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AROUND THE WORLD IN 80 DAYS! Rather than going around the world physically, we're going on the trip with these 50 questions. From Mexico to France to China, could you identify these countries from their picture on a map?

Around the world, you'd find seven continents, six of which are habitable. Between Asia, Africa, Australia, Europe, North America, and South America, there are 195 countries around the globe. Just how many of them could you recognize?

Within the 195 countries, they vastly vary in size. Vatican City, the smallest country, has a population of fewer than 500 people. With its small population, Vatican City's area isn't even listed as square miles. The country is comprised of only 109 acres. While this country might be harder to recognize, the largest country's shape, Russia, is probably easier. Russia has a population of over 144 million people that cover the span of the 6.6 million square mile country.

From Vatican City to Russia, can you name the country from a single picture? If you're from the United States, recognizing its borders would be extremely easy, but what about the neighboring countries of Canada and Mexico? Could you recognize the island of Cuba or the outline of India?

There's only one way to find out! We're making our way around the world with this quiz, and we want to know if you'll be piloting your way to a perfect score.

Ready to take off!

Located just north of Australia is an archipelago of islands which make up Indonesia, a country best-known for its popular island, Bali.

Home to the world's richest football team; Real Madrid and crazy fiestas, Spain is the least densely populated European country.

Lying partially in Europe (3%) and partially in Asia (97%), the Republic of Turkey with its capital Ankara is the largest exporter of hazelnuts and origin of tulips.

Birthplace of genius Albert Einstein, Germany has the largest economy in Europe and is considered as the land of ideas.

Squashed between Germany, France and Austria, Switzerland is best known for its beautiful Alps, and has two official languages; French and German.

Home to the famous canals of Venice and Leaning Tower of Pisa, Italy has the largest number of World Heritage Sites; a remarkable 53 were designated by UNESCO.

Known as the Rainbow Nation, the Republic of South Africa was named in 1961 and was the birthplace and home of the famous Nelson Mandela, who became the republic's first black president in 1994.

The Spanish half of the Hispaniola, the Dominican Republic is believed to have been where Christopher Columbus first set foot.

Divided into two sovereign states since 1945, the Democratic People's Republic of Korea is located on the Korean peninsula, south of China and Russia.

The second largest country in the European continent, Ukraine is the birthplace of the world's largest plane and first gas lamp.

Formerly part of the Austro-Hungarian Empire, this parliamentary republic was home to the inventor of the Rubik's cube.

Scorching sun and a lot of deserts, Saudi Arabia "the Land of the Two Holy Mosques," is one of the richest places on earth thanks to its massive oil mines.

Scorching sun and a lot of deserts, Saudi Arabia "the Land of the Two Holy Mosques," is one of the richest places on earth thanks to its massive oil mines.

Home to Buenos Aires, the world's fourth-largest city, Argentina celebrates many holidays, one of them being Friend's Day.

Surrounded by mountains, this European country's population is said to be the world's heaviest consumers of beer.

One of the largest producers of vodka, Poland gained its independence from Russia in 1918 and was one of the only European countries to not collaborate with Nazis.

With a remarkable free education system, Finland is the most sparsely populated European country as well as the home of Saint Nick and Nokia.

A very historical country, Peru is a large producer of gold, corn, potatoes and cotton.

This not-so-big European country is the origin of many popular things; the Dalmatian dog breed, neckties, and the world's first sea pipe organ.

One of the first countries to legalize same-sex marriage, Canada is best-known for its friendliness and diversity partly due to its large number of immigrants.

The country through which the Perfume River flows, Vietnam is a kaleidoscope of cultures adopted from the Chinese, Japanese and French.

World-famous for its pyramids and historical queens, the Arab Republic of Egypt is responsible for the introduction of wigs and invention of clocks.

The story of the great Count Dracula originates here; Romania is one of the world's largest wine producers located north of Bulgaria.

Most people may know this diverse and beautiful country for its beaches, women, waxes and weaves.

The homes of the Siamese cat, this southeast Asian country is called the "land of the free."

The residents of this highly forested country enjoy relaxing by taking coffee breaks referred to as 'fikas.'

Best known for its white stone homes in Santorini, Greece is the world's third largest producer of olives; a fruit which the country has been growing since the 13th century.

The northernmost country in Europe, Norway is ideal for witnessing the northern lights, a spectacular sight in the sky.

This North-African country where the liver is the symbol of love is the world's largest producer of sardines.

This country, previously inhabited by Aztecs, is responsible for introducing the sombrero, chocolate and chilis to the world.

Just west of Germany, Belgium is divided into two regions based on language and is world-famous for its waffles and chocolate.

Jamaica is one of the largest Caribbean islands and is home to the "fastest man on earth," Usain Bolt.

Situated to the north of Germany, Denmark is considered the happiest and least corrupt country in the world.

This extremely flat, low-lying country is the largest beer exporter in the world.

Once part of the Austro-Hungarian Empire, Austria is the birthplace of actor Arnold Schwarzenegger.

The world's biggest flower, the Rafflesia and largest citrus fruit, the pomelo, are grown in Malaysia.

Keeping the same name for centuries, Bulgaria is home to the Rose Valley, which produces most of the oils used in perfumes today.

Singapore, or Lion City as its name translates into, is an island located to the southeast of Malaysia; it is a city-state and has its national anthem printed in micro-text on the back of its $1,000 note.

Although most perceptions regarding this country are negative, the city of Moscow is world-famous for its intriguing architecture.

The world's largest island and smallest continent, Australia is inhabited by as many kangaroos as people.

Sometimes called the "free world," the United States made up of 50 states has the largest economy in the world.

Best-known as the country of love, France is also popularly associated with wine production and is the only producer of champagnes, which are made in its Champagne region.

With its booming industries, China is the world's largest exporter of goods and is fast becoming one of the largest economies.

An archipelago of 33 islands, Bahrain is considered the Garden of Eden due to its impressive and diverse animal and plant species both on land and in water.

This Asian country located north of Saudi Arabia is the home of the Dead Sea; the saltiest sea on earth, rich with healing minerals.

With the largest slave population to date, India produces 70% of the world's spices.

Situated to the east of Spain, Portugal founded in 1128, is best-known for its port wine, produced in its Duoro Valley.

Although its people are often confused with those of China, Japan, an island to the east of South Korea, is an entirely different nation with its own culture and language.

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