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Strategy war games are definitely a thinking person’s game, but they can be boring and time-consuming. Riot Games, the developers behind "League of Legends," have come up with a brilliant idea: Why not create a game that utilizes their champions from "League" into a completely new game? Enter "Teamfight Tactics." Similar to "Risk," you need to consider the placement of your champions and dominate the board, knocking opponent after opponent out until you’re the last person standing. However, by adding animation and making a tighter time constraint, they’ve created a new spin on an old game genre.

Don’t think TFT is for you? Sure, there are some difficulties in getting into a new game, but once you find your champion, you’ll be hooked. And in case you think there’s only one genre available, check this out! Are you a horror fan who loves the spooky and deep? Check out the demons and void creatures; they can intimidate as well as cast some nasty spells. How about a trip to the seven seas? Pirates are aplenty in "Teamfight Tactics!" There’s even a powerhouse of a robot available … if you can catch him! Couple the variety with an easy upgrade system, and you’re set to play. Still not sold? Did we forget to mention that you can play an ADORABLE Little Legend while you’re battling?

But while you’re fighting, knowing what buff goes best with a champion is key. Do you think your cheat sheet is up to date? If so, take a break, look these buffs over and see if you can guess what these items from "Teamfight Tactics" are.

Everyone knows that having a great team means having a good tank. Which of these items would build up the armor on your tank?

If you're looking for a cream-of-the-crop tank, check out Pantheon. This champion with draconic origins not only buffs dragons by giving them extra resistance but also offers guardians extra armor as well.


Which cooking implement is used in "Teamfight Tactics?"

Why a spatula? Just like its carbon-based counterpart, the Spatula in TFT can flip the script on anyone's game. Some of its awesome combinations include Mittens (which turns a unit into a Yordle) and Force of Nature, which allows a player to place an extra unit on the field.


Aside from healing and friendly buffs, magic is designed to destroy. Can you tell us what item you’d use to give your champion a little bit of magic resistance?

The cool thing about the Negatron Cloak is that you can use it on pretty much everyone because, when it comes to defenses or resistances, you always can use a little bump. And that small bump can mean victory or defeat.


If you don't want your casters to cry when they run out of mana, you may want to give them one of these. What are we thinking of?

While we can't predict what our casters are going to do from round to round, one thing we can do is help them out by giving them as much of an edge as possible when it comes mana supply. Equipping a caster with a Tear of the Goddess will give them 20 extra mana to play with.


Do you know what you'd give to a caster to give their spells a little burst of power?

Alone, a Needlessly Large Rod will add 20 points of spell damage, but it's when it is combined with other items that it shines; when a Recurve Bow is added, you can end up with Guinsoo's Rageblade, one of the best combos in the game.


When you're watching your champion go face to face with an opponent, you're going to want to add one of these to boost his health by 200. Can you tell us what article of clothing it is?

Alone, a Giant's Belt can give a champion an extra 200 health. But when you combine a Giant's Belt with a Needlessly Large Rod, you get the Morellonomicon, a pretty nasty anti-healing buff.


Even though they have no clear use alone, these hand covers can pack quite a punch when combined with other items. What item are we thinking of?

In addition to the incorrect answers above, when you combine two sets of Sparring Gloves, it creates Thieves' Gloves. Its power? At the beginning of each round, each set will take a copy of two different items on the field.


Can you tell us which one of these items is used in the creation of Deathblade?

When you get a B. F. Sword, you need to take a couple of things into consideration. Even though it gives an extra 20 attack power, it has a super-slow response time, so choosing your tank to wield this is ideal.


When it comes to producing off tanks, attack speed is key. Which of these items gives a boost to attacks?

In addition to giving the champion an increase in speed, the Recurve Bow is in some of the more deadly combos in the game. When you put two Recurve Bows together, you get a Rapid Firecannon, a range defining buff used by any troop on the field.


When you are looking to saturate the field with troops, what item do you want use?

Getting a Spatula in TFT is hard enough, but what happens when you get two of them? When you pair the two Spatulas up, you get a Force of Nature, which lets you bring additional troops to the board without using experience.


Which of these weapons is able to be used after a champion dies?

