Can You Name These Sonic Fast Food Items?

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Based on Oklahoma City, Sonic Drive-In Restaurant is like a step back into the days when drive-ins were all the rage. You don't see many of the mom and pop ones anymore, but Sonic fills that void. They have all of the classic drive-in foods like cheeseburgers and fries, milkshakes and chili cheese dogs. But they also have unique drive-in items like loaded tater tots and frozen slushies. Fun fact, though: Sonic has been around since the 1950s, which is probably why they have the same vibe as the classic drive-ins. Because it is a classic drive-in. It's just made for the masses.

Their menu is so big, especially since they have breakfast now, too. They have signature drinks and meals that are like nothing you'd see in the '50s. But where did Sonic all get started? The owner started out selling milk, then moved to bread because milk was too heavy. But then, he opened a little diner only to soon be sold so he could buy a fast food restaurant. Everything just kind of spiraled from there and turned into the Sonic that we all know and love today. If it weren't for that history, we wouldn't have been blessed with their absolutely delicious corndogs. So thanks, Troy N. Smith Sr! Think you can name all of these Sonic fast food items? Take the quiz to find out!

Take this classic drive-in sandwich and add ketchup, mustard, onions, whatever you want! What is it?

A cheeseburger is the most classic fast food, diner or drive-in food. Whether it's a smash burger, a thick burger or something in between, the topping possibilities are endless and they're all delicious.

A little bit sweet, a little bit tart, but a lotta bit thirst quenching. Which tasty beverage is it?

The Green Apple Slush is part of Sonic's famous Slush line. They have so many flavors, but the green apple is perfectly sweet and tart, but also super refreshing and the perfect combo for a spicy hot dog.

Which classic chicken item below features a childhood favorite, but in a grown-up way?

If you aren't eating your chicken crispy, you might as well not eat it. Sonic's classic crispy chicken sandwich is basically chicken fingers on a bun with whatever accoutrements you want. It's an adult way to eat chicken tenders.

This might be what Sonic is best known for. Can you name it?

Sonic is, for some reason, really know for their hot dogs. Even more specifically, their chili cheese dogs. Who else is known for their hot dogs? Coney Island. So it's no wonder Sonic uses that for inspiration for their own masterpiece.

If you're rolling up in the morning looking like you had a long night, order up one of these egg meals and be on your way. What is it?

Not only is it a mouthful to say, but it will fill your mouth with meaty and cheesy goodness. It basically has everything you would want in a full breakfast but in the convenient package of a burrito.

Whether you're getting them as a side or the main attraction, these will not let you down. What is it?

Tots are a food of nostalgia. They can be eaten alone, but when you top them with cheese, chili, sour cream and other toppings, they just get taken to a whole new level. On their own, though, they are pure gold.

This shake takes sweet and salty to a whole new level in a way that everyone is familiar with. Can you name the shake?

Everyone loves Oreos. Everyone loves peanut butter. Combing the two? A flavor explosion. You've got the sweet from the ice cream and the Oreos and the saltiness from the peanut butter. That makes for the best taste combination.

Frying things automatically makes them better, and this salty and smoky classic is no different. What are we talking about?

There's something so satisfying about corn dogs. The hot dog is meaty and salty, and the pancake like batter is a little sweet and a lot crunchy. Eat it plain or squiggle some mustard on there for some added zing.

One of Sonic's first signature drinks is still going strong today. What's it called?

The Cherry Limeade is both sweet and tart with that slightly sour feeling in the your mouth. It is one of those things that Sonic is known for, so try washing down one of their other classic food items with it.

Putting things in wrap form just makes them better, and this food is no different. Which crispy item is it?

Sonic is known for taking really classic fast food and drive-in foods, and this crispy chicken wrap is no different. It takes the simple crispy chicken tenders and wraps them up for your convenience. Dip it in one of their many sauces and be the happiest you'll be all day.

Take this classic and add something meaty on top for a real flavor punch. What is it?

A cheeseburger is great on its own. Bacon is great on its own. Put the two together in happy matrimony and you've yourself the most flavorful and rewarding cheeseburger on the block.

