catharsis" is "the process of releasing, and thereby providing relief from." Another synonym would be release.


Synonym for: Persistent

The definition of "chronic" is "persisting for a long time or constantly recurring." Often used with illnesses or behavior, some synonyms are constant, unending and habitual.


Synonym for: Simultaneous

The definition of "concurrent" is "existing, happening or done at the same time." Other synonyms are coincident or parallel.


Synonym for: Irritation

The definition of "chagrin" is "distress or embarrassment at having failed or having been humiliated." Some other synonyms are annoyance, exasperation or displeasure.


Synonym for: Group

The definition of "clique" is "a small group of people, with shared interest, who spend time together and do not readily allow others to join them." Some other synonyms would be in-crowd, circle or coterie.


Synonym for: Start

The definition of "commence" is "to begin or start." These are also the most common synonyms associated with the word.


Synonym for: Imprison

The definition for "confine" is "to keep or restrict someone or something within certain limits." Some other synonyms would be enclose, incarcerate, impound or trap.


Synonym for: Junction

The definition of "confluence" is "the junction of two rivers" or "an act or process of merging." Some synonyms would be convergence or meeting.


Synonym for: Regard

The definition of "contemplate" is "to look thoughtfully for a long time at." Some other synonyms are examine, view and observe.


Synonym for: Pollute

The definition of "contaminate" is "to make impure by exposure to or addition of a poisonous or polluting substance." Some synonyms of contaminate are adulterate, defile and taint.


Synonym for: Accept

The definition of "condone" is "accept or allow to continue." Some synonyms are disregard and overlook.


Synonym for: Agreement

The definition of "consensus" is "general agreement." Some other synonyms might be harmony or accord.


Synonym for: Vain

The definition of "conceited" is "extremely proud of oneself." Some other synonyms are narcissistic and self-centered.


Synonym for: Charm

The definition for "charisma" is "compelling attractiveness or charm that can inspire devotion in others." Some other synonyms are presence and personality.


Synonym for: Force

The definition of "coercion" is "the practice of persuading someone to do something by using force or threats." Some other synonyms are compulsion, duress and oppression.


Synonym for: Circuluar

The definition of "concentric" is "having a common center."


Synonym for: Brief

The definition of "concise" is "giving a lot of information clearly and in a few words." Some other synonyms are pithy, succinct and incisive.


Synonym for: Accord

The definition of "concord" is "agreement or harmony between people or groups." Some other synonyms are agreement, harmony and unity.


Synonym for: Inferno

The definition of "conflagration" is "an extensive fire that destroys a great deal of land or property." Some other synonyms are blaze, flames and firestorm.


Synonym for: Reimbursement

The definition of "compensation" is "something, typically money, awarded to someone as a recompense for loss, injury or suffering." Some other synonyms are repayment and recompense.


Synonym for: Conversational

The definition of "colloquial" is "(of language) used in ordinary or familiar conversation." Another synonym would be informal.


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