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Conventional wisdom has it that there are seven seas, but anyone with a good knowledge of geography knows that there are in fact lots and lots of seas. There are also (at least) six oceans, a plethora of gulfs, countless lakes, and a veritable horde of rivers. All of these bodies of waters form borders to various nations all over the world, and with 195 countries to tackle, that means it's virtually impossible to know which body of water lies beside which country... or is it?

Most Americans know that the United States' water borders are the Atlantic and Pacific oceans (so sorry, you can't get points for knowing that one) - but how many people know which sea or seas form Italy's coastlines? What's the name of the ocean in which Sri Lanka is found? Which sea separates China from Japan? How about the many river borders in the world, such as the one between South Africa and Botswana, the one between Mexico and Belize, or the very big one in South America that separates Colombia from Peru? If you know all of these, you're definitely a geography expert, so click on through and let's see how many bragging rights you can claim!

What body of water surrounds Mauritius?

Mauritius sits in the Atlantic Ocean, 1700 miles from Africa.

What body of water separates Syria and Israel?

The Sea of Galilee is a much-contested body of water that provides a lot of freshwater in a place where such water is at a premium. That is why it is so valuable.

What body of water is to the northeast of the United Kingdom?

The North Sea is the English language name for this sea, as it is north of Britain and of Europe.

What body of water borders Georgia (the country, not the state)?

The Black Sea is surrounded by land, instead of connecting to other seas or oceans. It is a stormy sea that is hard to navigate - but it does connect to other waterways via the Bosphorus Strait.

What body of water borders Turkmenistan?

The Romans called this a sea, not a lake, because it is salty, even though it is an inland sea.

What body of water borders Thailand's western coast?

The Andaman Sea is between Thailand and India.

What body of water borders Saudi Arabia to the north?

The Persian Gulf is named for Iran's former name, Persia.

What body of water borders Sudan?

Sudan is actually north of the Horn of Africa, opening onto the Red Sea, where it has valuable ports.

What body of water borders Uganda?

Uganda sits on Lake Victoria, which is an inland freshwater lake with a particularly excellent waterfall.

What body of water borders Canada to the north?

Baffin Bay, Hudson Bay, and Beaufort Sea are all north of parts of Canada, but only the Arctic Ocean is north of all of it.

What body of water borders Malawi to the east ?

Lake Malawi is 360 miles long and 46 miles long.

What body of water borders Namibia?

Namibia borders South Africa to the south, meaning that it is on the western side of Africa facing the Atlantic Ocean.

What body of water borders Australia to due south?

A bight is an open bay, and Australia has an absolutely massive one just off its south coast.

What body of water separates Australia and New Zealand?

The Tasman sea is south of Tasmania, which is an island area that is part of Australia.

What body of water borders South Korea to the west?

The Yellow Sea is named for the sand of the Gobi Desert that blows into the water and turns it somewhat golden.

What body of water borders Japan to the north?

The Okhotsk Sea is off the coast of northeastern Russia.

What body of water separates France and Germany?

The Rhine separates France and Germany and as a result, part of Germany is named the Rhinelands.

What body of water borders Germany, Switzerland, and Austria?

Lake Constance is divided into the Obersee and Untersee, and separates these three nations where they all meet.

What body of water separates Russia from the United States?

The Bering Strait used to be so iced-up that you could travel from Russia to America. Sadly due to climate change, the Bering Sea which the Strait leads into is now almost free of ice, jeopardizing habitats and communities.

What body of water borders the Falkland Islands?

The Falkland Islands are in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, off the coast of Argentina. They are valuable due to lots of minerals in their waters.

What body of water borders Easter Island?

Chile has sovereignty over Easter Island, though it is 2,000 miles away.

What body of water borders the highest number of Indonesia's islands?

The Java Sea is in the middle of a large cluster of Indonesia's biggest islands, and is very beautiful.

What body of water borders Brazil?

The Atlantic appears again! Brazil is on the northeast of South America.

What body of water separates Colombia and Peru?

The Amazon River flows through six countries but is not always a border for all of them.

What body of water separates Botswana and South Africa?

The Limpopo separates these two nations and is 1750 miles long.

What body of water separates Spain and Portugal?

The Ardila doesn't cover the whole border, but it does run along a large portion of it.

What body of water borders the Isle of Man?

The Isle of Man is a semi-independent Crown Dependency in the Irish Sea, halfway between Great Britain and Ireland.

What body of water separates Finland and Norway?

The Tana River's name means Great River in Sámi, a native language.

What body of water borders Estonia?

Estonia is sandwiched between Russia and the Baltic Sea, facing Finland and Sweden across the Baltic Sea.

What body of water borders Serbia?

The Aegean is very important to trade due to its connections through to the Black Sea. A lot of oil goes through there, as well as other things.

What body of water borders Myanmar?

The Bay of Bengal separates India and Myanmar, and opens into the Indian Ocean.

What body of water separates East Timor from Australia?

The Timor Sea is south of East Timor, which is one of the world's newest and youngest nations.

What body of water borders Jamaica?

The Caribbean Sea has a whole lot of very lovely islands in it, and connects the Gulf of Mexico to the Atlantic Ocean.

What body of water borders the Philippines to the south?

The Sulu Sea opens onto the Celebes Sea. They frame the south and southwestern borders of the Philippines.

What sea surrounds Bermuda?

The Sargasso Sea is a part of the Atlantic Ocean but it has its own currents. It's known as The Doldrums because if you float into it, you can get becalmed. It is the only sea whose outer borders are all water - but Bermuda is in it!

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