Topped with ketchup, mustard, relish and onions, this patriotic fast food item goes down real easy. Which is it?

If you love a good summer picnic, then you've most likely had a hot dog like this. The classic hot dog is taking its turn on the pedestal because once it gets topped with all of those fixings, it will surely win the gold medal.

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, but it doesn't have to be complicated. Stick around for this classic breakfast turned hand-held. What is it?

Making French toast into sticks is just a genius idea whether you eat it at home or get it out. Plus, they fit perfectly into the little syrup packets that you get. And, since they're smaller you can eat many more of them.

A Philly staple, Sonic brings it on with a little twist. Can you name it?

You can get these on the street corner in Philly, or you can run to your nearest Sonic and pick up a soft pretzel twist. Don't forget the cheese sauce on the side, or you can go classic with some mustard.

No need for the ice cream truck when Sonic can deliver you up this chocolate-studded summer dessert. Can you name it?

If you wanted to eat this for lunch, no one can judge because it does have "sandwich" in the name. The bread is chocolate chip cookies and the filling is ice cream, so it's basically the best kind of sandwich you can have.

Set sail to your nearest Sonic to get this refreshing beverage. What is it?

It's blue, it's tangy and it has a hint of coconut. So don't worry, there's no ocean water in this drink. It's a one of a kind drink Sonic serves, and since it is sweet and tangy it can go with so many food items.

You don't need to hit up your local wing joint to get this finger-licking snack when Sonic has their own. Which item is it?

Boneless wings are way better than bone-in, that's not up for debate. The sauce you put on them can make or break them, too. Honey BBQ is sweet, smoky, sticky and salty and best dipped in ranch dressing.

If you're hungry enough for a hefty meal, say this sandwich ten times fast, and then eat it! What is it?

The Quarter Pound Double Cheeseburger will fill you up with meat and cheese, and there's nothing wrong with that. Top it with your favorite burger toppings and you might not even need a side to complete this meal.

Why eat less when you can eat more? Which Sonic fast food item really goes the extra mile?

The only thing better than the regular chili cheese Coney dog is the footlong version. More bang for your buck, and more food for your tummy. Footlong foods are famous at other fast-food places, but Sonic sets itself apart with this hot dog.

Keep it simple in the morning with this breakfast item that you can eat on the go. Which is it?

Brioche is one of the fancier breads, and putting bacon and egg on it makes this breakfast sandwich extra fancy. You'd never know it was from Sonic! It will keep you full until lunch when you can go back to Sonic and try another menu item!

Put these on your cheeseburger or eat them by themselves. Either way, you can't go wrong with which side?

Onion rings are the perfect side for almost any food. But putting them ON your food is even better. Imagine a cheeseburger with onion rings on top, or a eating a steak with onion rings. Soft and meaty with crunchy and salty. It'll make your mouth water!

This love it or hate it, flavor takes center stage in which Sonic frozen treat?

Not sure what it is about bananas that makes the flavor of them so controversial, but if you love the flavor, this shake is for you. It's not cut with any other flavor but the ice cream, so you get a mouthful of banana taste.

Which simple sandwich isn't just for kids anymore?

A grilled cheese is one of the easiest sandwiches to make, but having Sonic make it for you is somehow better. It's on the kids menu, but don't let that stop you from ordering it up for your adult self.

For your morning jolt, pick up this southern flavored caffeine drink. What is it?

Praline pecan is a flavor often found in the south, or in ice cream. Adding it to iced coffee makes your morning drink feel special and fancy. The good thing about praline and pecan together is that the praline flavor is a touch salty, so it balances out the sweetness of the flavor syrup.

You can't take this to the movie theater, but you can take it home to watch a movie, which is honestly better. What is it?

Popcorn chicken trumps regular popcorn any day of the week. Plus, they won't get stuck in your gums like popcorn does. Popcorn chicken would never wrong you like that. It's just as crispy and crunchy though!

If you're bringing your little one along with you on your Sonic trip, which smaller version of the classic are you treating them to?