If you’ve got cannon fodder that you’re not too sure what to do with, you should look into arming it with the Repeating Crossbow. When the champion dies, the Repeating Crossbow will bounce to another ally, adding a buff to speed and chances to crit.


What item would you want to use to slow your opposition down?

When you find you’re being pitted against someone who has the Iceborn Gauntlets, you may want to consider beefing up on spell casters. Because their attacks are ranged, the decreased speed debuff that the Iceborne Gauntlet gives won’t affect them.


You’ve armed your champion with a B. F. Sword. Which of these items would you get if you added a pair of Sparring Gloves to it?

When a champion is given the Infinity Edge, their chances to crit are increased by 20%. While that percentile is minor, the second effect can devastate a team; if successful, 150% damage is dealt.


If you’re in the market to give your casters the possibility to crit, you’ll want to invest in one of these. What item is it?

When dealing with casters, there are two things many gamers consider: the amount of mana each caster has and how powerful that caster is when they use it. Getting that perfect mana balance is key to creating that ideal caster team.


Shh! Which of these quiet TFT items can help combat your enemy’s spell casters from regenerating mana?

By combining a Tear of the Goddess and a Negatron Cloak, you create a gamechanger in Hush; with every attack, there is a 33% chance that enemy spellcasters won’t be able to regenerate their mana for four seconds.


Can you tell us what item you would receive if you combined a B. F. Sword and a Recurve Bow?

Having a champion with high health may not work in your favor when facing off against the Giant Slayer. This beast of a weapon is considered one of the best in the game because not only do attacks add 5% of a target’s health to it, but it also counts as true damage.


Do you know what item you would receive if you combined a Tear of the Goddess with a pair of Sparring Gloves?

If you’re choosing to play with a Hand of Justice in your arsenal, it's kind of a difficult thing to do because you never know what you’re going to get. At the beginning of each round, you either get 40% more damage or 40 life on hit.


Even though you hit a champion and caused a significant amount of damage, your champion is now stunned. Which item caused this?

Not only does the Trap Claw have a stunning capability, but it also has another perk: a spell shield. This can come in handy if you’re facing off against a heavy caster squad because when the shield is broken, the caster who broke it gets stunned.


Having a squad comprised of the same race can unlock some really deadly buffs. Which of these items would you want to use if you wanted to add the Yordle origin to a champion?

If you want to add a little cuteness to your game, you should consider creating a yordle build. These petite characters include Gnar, a shapeshifting cat that can inflict an insane amount of damage in its mega form.


What item would you get when you combine two B. F. Swords together?

Deathblades are an ideal weapon for your off tanks. Why? Because if they kill or assist in a kill, they will gain an additional 15 attack damage that lasts until the end of the round. This buff stacks so if they help out more than once, the damage increases.


Ideal for a tank, this item will grant an 83% mana resistance to its wearer. Which weapon is it?

If you want to create a Dragon’s Claw, all you need are two Negatron Cloaks. Once you do create the Dragon’s claw, you can pretty much erase all hope for any caster team because of your champion's high magic resistance.


If you're building a team, nothing will sustain it longer than a good healer. However, this item renders them useless. What item is it?

If you’re looking to beef up your team by using a Morellonomicon, one of the champions that gamers recommend pairing with it is Garen. This knight has an AOE, which spreads the non-healing effect to everyone struck by it.


Attack ranges can play a key part in a party's success; what item would you give a champion to increase their range?

In addition to adding the extra distance to a champion's stats, the Rapid Firecannon has a pretty sweet buff: any attacks made by the wearer can't be dodged. And with a buff like that, it's like putting the game cruise control and watching wins stack up!


What piece of armor is created when you combine two pairs of Sparring Gloves?

When it comes to the Thief's Gloves, it can either be a blessing or a curse when played; taking up all three slots, a pair of Thief's Gloves will pull two random items on the field and place a copy onto the champion wearing them.


Which of these pieces of armor can negate crowd-control effects?

If you're working with an assassin, Quicksilver is one of the best things for your champion to wear. Why? Not only does it negate the next crowd-control effect, but the buff refreshes itself every five seconds so the champion can remain unaffected until the end of the round.


