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Uber is a variation of a taxi service that transports people from one place to another. It's also a way for drivers to earn extra money as a side gig, or as a full-time job. The money varies depending on the type of vehicle a person drives, as well as the city where the driver lives. In this quiz, we're testing your knowledge on everything about Uber. We'll ask you about the requirements to become an Uber driver, as well as questions about the Uber driver app, and Uber driver policies. Whether you're an experienced Uber driver or someone who is thinking of a career switch, this quiz will test just how much you know!

Before becoming an Uber driver, it's important to familiarize yourself with several Uber requirements. This information can be found on the Uber website, which will let you know everything about the type of vehicle you need, as well as information about the driver's license and insurance requirements. Aside from earning extra money, Uber is also a great way to connect with other people. You can refer passengers to your business, or simply make a new friend over similar interests. If you're ready, it's time to take this Uber driver exam now!

How old do you have to be to drive for Uber?

You have to be at least 21 years old to be a driver for Uber in the U.S. You also need to have in-state license plates and a U.S.-based driver's license. An international license does not count.


To be a driver for Uber, you need to have a vehicle that is ...

You need to have a four-door vehicle to drive for Uber. The vehicle must also be less than 10 years old, but some cities will allow a vehicle to be 15 years old or less. The vehicle can also be either used or new.


Which of the following is NOT a requirement to become an Uber driver?

You can use good credit to buy a house or a car, but luckily, Uber doesn't run a credit check for new drivers. Uber also doesn't utilize a drug test for drivers, but you do need to have a clean driving record.


If you're under 23 years old, how many years of driving experience do you need?

Those who are under 23 years of age need to have at least three years of driving experience under their belt to become an Uber driver. If you're more than 23 years old, you need to have just one year of driving experience.


What is an Uber quest?

An Uber quest is an incentive to earn more money based on the number of trips that a driver completes. An example quest would be, "Drive 22 trips to make $40 extra." This means that a driver will earn $40 on top of their base earnings for doing 22 trips.


An Uber vehicle inspector will look for which of the following?

Before becoming an official Uber driver, one must take his or her vehicle into an authorized vehicle shop for an inspection. The vehicle inspector checks to make sure that all basic safety, emergency and mechanical features are working properly.


When do the Uber weekend promotions end?

There are two types of Uber promotions that allow a driver to earn more money: one for weekdays and one for weekends. The weekend Uber promotions start on Friday at 4:00 a.m. and end on Monday at 4:00 a.m.


Can you carry over a promotion from the weekday to the weekend?

You cannot carry over a weekday promotion to a weekend promotion. In other words, if your weekday promotion is, "Drive 20 trips to make $30 extra," this promotion only lasts until 4:00 am on Friday, and doesn't count toward the weekend promotion.


You receive an Uber promotion with the following bonus incentive: "Drive 30 trips to make $40 extra. If you want to aim higher, drive 60 trips to make $110 extra." You drive 60 trips. How much money do you make?

When doing Uber promotions, it's important to note that monetary bonuses don't stack. From the incentive above, if you drive 30 trips, you make $40. If you drive 60 trips, you earn a total of $110, not an extra $110.


When doing a trip for an Uber promotion, do trips have to start in a specific county?

When doing an Uber promotion, trips must start in the specified county that the incentive states. It doesn't matter where the trip ends either, as it could end in a completely different county and still count towards the promotion.


What is the set destination feature on the Uber driver app?

Here's how the set destination feature works on the Uber driver app: Let's say an Uber driver sets their navigation to Santa Monica, California. The set destination feature will then only find passengers who are also headed toward the direction of Santa Monica.


When doing an Uber promotion, do any "set destination trips" count towards the monetary incentive?

Yes, "set destination trips" do indeed count towards the Uber promotions. These types of trips must also start in your specified county, otherwise, they won't count towards the monetary incentive.


What is a weekday rush hour bonus?

A weekday rush hour bonus is a monetary incentive to drive during peak rush hour times. Drivers will often make an extra $2-$3 per trip during specified rush hour times, which may vary from week to week.


An Uber rush hour cap refers to...

An Uber rush hour cap refers to the maximum number of trips that a driver can earn during rush hour times. This magic number is usually 45, which means that if a driver completes 46 trips during rush hour times, he/she will only get the bonus for the first 45 trips.


What are the evening time ranges for the Uber rush hour bonus?

The evening time ranges for the Uber rush hour bonus are 4 p.m. to 7 p.m. There are morning rush hour bonuses as well, which are 7 a.m. to 9 a.m. According to Uber, this is subject to change at any given time.


