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Shop class was the one period you just could not wait to get to during school. After all, you get to design and create and, even better, you get to use power tools. How much do you know about high school shop class, though? Could you pass a quiz on the class? 

For those who hated reading in high school, shop class was a pleasant alternative. There were no history lessons, no essays, no lectures on cellular structure. Instead, you were given the opportunity to create something new by using the material around you. You could build something from the ground up with your own hands. Who doesn't love that idea? Who doesn't want to actually apply all of that math they learned in geometry and algebra? Who doesn't want to invent? Surely, that's why shop class appealed to you. 

But, are you an expert on shop class? Do you know about all of the tools that are used or all of the safety measures put in place to keep workers safe? Here's a quiz where you can test that knowledge. 

This quiz is not for everyone, however, and you'd better know your shop class before you take it. If you're up for the challenge, then start this quiz and put that knowledge to the test!

What is best for measuring the full length of a piece of wood?

A tape measure cames in various lengths. Two of the most common are 16' and 30'.


Before you insert a screw, you should what?

A pilot hole helps guide your screw into the wood. This will keep the screw from tilting while you drill.


What is used to drive a nail into wood?

One of the most common injuries in shop class is a smashed finger. When it comes to smashed fingers, hammers are often the culprit.


What do you use to remove a nail?

Claw hammers have two sides. One side is used for hammering while the other side is used for removing nails.


Finish the saying, "measure twice, cut ____."

There is nothing worse than trying to fit a piece of wood that's too short. That's why you make sure your measurement is right before you make that first cut.


What can you do with a measuring stick besides measure length?

In shop class, a measuring stick is your best friend. It beats out a tape measure because it won't bend and twist.


Which type of saw uses a band of metal with edged teeth to cut wood?

A bandsaw provides more control over what you're cutting. Therefore, it allows you to cut more intricate shapes into a piece of wood.


How can you make a straight cut using a circular saw?

A straight edge can be another piece of wood. The wood provides a straight line that you can run your blade against so it won't jump side to side.


Which of the following do you repeatedly​ tap with a hammer to carve wood?

Chisels are also used in sculpting. For example, artists from all over the world are able to chisel material such as marble to their liking.


What is used to smooth out rough surfaces?

Sanding can take time, but it's worth it. After all, no one wants splinters or sharp edges sticking out from their work.


What is used for hollowing out patterns into wood?

Routers come with different bits that can be fitted on them. These bits can be used to carve an array of designs.


In shop class, you should NOT wear clothing that is ___.

Baggy clothes can get caught in power tools. This will not only tear up your clothes, but it could cause injury as well.


Which of the following should NOT be worn in shop class?

Toed shoes can be very important in shop class. Otherwise, those little toes just might get smashed.


____ is used to mark your line on the wood before you cut it.

You can always line a piece of wood with a pencil. However, chalk lines don't require a straight edge, which makes them more convenient​.


What is used for sharpening tools?

Sharp tools can save you both time and effort. That's why, every now and then, you have to take them to the grinder.


What is used to fit two pieces of wood together?

There are many different kinds of joints used. One of the most common is the biscuit joint, which is glued into slots cut into the wood.


Grades of sandpaper are measured by their ___.

Lower grit sandpaper can be used to do lighter detailed work. Higher grit sandpaper tends to be used in industrial work.


Which is NOT a hardwood?

Upscale furniture is typically made from hardwood. That's because it tends to be much more expensive.


What do you place wood on to saw it?

Two sawhorses can also be used to keep wood off the floor. This way the wood is easier to move around and access.


What is it called when you cut a groove into the side of a board so it fits into another board?

A rabbet is one way to fit another board into the original board. It helps to keep the boards you're fitting from sliding apart.


What is it called when you fit two pieces of wood together by simply butting them together then applying screws or glue?

A butt joint is probably the easiest way of attaching wood together. However, it's also probably the weakest joint as well.


How do you reduce sanding marks on your wood?

As with painting, sanding in one direction will leave streaks and patterns on your work. Therefore, you have to change the direction constantly to prevent this from happening.


What is the outside box portion of a cabinet called?

Cabinets are typically attached to walls. They also includes shelves, providing several levels of storage.


What is the measurement for a board-foot?

A board-foot is used to measure the volume of lumber. It is measured one foot by one foot and one inch thick.


What is the slit in the wood made by a saw called?

The kerf measures the distance between saw teeth. Therefore, different blades can add up to different kerfs.


____ is the hole cut into a piece of wood to fit another piece of wood like a lock.

The word mortise is also used in other respects to refer to how something is joined together. For example, an ankle mortise is used to describe​ the fitting of an ankle joint.


___ fits inside a mortise to complete the joint.

This type of joint is referred to as a mortise and tenon joint. They are cut to fit tightly then glued together to complete the joint.


Which power tool allows you to lower it into the wood while cutting?

Because of its ability to easily start and stop, a plunge router allows you more control over your cuts. They are perfect for carving out a mortise.


If you want to preserve your hearing, wear what?

Often, one of the most unrecognized injuries occurs with your hearing. Power tools can be loud, and they will damage your hearing down the line if you aren't careful.


What shape is a layout square?

A layout square is one of the most useful tools in shop class. It allows you to mark a 90-degree angle before you make a cut.


You should never do what around a saw?

This is one of the biggest concerns in shop class. Saws are probably the most dangerous tool around, so never try to reach around one.


What does RGH stand for?

A rough piece of wood has not been smoothed out on any of its sides. People like rough-cut lumber because it has more of an aged and natural look to it.


What does S1S stand for?

On surfaced one-sided wood, one side of the wood has been smoothed while the rest of the wood is still rough. There is also surfaced two-sided wood and surfaced four-sided wood.


What is a sliding bevel used for?

A sliding bevel is adjustable so that it can measure odd angles. The angle can then be replicated on the other side of the wood.


Which saw is used for making curved cuts on thinner wood?

A jigsaw is a handheld saw that provides you with more control over your cut. However, jigsaws can also be flimsy and shouldn't be used on thicker wood.


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