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After the success of "X-Men" in 2000, the makers came back with a highly anticipated sequel in 2003. With some of the returning X-Men, and a set of new faces, how well do you remember "X2?" Find out with this quiz!

Who is the first mutant we see in X2?

The intro of "X2" begins with Nightcrawler attacking the White House and showing his abilities of teleportation.


What is written on the ribbon attached to the knife with which Nightcrawler tries to stab the president?

During the attack on the White House, Nightcrawler manages to make it to the Oval Office. There, he pulls out a knife and is prepared to stab the president. When he is shot in the arm, he drops the knife, which has "Mutant Freedom Now" written on it.


Who starts a fight in the food court?

When John lights a person's arm on fire, Bobby puts it out with his abilities. It forces Charles to stop the situation and allows the mutants to leave undetected.


Who does the president invite to his office following Nightcrawler's attack?

After Nightcrawler attacks the White House, the president invites William Stryker, who has ideas for solving the mutant situation.


Which mutant tells Stryker where Charles' school is located?

While Erik is locked in his plastic prison, Stryker drops a chemical on the back of his neck that makes him susceptible answering questions.


From where does the X-Men jet come up?

When Stryker meets with the president, he tells him about Charles' learning facility and mentions their jet that comes out of the basketball court.


In Cerebro, what color represents the humans?

When Wolverine walks into Cerebro with the Professor, Charles tells him that the white lights represent all the humans in the world.


In Cerebro, what color represents the mutants?

After Charles explains to Wolverine that the white lights in Cerebro represent humans, he then explains that the red lights represent the mutants.


What duo does Charles send after Nightcrawler?

After Nightcrawler's attack on the president, Charles sends Jean and Storm to find him before he can execute anymore attacks.


Where do Jean and Storm find Nightcrawler?

Once Professor Xavier is able to pinpoint Nightcrawler's location, Jean and Storm find him living in a church.


What is Nightcrawler's real name?

When Jean and Storm force Nightcrawler to surrender at the church, he says his real name is Kurt Wagner, and he has no recollection of why he attacked the president.


When Logan wakes up in the middle of the night, who does he find in the kitchen?

When Logan wakes up in the middle of the night, he finds Bobby eating in the kitchen. During their conversation, Bobby reveals that his parents think he's at a prep school.


Who accompanies Charles to visit Magneto in prison?

When Charles makes a visit to visit Magneto in prison, he asks Scott to accompany him. While they are there, Stryker plans an attack and captures Scott and Charles.


When John turns on the radio in Cyclops' car, what song begins playing?

When Wolverine, Ice Man, Rogue, and Pyro are escaping from the school, Pyro mentions that he doesn't like the silence. When he turns on the radio, "Bye Bye Bye" by *NSYNC begins playing on the radio.


Where does Bobby's family live?

After they are forced to leave the school, Wolverine tells the group that they can go to Boston to meet up with Jean and Storm. Bobby tells them that they can stop at his house because his parents live in Boston.


What is Stryker's son's name?

Stryker originally sent his son, Jason, to Charles' school. Once he returned, Stryker began experiments on him and now calls him Mutant 143.


Who helps Magneto escape from prison?

When Mystique gets one of Magneto's guards into the bathroom with her, she injects him with Iron. It allows Magneto to manipulate him and break out of his cell.


What archangel's designs does Nightcrawler have on his body?

When Storms asks Nightcrawler about his tattoos, he explains that he got them in honor of the archangel, Gabriel. He also tells Storm that he has one for each saint.


Who says, "Sometimes anger can help you survive?"

Storm tells Nightcrawler that no one so beautiful should be angry all the time. When she replies that anger can help you survive, he replies, "So can faith."


What's the name of Bobby's brother who calls the police?

When Bobby returns home, he tells his family that he is a mutant and shows them some of his abilities. His brother, upset at this revelation, calls the cops.


When the jet is hit by a missile, who goes flying out of it?

After leaving Bobby's home in Boston, the X-Men are pursued by fighter planes. Rogue, who doesn't have a chance to put on her seat belt, goes flying out of the jet when they are hit. Nightcrawler uses his teleportation abilities to save her.


When Mystique sneaks into Logan's tent, which person doesn't she impersonate?

After Mystique witnesses a kiss between Logan and Jean, she goes into his tent pretending to be her. Once he realizes it is Mystique, she takes on the form of Storm, Rogue, and Stryker before leaving the tent.


Where is Stryker hiding his headquarters?

When Logan originally goes to Alkali Lake at the beginning of the film, he sees nothing there. Later they find out the headquarters are hidden beneath the lake.


Who does Magneto get to take control of Alkali Lake?

When Magneto needs to get into Stryker's headquarters at Alkali Lake, Logan initially volunteers, but they send Mystique instead. She goes in, initially pretending to be Logan, but turns into Stryker to make her way into the control room.


With which X-Men does Jean battle?

While Scott is under Stryker's power of persuasion, he fires a blast at Jean. But she is able to overpower him and her powers damage the building.


What is Stryker's assistant's name?

Stryker's assistant, Yuriko, known as Lady Deathstrike in the series, is also mostly composed of adamantium. She and Wolverine battle at the end of the film and he kills her.


How does Wolverine kill Yuriko?

When Wolverine battles it out with Yuriko/Lady Deathstrike, he injects her with adamantium from the lab and kills her.


What color are Jason's eyes?

Jason, Stryker's son, has heterochromia, meaning his eyes are of different colors. His left eye is blue and his right eye is green.


Who stops Stryker before he can escape on his jet?

Before Stryker can flee from Alkali Lake on a private jet, Wolverine stops him and ties him to the bottom of his jet.


When Storm asks Kurt to transport him inside Cerebro, what does he begin reciting?

When Storm asks Nightcrawler to transport them inside Cerebro, he tells her that he can't without seeing the place first. After Storm tells him that she has faith in him, he begins reciting the Lord's Prayer before teleporting inside Cerebro.


Who joins Team Magneto?

While Magneto and Mystique are leaving Alkali Lake, they see Pyro standing outside. Pyro is then seen standing inside the jet, leaving with them.


When the X-Men are seemingly trapped on Alkali Lake, who flies the jet to them?

When the X-Men are standing on Alkali Lake wondering what happened to the jet, we see Rogue flying the jet over to them.


Who sacrifices themselves so the X-Men can leave Alkali Lake?

When Alkali Lake begins to flood and the jet won't start, Jean Grey sacrifices herself. She controls the water and the plane so the X-Men can get away.


When Charles shows up at the Oval Office with the X-Men, who does he say took Stryker's files from his office?

When Charles stops the president during a televised briefing, he tells him he acquired secret files from Stryker's personal office. When the president asks how he got them, Charles mentions knowing a girl who can walk through walls.


Who says the final lines of the film?

While Charles begins the film with his discussion of mutant genes and their evolution, the film's final lines are mirrored by Jean Grey. Although she's presumed to have died on Alkali Lake, we watch her transform into the Phoenix.


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