Having a champion with an AoE attack can help any army win a fight. Can you tell us which of these items gives a champion an AoE?

If you're having trouble figuring which champion should wield the Statikk Shiv, we'd recommend choosing your tank or your off-tank. Why? Because those two positions will often have the most exposure to your opposition, which is what is needed to create an AoE.


Which of these items is considered one of the best weapons in the game?

Many gamers consider Guinsoo's Rageblade one of the best because of its ability to boost attack speeds. If you're lucky to get one of these, just sit back and watch as your champion zips around the field, leaving your opposition in the dust.


Oh no! Your three-star champion has shrunk down to a zero-star one. What weapon caused this?

Cursed Blades are a tricky weapon to wield because if they aren't paired properly, you'll miss out on some epic opportunities. Many gamers tend to pair a Cursed Sword with a gunslinger because they can have the chance to attack more than one enemy at a time.


Do you have a field of demons and need just one more? Why not tell us what item you'd need to complete a demon synergy?

When you're working on a demon build, you're definitely going to need to choose outside of the demon origin for a chance to survive. Why? Most of the demons tend to have weaker armor and can be knocked out quickly.


What do you get when you combine a B. F. Sword and a Negatron Cloak?

If you ever want to add insult to injury, equip a Champion with Bloodthirster. This blade will heal a champion for 50% of the damage dealt on attacks, making them an absolute nightmare on the field.


Let’s face it: No one knows how to work a sword like a blademaster. Which of these items would you use to create a blademaster syergy?

If you're making a Draven-based build, you're going to need a Blade of the Ruined King. Why? Because even if Draven is the only other blademaster on the field, he's going to get an extra attack due to the blademaster's buff.


Brr! Glacial champions are some of the coolest customers out there. What item would you want to use if you wanted to create a glacial synergy?

If you create a Glacial based build, get prepared for some slower combat. An attack from a glacial character can stun an opponent for 1.5 seconds, and when you get six of them out there, you’ll get a 60% chance to stun upon hit.


If you want an enemy to think twice before hitting your champion with a spell, you want to equip your hero with this item. What item are we thinking of?

Even though magic spells can cause a lot of damage, it may come at a price, especially when hitting someone with an ionic spark. Typically, casters have lower armor, which makes them easier to damage, so the 125 true damage that comes from the Ionic Spark can be lethal.


You have a spellcaster who seems to devour their mana like candy. Which of these items would you use to help keep their mana levels at a normal rate?

What’s cool about Seraph's Embrace is that it gives its 20 mana boost out whenever ANY spell is cast, not just when your champion chooses to cast a spell, which creates a mana battery that can help win a match.


What item can cripple an enemy if the Champion armed with it has high health?

When it comes to using a Titanic Hydra, the higher your champion’s health is the better; in addition to base damage, Titanic Hydras deal additional damage based on the amount of health the champion has.


Do you know what you get if you combine a Recurve Bow and a Chain Vest?

Not only does the Phantom Dancer have a pretty cool name, but it has a sweet ability as well; champions wearing a Phantom dancer can dodge any critical strike (even those caused by abilities).


Ouch! This kind of armor is great for a tank, especially if it wants to redirect damage. What is it?

Thornmail is a decent item to use when it comes to tanks. Life stealing items can be harder to craft or fall a little lower on that must-need list for amateur gamers, so when Thornmail reflects 100% of the damage to an enemy, it can spell trouble.


What colorful buff is created when you combine a Chain Vest and a Giant's Belt?

If you have an enemy that relies heavily on a healer, a red buff is the perfect solution. Not only does it hurt physical attacks with a delayed debuff, but it also disables healing spells.


Awww! This adorable buff turns any champion into a sorcerer. Which item is it?

Playing with an all sorcerer build may be a good idea in theory, but it will probably be a super-challenging feat to accomplish. Why? Because most casters are nicknamed "squishies" due to their low armor scores.


Congratulations! You made it to the end, but wait! You're down one of your best champions. What item will help your champion revive quickly?

When you combine a B. F. Sword and a Chain Vest, you're going to receive a pretty sweet prize in the form of a Guardian Angel. This item is pretty much great anywhere, but it would be best if used on a healer or tank.


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