The Jr. Burger is a perfectly sized treat for your kids, or even for yourself if you're not feeling hungry enough for a full burger. It can still be topped with all the favorite burger toppings, so your kid really isn't missing out on anything.

Some things just go together, and twice cooked bread is just meant for eggs. Which Sonic fast food item really is just that?

You can choose your favorite breakfast meat, your favorite cheese and have them sit atop a fluffy egg all sandwiched between two pieces of toast. It's a complete meal that you can eat at your table or on the go.

Toss these in your mouth, but beware of the heat. What are they?

This snack is basically a jalapeño popper, the cheddar cheese kind and not the cream cheese kind. They're spicy, creamy and fried. How could that be bad? Hint. It can't. Scoop them up and pop them in your mouth.

If you're into the cheese pull trend, look no further than which cheesy treat?

Mozzarella sticks are as classic as they come. Normally, you would get them as a side for your pizza, but at Sonic, you can get them on the side of your double bacon cheeseburger or crispy chicken sandwich.

Now we're talking. Which Sonic item takes two of the best menu items and puts them together for a spicy, crunchy and melty experience?

Take the Sonic chili and pile it atop french fries and then douse it in cheese and you've got this signature snack. Pro tip: put pickles on top of it too for that briny and salty bite that will make it all taste fresher and not as heavy.

If you're looking for something a little lighter, Sonic has got your back. Which item below will keep you full and guilt free?

The grilled chicken wrap is a perfect bite for when you're looking for a quick lunch on the go but don't want to ruin your New Year's resolution. Pair it with an unsweetened iced tea or water and you've got yourself a meal.

For an interesting flavor take on a classic, order up these saucy bites for a party in your mouth. What is it?

These saucy boneless wings are the perfect mix of sweet and spicy, and boy are they sticky! Feel free to lick your fingers in between bites so you don't leave any of that flavor behind.

Simple and easy is the way breakfast should be. Which item below really subscribes to that notion?

You can stuff so much stuff into a burrito, so getting all the stuff you need in a full breakfast is easy peasy. If you're the kind of person who dips their eggs and breakfast meat in ketchup, a burrito makes it so you can do all of those things at once.

Dessert needs some love, too, and Sonic has so many to choose from. Which tasty treat is originally a sliced sweet?

You don't need to go to the factory to get this cheesecake. Sonic mixes it up with some ice cream so you get the best of both dessert worlds. Cake and ice cream. The cheesecake gives it a bit of a tangy taste, too, which helps to break up the sweetness.

Which savory Sonic sandwich will leave you full for hours and comes with its own starchy side?

The other "B" is for the brioche bun that this classic bacon, lettuce and tomato sandwich is served on. It's soft and light, which makes it the perfect vessel to deliver a pile of crispy bacon and juicy tomato to your mouth.

Not everything needs to be fried, so if you're in need of some non-bread protein, which item has your name written all over it?

Much like the grilled chicken wrap, the grilled chicken sandwich will give you all the good feels of eating fast food without any of the bad feels. You still get the good bun, lettuce and tomato so you feel like you're eating the real thing.

Which fast food item below is the most traditional flavor out of the three that Sonic offers?

When people think wings, they think Buffalo wings. Sure, the other flavored sauces are nice, but sometimes you just want the original. Sonic knows that and offers up classic Buffalo sauced wings for the OG wing lovers out there.

You will wish this was the kind of slush that was left after the snow melts. Which colorful beverage is it?

The Blue Coconut Slush is just what it says it is. A coconut flavored frozen beverage that is colored a deep and saturated blue. Sonic also describes the flavor as "blue coconut" so maybe they've discovered a new species of coconut!

Keeping it simple with this one. Which Sonic item is great for kids, adults, salads, sandwiches, lunch, dinner ... you get the idea?

You think one day you'll get sick of chicken tenders because you've eaten them so much. That day shall never come, and Sonic is there for you when you give into the craving for the crispy, crunchy food.

Not all kids want basic food, so which elaborate Jr. item below would please even the hungriest kid?

Kids love being messy, so what better way to indulge them than giving them the deluxe cheeseburger? They'll feel like a big kid eating a big sandwich and be full enough to only need three other snacks that day.

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