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BZZZZZZZZZTTTT! That's the sound of your alarm! No matter who or what you are, you gotta work. Kids go to school, construction workers go to build, cooks go to cook and lawyers go to ... law? The good thing about work is, there's something out there for everybody; everyone has a talent or skill they can leverage in some way to bring home the bacon and make the world a richer place.

Yes, there's something out there that's the perfect job for you. Something that uses your unique abilities to the fullest. Maybe your steady hands would make you a brilliant surgeon, or your keen eye would let you pilot a jet. Maybe your kind heart is perfect for social work, or your ready smile means you would be perfect in sales. Know yourself, and you will know your ideal occupation. 

But even though you surely know tons about YOUR work already, how much do you know about work in general? There's thousands and thousands of jobs out there, do you think you could recognize who's doing what from but a single image? It's not going to be easy, but nothing worth doing (for money!) ever is.  Don't worry, we'll be here to help you along with hints to smooth your path. Let's get started!

The overall *type* of job is called a Rescuer

A firefighter's day-to-day work is of course hazardous due to flame and smoke inhalation, but the dangers they face stretch far beyond that. They suffer from heart disease, hearing loss, cancer and stress-related injuries disproportionately to the rest of the population.


Specializes in window installation and removal

Glaziers do the yeoman's work of installing glass into structures, usually windows but also including glass panels in doors and other locations. It is dangerous work, but as of now only two states require the glazier to have a license.


Study the composition of the Earth's minerals!

Geology does not merely require knowledge of rocks and their composition. You also need skill in mathematics, chemistry, physics and even biology! Geologists often survey areas for underground water sources, and also use their skills to locate oil deposits.


It is their duty to maintain and protect wide open, public spaces.

Park ranger is, believe it or not, an ancient occupation. In medieval England, rangers were supposed to roam the King's Lands and make certain that the law specific to them, Forest Law, was being upheld. Other cultures possessed similar occupations!


Mike Rowe might be seen doing this "dirty job."

Derived from the ancient Latin word for lead, "Plumbum", plumbers both maintain and install various drinking water, sewage and drainage systems.


These guys go though medical school too, but they also go through even more training.

Dentists are of course full doctors, so there is a lot of schooling involved. You need either a DDS, Doctorate of Dental Surgery degree, or a DDM, Doctorate of Dental Medicine, depending on where you go to school.


This club and ball sport is done without a team: The players stand alone!

A professional golfer is in an incredibly elite club, but the ones who make a living through tournaments are even more elite: The vast majority of golf pros make their living giving lessons, working at golf clubs and selling golf equipment.


You must be able to speak, read, write and understand English!

As English is the official language of the skies, a commercial pilot must be able to use it effectively. In order to get a license you must also complete a solo flight of at least 300 nautical miles, including 2 takeoffs and landings outside the field of origin.


They do not actually operate the vehicle they are associated with.

The railroad conductor is responsible for working together with the passengers and seeing to many of their needs, as well as conferring with rail workers about switching tracks, and the coupling and uncoupling of train cars.


A warranted, civilian officer of the law.

The word police is actually of Greek origin, referring to politeia. This originally meant government in general, but later gained the meaning of civil government. In the West, civil police functions are typically completely separate from military functions.


The female term for this is "janitress".

A custodian is responsible for cleaning and maintenance at their work place, but did you know they can also be certified for cleaning up crime scenes, a job that can pay as much as $700 for an hour of work?


Plans or directs medically approved fun programs at hospitals and nursing homes

While it sounds like a fun, simple job, in reality a recreational therapist needs to understand the particular physical and psychological needs of each patient, plan activities appropriately, and monitor the progress of each of them individually. It's a lot of work!


They administer care to the ill, injured or disabled.

People have traditionally seen nursing as a "female" occupation, but there is nothing preventing a male from becoming a nurse- 9.6% of them are, and the number rises yearly. With the aging boomer generation, this is one of the most in-demand professions!


You sell the one thing thought of as a better investment than the market.

A very potentially lucrative career, real estate sales agents need to have a total understanding of all aspects of home ownership, the surrounding properties and districts, and a high level of charisma. They need to juggle many sales at a time, too!


They work with walls, abutments and curbstones.

This is one of the oldest formal trades in the history of civilization, and a vital one. Stonemasons construct walls, buildings- any commercial structure made of stone. They are responsible for some of the greatest structures in history, like the Pyramids of Egypt.


Heat, light and metal make for a dangerous job.

Being a welder is a significant occupational hazard. You need to naturally have excellent manual dexterity, and be equipped with both thick, special gloves and a special welder's mask that protects not only the face but the user's eyesight from the phenomenon known as arc eye.


Oftentimes seen balancing more plates than a clown at the circus!

Waiting tables is one of the most common occupations in America. It is unusual in that tips, which range from 15-20%, actually make up a significant portion of the money they earn.


They look at the images taken of your insides.

Radiologists are a kind of doctor who diagnose various disorders and illnesses using X-ray devices. They frequently are also skilled at using CAT Scanners and MRI equipment. Their role is crucial to discerning what is ailing many patients.


This is a doctor who focuses on the human foot.

Podiatrists treat muscle and joint disorders involving the foot. They work on ankles, too, and there are many discrete specializations within the field- for example, gerontological podiatrists focus on the disorders that can arise with aging.


