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Major League Baseball, or MLB for short, was founded in 1869 and has been growing since. In the hundred plus years that the league has been around, there have been quite a few players who have made their mark. Whether it be for making spectacular catches, pitching like superstars or hitting a crazy number of home runs, these men, with their talent, have ensured their spots baseball's Hall of Fame. But today, we're going to strictly focus on the guys who have hit more home runs in their careers than should be humanly possible and we're calling them the home run kings. Do you know enough about the sport to name these guys? 

The top scorer, so far, has been Barry Bonds, with an astounding 762 home run record. Not far behind him are the likes of Hank Aaron, Babe Ruth, and Alex Rodriguez, who will soon join the former in the over-700 home run club. These athletes deserve our respect. So if you think you're a big enough fan of the sport, and that you know your home run numbers as well as you think you do, give this quiz a try. Good luck! 

Manny Ramirez, regarded as one of the best right-handed hitters of his generation, has hit 555 home runs so far.

A total of 755 home runs were hit by former baseball player Hank Aaron throughout his 23-year career.

Over the course of his 21-year career, this left fielder for the Boston Red Sox earned himself 521 home runs.

This retired baseball right-fielder hit a total of 563 home runs during his 21-season career with various MLB teams.

Barry Bonds, a former left fielder, ended his 21-year career with a total of 762 home runs, a record which is still unbroken.

Former professional baseball player Willie Mays hit approximately 660 home runs during his 22-season career as a center fielder.

Mike Piazza, who is considered to be one of the best catchers in baseball history, hit 427 home runs throughout his 16-season career.

This retired professional right fielder hit 609 home runs during his baseball career, which places him ninth on the MLB all-time list.

With a total of 569 home runs, this first baseman and left fielder spent his 19-year career playing for the Chicago Cubs, Texas Rangers and the Baltimore Orioles.

Known for his unique batting stance, this designated hitter is ranked in eighth place on the MLB all-time list with 612 home runs.

Nicknamed "The Bambino," this iconic MLB player ended his 22-season career with 714 home runs, a record that was broken in 1974 by Hank Aaron.

Cal Ripken Jr., also known as "The Iron Man," was a 19-time all-star who accumulated 3, 184 hits, 431 of which were home runs.

One of the most feared hitters of the 1960s, Harmon "The Killer" Killebrew ended his 22-year career with 573 home runs.

With a career record of 493 home runs, this power-hitting first baseman is tied with Lou Gehrig as the 28th home run leader.

This retired Dominican-American shortstop and third baseman amassed a total of 696 home runs by the end of 22-season career.

Nicknamed "The Iron Horse," this first baseman spent his entire 17-season career with the New York Yankees, during which he hit 493 home runs.

Regarded as the most consistent hitter in baseball history, Stan Musial garnered a total of 3,630 hits, 475 of which were home runs.

Andruw Jones is a Curaçaoan former designated hitter and outfielder who hit a total of 434 home runs.

Mark McGwire, also known as Big Mac, finished his 15-year MLB career as a first baseman with 583 home runs.

Melvin Thomas Ott was an MLB player who hit a total of 511 home runs during his time with the New York Giants.

This professional baseball player wrapped up his 16-year career with 512 home runs as a shortstop and a first baseman.

Nicknamed "Igor," this retired MLB right fielder amassed a total 434 home runs during his career which spanned from 1984 to 2005.

Regarded as one of the most powerful of his generation, this former first baseman hit 521 home runs, 231 of them at Candlestick Park.

Edwin Lee Mathews, who hit 512 home runs during his MLB career, was a third baseman who played for 17 seasons for various MLB teams.

Three-time Gold Glove Award winner Eddie Murray is a former MLB first baseman and designated hitter who hit 504 home runs out of 3, 255 hits.

This Puerto Rican retired professional baseball outfielder played for various MLB teams from 1998 to 2017, during which time he amassed 435 home runs.

Throughout his 20-year career, Willie Stargell hit 475 home runs as a Pittsburgh Pirate.

Alfonso Soriano, a former MLB left fielder and second baseman, hit a total of 412 home runs throughout his professional baseball career which spanned from 1999 to 2014.

A total of 630 home runs places this former professional MLB outfielder at number six out of 300 on the MLB history of home runs.

An eight-time National League All-Star, this former MLB player hit 438 home runs during his professional baseball career which spanned 21 seasons.

Carlos Delgado is a former first baseman who hit 473 home runs playing for various MLB teams during his 15-year career.

Chipper Jones hit 468 home runs during his 19-year professional baseball career with the Atlanta Braves as a left fielder and third baseman.

This 18-time All-Star player hit 452 home runs during the 23 years he played for the Boston Red Sox.

As of 2017, this baseball player became the ninth player to surpass 600 career home runs.

Paul Konerko, who served as the captain of the Chicago White Sox from 2006 to 2014, ended his baseball career with 439 home runs.

This Cuban-born MLB designated hitter and outfielder hit 462 home runs throughout his career which ran from 1985 to 2001.

Throughout his 22-year career, this former right fielder played for six different MLB teams and hit a total of 465 home runs.

Jason Giambi is a five-time All-Star who began his MLB career in 1995 and ended it in 2014 with 440 home runs.

This former outfielder and third baseman ended his 21-year career with 509 home runs, becoming the 25th player in MLB history to hit more than 500 home runs in their career.

Dubbed "Sky Hitter" and "King Kong," this powerful hitter is known for his powerful long home runs having amassed 442 of them by the end of his career.

Born Adrián Beltré Pérez, this Dominican MLB player is currently a third baseman for the Texas Rangers and has hit 462 home runs so far.

A total of 586 home runs were hit by this former outfielder during a career that spanned 20 seasons.

Nicknamed "Big Papi," this retired MLB designated hitter wrapped up his 20-season MLB career with 541 home runs.

This former professional MLB player ended his career in 2011 with 449 home runs and hit more than 30 home runs in eight consecutive seasons.

Mickey Mantle was a former center fielder and first baseman for the New York Yankees who had hit 536 runs by the end of his 17-year career.

Ranked 19th on the MLB home run list, this former first baseman hit 534 home runs, most of which were garnered with the Philadelphia Athletics and the Boston Red Sox.

On August 18, 2012, left fielder and first baseman Adam Dunn, became the 50th MLB professional player to hit 400 career home runs. He ended his career with a total of 462.

This former first baseman hit 449 home runs during his 15-year career with the Houston Astros.

As of 2017, Miguel Cabrera, who currently plays as a first baseman for the Detroit Tigers, is ranked 35th on the MLB all-time home run list with 462.

Mike Schmidt is a retired professional third baseman, who, during his 17 years with the Philadelphia Phillies, hit 548 home runs.

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