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Looking for a challenge? Don't be surprised if it comes in the form of an elementary school student testing his or her knowledge of the sciences against yours. C'mon, we know it's been awhile since someone asked you about mammals, reptiles and amphibians. Or when was the last time you checked your knowledge on fusion versus fission? That's why this quiz is perfect for you. You can test your scientific smarts before confronting mini-geniuses with a smirk on their face. 

In this quiz you'll be asked questions about atoms, molecules, elements and compounds, as well as how plants make food from the sun. Not sweating yet? How will you do on questions about gravity and the fourth state of matter? Now it's looking like a real challenge. Either way, if you're a science fan, you'll be pleasantly surprised at what elementary school students are required to know in the US school system. And remember, with all the new scientific breakthroughs we've had over the years, it means students have to know even more than you did back then. So put on your thinking cap and take the quiz now. We'll save the dunce cap and a seat in the corner for those who don't get a high score.

All matter is made of tiny particles called what?

Atoms are the little particles that make up matter. They are the stuff of life.


In science, what is a vacuum?

A vacuum is an empty space, without air or matter. Trust me, you don't want to be in a vacuum.


Two or more atoms make what?

When two or more atoms come together, they make a molecule. The more complex molecules have more atoms.


What are pure chemical substances called?

Pure chemical substances are either elements or compounds. Water, table salt and gold, for example, are pure chemical substances.


What is the lightest of all the elements?

Hydrogen is the lightest of all the elements, 14 times lighter than air. No wonder we can never see the stuff.


What is in every molecule of water?

Oxygen is in every molecule of water, only proving why water is the stuff of life.


Which of these statements is true about gravity?

Even tiny things have gravity. An apple has gravity -- but a donut seems to have more of a gravitational pull.


What has a gravitational pull so strong that it pulls in light?

Black holes pull in light, thus their black color. Their gravitation pull is so strong that they literally suck everything up. We all know someone like this. . .


What creates the different colors of the rainbow?

The different wavelengths are what create different colors. In the visible spectrum, red has the longest wavelength and violet has the shortest.


Which of these have backbones?

Reptiles are vertebrates. Yes, they have backbones.


What is the process through which plants make their own food?

Photosynthesis is the process by which plants use sunlight to make their own food. It's a complex, amazing process.


What scientific breakthrough happened in 1969?

On July 20, 1969, Neil Armstrong took his first steps on the moon, followed shortly thereafter by "Buzz" Aldrin. It was a glorious day for science! In later years, however, things got tough for NASA.


What is the fourth state of matter?

Solid, liquid and gas are three states of matter, and plasma is the fourth! Plasma is different from ordinary neutral gasses, and that's why it has its own category.


What is the only compound that can be found naturally on Earth as a liquid, solid and gas?

Water can be found naturally on Earth as a liquid, gas or solid, proving yet again that water is the bees' knees.


What is nuclear fission?

Nuclear fission creates a tremendous amount of energy by breaking the nucleus of an atom into smaller parts. Don't try this at home.


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