Research the inheritability of traits!

Geneticists research how our genes shape our bodies, including genetic diseases. Beyond disease, however, they also try to isolate other discrete traits and try to see if they are paired to a gene or multiple genes.


Prepare bodies for internment

An embalmer is not the same as a taxidermist, as an embalmer preserves the form of the deceased creature intact. Embalmers use chemicals to preserve the bodies of the dead, something that has been done across many cultures and religions.


The crafters of carbs, scourge of your diet!

Baking is one of the oldest professions, as befits such a staple of city living. In ancient times, honeys and sugars were commonly mixed with day-to-day breads, meaning that virtually all of the bread they consumed tasted like what we consider to be pastries!


The master brewers of java!

A relatively new occupation, baristas focus on the preparation and service of coffee and tea beverages. Beyond simple preparations, however, many baristas elevate their job to an art form through the creation of beautiful, swirling displays in the drink. Enjoy!


They insure the safety, security and comfort of passengers.

Being among the most customer-facing of airline employees, flight attendants need to work directly to ensure the comfort and happiness of passengers on their flights. Given how nerve-wracking and frustrating air travel can be at times, this is no easy task!


The designer of our clothes and assorted accessories!

People think of fashion designers as solo artists who simply apply their creativity to the clothes they make, but nothing could be further from the truth. In reality they have to work in tandem with marketing and production experts, forming a business that works best as a team.


Art, movement, and music come together as one.

The art of combining motion to music, there are few jobs more physically demanding than being a dancer. You are constantly in motion, and you need perfect agility, along with mentally mapping the movements to your body in time to the music. A single misstep ruins the dance, and unlike other artists, you need to recreate your art again and again every day!


They run a courtroom, and either determine guilt or aid a jury in their determinations.

A judge is typically thought of as working alone to determine guilt, but they can also work as part of a panel. They are the fulcum of the judicial branch, and their job is not only to decide cases, but also to decide if legal procedure is being properly followed and applied.


A church official who typically has geographical authority over a number of other priests.

Bishops oversee areas of geographic jurisdiction for their church. Critically, the belief in apostolic succession means that they can ordain clergy, investing them with their powers and responsibilities as agents of the church. This makes their position crucial for the growth and renewal of the church itself.


You focus on cutting and styling men's and boy's hair.

The word barber actually comes from the latin for beard, barba. In older times, their profession was combined with both surgery and dentistry! Today their portfolio has shrunk, but has grown a bit to include engaging in vigorous conversation about life or the issues of the day.


Considered the leader and play-caller of the offensive team!

The quarterback possesses a critical role in American football. A quarterback will typically hand off the ball, throw it or run with it themselves, but in each case the decision point starts with them. The NFL actually requires that the quarterback wear a number between 1 and 19 .


Control the flow of aircraft, both in terms of takeoffs and landings and their altitude level around airports.

Besides organizing takeoffs and landings, air traffic controllers need to perform a delicate balancing act of controlling the different altitude sectors planes move through. In emergency situations, they need to simultaneously rearrange the flow of air traffic to allow planes to make sudden landings.


They use physical stimuli to compel actions and behaviors from various creatures.

The main tools in the bag of the animal trainer are positive and negative reinforcement- good behavior is rewarded, and bad behavior is punished to regulate it. The less domesticated the creature, the more complexity there is to training them.


Their primary purpose is to use their facial or body features to help sell products or services.

Models need to keep their bodies in peak form, it's true, but they need more than that -- they need to have a distinct look that is not merely beautiful, but also suits the marketing needs of the product that they are meant to sell. Generic beauty is not enough!


This career focuses on birth and womens' reproductive health.

In US, midwives are professionals whose standards are set by US-MERA, the Midwifery Education and Regulation Association. in 28 states, they require a license called a CPM to practice, which stands for being a Certified Professional Midwife.


This person aids the retrieval of information and research, and is responsible for social programs as well.

In order to do their jobs, librarians generally must possess a Master's degree in Library and Information Studies. They are experts at the location and retrieval of information, making them ideal allies for the diligent researcher.


They make life easier and more efficient for a hotel's patrons!

A concierge's duties go beyond that of a normal receptionist, extending to procuring tickets or transportation for a hotel's guests, as well as a number of other services to make their stay more pleasant.


You keep the tempo for everyone, ensure the proper entering for each part in the music, and shape the flow of the piece.

Besides physically leading the orchestra, conductors often double as music directors, having authority over the orchestra off the stage, too. In this role, they choose and arrange the programs for concerts as well as possessing influence over who is selected to join the orchestra.


They are the logistic blood cells of America, delivering huge numbers of goods and parts from one place to another.

To be a teamster requires absolutely incredible endurance: they typically need to drive for 9 hours daily, and while they are mandated a minimum of 9 hours rest, in practice many of them get significantly less. Keep on truckin'!


They rub you the right way.

The root of the word massage has many possible origins -- French, Latin and Arabic! Whatever its origin, massage involves the use of pressure to relieve the muscles of a no-doubt aching patient. There are many different techniques practiced worldwide.


They craft the wards that keep us safe.

In most countries, becoming a locksmith actually requires completing an apprenticeship. Nowadays, locksmiths specialize in installing new locks in doors or other areas, and of course gaining entry to places whose keys have been lost!


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