Your Uber earnings are based on...

Uber earnings are based on several factors, including the base fare (which depends on the city you're driving in), the distance you're driving to drop off a passenger and the time it takes to do so.


Are you allowed to earn tips as an Uber driver?

Yes, you can earn tips as an Uber driver. You are allowed to accept cash from passengers, or they can tip you through the Uber app. You will receive the tip on top of your base fare, but sometimes the tip will not show up on the app until one to two days later.


What is a surge?

A surge is a specified area of the Uber driver map where drivers can earn more money. This is based off a low supply of drivers and a high demand from passengers. Surges vary depending on the area and are added immediately on top of the base fare.


If you see "Adjustments" on your Uber weekly summary, what does this mean?

If you see "Adjustments" on your Uber weekly summary, this refers to "rolled over" earnings from the previous week. This is often a tip from a passenger that was added right before the weekly Uber funds are released.


An Uber boost is...

When you open the Uber driver map, you'll sometimes see an irregular shape with a red outline in a specific area. This is called a boost, which allows drivers to earn more money if they drive in that designated "shape."


What are the surge colors on the Uber driver map?

When looking for a surge on the Uber driver map, look for a bright orange circle. Typically, the center of the surge circle will be dark orange, while the outside will look light orange. These colors indicate how much an Uber driver will earn when driving in a surge area.


If you do a trip for $20 with a 1.1 boost, how much do you earn as a driver?

If you do a trip for $20 with a 1.1 boost, you'll earn $22 as an Uber driver. All you have to do is multiply $20 by 1.1, which equals $22. Boosts vary from a 1.1 to a 1.7 increase on top of base earnings.


The "boost calendar" on the Uber driver app shows which of the following?

If a driver wants to see some information about an upcoming boost, they can check this through the driver app. The "boost calendar" will show where the boosts will occur on the map, as well as the time ranges and earning potential.


What is Uber Eats?

Uber Eats is an online food system that allows passengers to order food that will be delivered by Uber drivers. The Uber driver will receive the food order from the restaurant and deliver it to the destination (that is set by the passenger) in a timely fashion.


How do you turn off Uber Eats in the driver app?

To turn off Uber Eats, uncheck "Deliveries" in the Settings section of the Uber app. You won't receive any more Uber Eats requests after doing this, but you can always reverse these changes if you want too.


UberPool refers to...

UberPool refers to carpooling with other passengers who are all headed in the same direction. There is also a variation of this called Express Pool, where a passenger can walk to your vehicle from a certain spot.


If you want to drive for UberBlack, what kind of vehicle do you need?

If you want to drive for UberBlack, you'll need a luxury vehicle that is black. These typically include cars like a BMW, Audi or a Lexus. The passenger will also have to pay a higher amount for ordering an UberBlack.


Are Uber drivers allowed to transport minors without an adult present?

No, Uber drivers are not allowed to transport minors without an adult present. It doesn't matter if a parent or guardian OKs this, since they must be in the vehicle with the minor at all times.


Is an Uber driver allowed to turn down service animals from entering their vehicle?

According to Uber's policy (which can be found online), all drivers must accept service animals. It doesn't matter if you have an allergy either, nor does it matter what type of service animal it is.


An Uber driver can drive for a maximum of ______ hours per day.

Uber drivers can drive for a maximum of 12 hours per day. This is so that drivers will not get too fatigued. It's for their safety, the safety of the passengers and the drivers around them.


Does an Uber driver get paid for driving to pick up passengers?

No, Uber drivers do not earn money for driving to pick up passengers. They begin to earn money after the passenger enters their vehicle, and the driver hits the "Start Trip" button on their phone.


How many hours will Uber cut you off after you drive the maximum allotted time?

After driving the maximum allotted time, Uber will cut the driver off due to possible fatigue. The cut off time is six hours, which allows the driver to rest before being able to go back online again (through the driver app).


An Uber referral code is...

The Uber referral program is another way for drivers to earn extra money. Each driver is assigned a "referral code." If another person enters this referral code when signing up for Uber, they (and the person who referred them) will both earn extra money, depending on the number of trips completed.


Which of the following is NOT a type of Uber?

There is no such thing as "UberY." Other types of Ubers from which a passenger and a driver can choose include Uber XL, Uber Black, Uber WAV and Uber Espanol. There are certain requirements to drive for each of these Ubers.


In order to do airport pickups, you need ...

You need an airport permit in order to pick up and drop off passengers at the airport. You can get an airport permit by passing a quiz through the Uber website. Uber will then mail you a permit that you can stick on your windshield.


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