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The Smith family consists of a peculiar blend of characters, from a talking fish to an alien. Take this quiz and see how much you know about the family and the other unique characters who show up in "American Dad!"

Who is Stan's wife?

Francine was adopted at the age of seven. Her adopted parents are Bàba and Māma Ling.

Where does Stan work?

Stan works hard to support his family. However, his patriotism can sometimes get in the way of his family life.

What is the name of the Smiths' alien?

The Smith family restricts Roger from going outside because people will see him and freak out. To counteract this, Roger begins putting on disguises and creates different personas for each disguise​.

What best describes Hayley?

Hayley is Stan and Francine's college-aged daughter. She is often in conflict with her father over their opposing political views.

Where does Steve go to school?

Steve is a freshman at Pearl Bailey High School. He is often picked on for being nerdy and whiny.

What kind of animal is Klaus?

Klaus is the Smith family's talking fish. He was once an Olympic swimmer, before the CIA transferred his brain into a fish.

Who is Hayley's boyfriend?

Jeff is a stoner who drives around in an old van. Stan believes Jeff isn't manly enough to date his daughter.

What was Jack Smith's job?

Before Stan discovered his father was a jewel thief, Stan thought Jack was a secret agent. Stan was distraught, knowing that his absent father was a thief.

To what does Jeff Fischer change his name?

Jeff and Hayley have an on-again off-again relationship, but after a while, they finally marry. Instead of Hayley taking Jeff's last name, Jeff takes Haley's last name.

Who is Terry's domestic partner?

Terry and Greg are Stan's neighbors. They are also news anchors at Channel 3 News.

Who is the principal at Steve's school?

Before becoming a principal, Brian Lewis spent time in prison. While there, he obtained a prison wife named Tracey Bryant.

From where did Roger escape?

Stan was part of the team that tried to capture Roger when he escaped. However, when Stan was knocked unconscious, Roger saved his life, and Stan repaid him by letting Roger live at his house.

What is the name of Roger's bar in the attic?

Roger is forced to live in the attic. To deal with his boredom, he opens a bar where members of the Smith family come to hang out.

Who is Stan's boss?

Avery is a cocaine addict. However, he claims to be a responsible cocaine user.

With whom does Hayley have a fling?

Hayley broke up with Jeff because he wasn't tough enough. During the breakup, she started a relationship with Avery Bullock.

What is the name of Stan's CIA double?

Bill often stands in for Stan during events that Stan doesn't want to attend. Such events include Steve's baptism and cooking classes Francine forces him to go to.

Who does Roger get to fight so he can win a free T-shirt?

Roger gets Hayley and Francine to compete for the prettiest woman in the house by flirting with both of them. However, his objective is to have them both fight so he can post the video online and get a free T-shirt.

Who is Steve's overweight friend?

Barry is an evil genius. Luckily, he takes pills to keep himself from being evil.

What's the name of Stan's restaurant?

Stan seeks Roger's help with opening a restaurant. However, Roger has very different plans for the restaurant after it's opened.

What language does Toshi speak?

Though Toshi hangs out with Steve and his friends, Toshi never speaks English. But he seems to understand everyone who does speak English.

Who defeats Barry in wrestling?

Stan's high school wrestling record for most wins is in jeopardy when Barry goes on a winning spree. To stop Barry from breaking his record, he forces Roger to wrestle Barry.

Who does Snot pretend to be gay with to get out of a relationship with Hayley?

Snot has a huge crush on Hayley, and he finally asks her out when she breaks up with Jeff. However, after one date with her, he decides she isn't the one, but he must pretend he is gay to get out of the relationship.

Why did Stan transfer Klaus's brain back into a human?

Francine opens a muffin shop, leaving Stan at the house to fend for himself. Unable to take care of himself, Stan transfers Claus's mind back into a human body, which turns out to be a major mistake when Klaus tries to steal Francine from Stan.

How did Stan and Francine meet?

Stan picked Francine up on the side of the road when she was hitchhiking one night. After hitting a raccoon, Stan is forced to kill the suffering animal, which impresses Francine.

In the show, who invented peanut butter?

Steve writes a paper on George Washington Carver. This paper leads Steve to uncover a mystery where he learns that Mary Todd Lincoln invented peanut butter.

What caused Stan to go bald?

Stan volunteered for an experiment when he was younger that was supposed to get rid of his acne. However, he ended up losing his hair also.

What does Stan believe will lead to hairy palms and melting eyes?

Stan received poor sex education when he was young. His lack of knowledge on masturbation led him to develop many unique hobbies to keep himself from masturbating.

What organization of women does Francine join?

The Ladybugs are a group of women who secretly cheat on their husbands. When Francine tries to join, she doesn't know this is the organization's main objective.

Who does Stan compete against to be the deacon of the church?

Steve knocks up Chuck White's daughter during Stan's competition for deacon. This forces Stan to make a decision between his son and the position of deacon.

Who leads the Ladybugs?

The White's are the Smith family's wealthy neighbors. The White family looks down on the Smith's, and the two families are often seen in competition against each other.

Who helps Stan beat up rich snobs at the Havercamp Country Club?

Stan saves money for 30 years to join the Havercamp Country Club. However, when he is finally able to join, Stan turns into a rich snob himself, forcing Hulk Hogan to step in and help set Stan straight.

Who is Francine's one free kill?

George Clooney is responsible for ruining Francine's scene on a T.V. show. Years later, Francine still resents him for it.

Who shows up to collect money from Stan when he says "You're fired?"

Stan says "You're fired" to a manager who he just set up for a fake drug bust. When Stan says the phrase, Donald Trump shows up to collect money from Stan for using it.

Who fails to roast Avery Bullock?

Stan accidentally kills Jay Leno who is supposed to show up for a roast of Stan's boss, Avery Bullock. Stan is forced to give the roast himself, which turns into a complete disaster.

Who is Toshi's sister?

During a spelling bee, Akiko is pitted against Steve. Both of them decide to intentionally spell words wrong so neither of them win.

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