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Here's a fun quiz for fashionistas out there! If you label yourself as one, then it's time to open up this intriguing quiz called Can You Name These Makeup Products From a One-Sentence Description.

Yep, you read that right! We will give you one sentence that describes what the makeup or beauty product essentially is, and it's your turn to guess which product we are referring to in each quiz question. Oh, come on, this is soooo easy for many fashionistas out there who religiously read fashion and beauty blogs, shop 'til you drop, browse online for trends and tips and test many types of products to see which goes best with what, and which mixtures and concoctions are best for specific fashion needs. Does this sound like you? Then what are you waiting for! Come test your makeup product knowledge with us!

Each description that we will give will be an intriguing way of describing each beauty product. We will even throw in some brand names out there, for specific products, because some beauty lines carry these products exclusively, or they are innovators in that kind of line.

Intrigued enough? Then come on, fashionistas, and bring it on with this quiz!  Just be sure to put your face on first!

It’s what you use to trace some color into your eyebrow.

Eyebrow pencils are a must for people whose brows need a little help. Brands like Shiseido have natural pencils that don’t make your brows look artificially drawn in.


Singer Katy Perry has her own kissable line of this product's matte kind for Cover Girl.

The Katy Kat Matte line of lipstick was launched back in 2016. Cover Girl has it in 7 shades.


This product is applied to even the skin tone first, and comes in liquid or powder form.

Foundation comes in liquid or power form.


Olay’s Micropolishing Cleansing Infusion Crushed Ginger and Citrus is a sample of this kind of specialized rough-ish facial cleanser.

Olay knows how to rub it in when it comes to exfoliating cleansers. The brand carries this face friend that gently hydrates as well as exfoliates.


Maybelline’s founder is credited as one of the early innovators of this lashes enhancer.

The modern non-toxic mascara is said to have been invented by a French chemist named Eugene Rimmel. But American T.L. Williams, founder of Maybelline, also had a hand in making mascara popular in the USA.


It’s what you apply to your cheeks to give them an extra flushed look.

Yes, believe it or not, cheek stains are a thing. Benefit Cosmetics carry a line of it called Benetint.


You apply this product with a brush to heighten or highlight your cheek bones.

A blush is also called rouge. It’s generally applied with a big brush, and has special application techniques for specific looks.


It’s a pencil you use to highlight underneath your eyes.

An eyeliner is what you trace underneath each eye, at the base of the bottom lashes, to enhance your eye’s look. But it’s not for everyone, since some get teary-eyed when applying it.


Cetaphil is the most popular drugstore brand of this kind of facial wash.

Hollywood makeup experts voted Cetaphil Skin Cleanser as one of the best cleansers around. It’s truly face-friendly, and is not as expensive as the high-end brands.


This kind of powder has finer grains as you apply it on your face before applying foundation.

Loose powder looks just like your average baby powder, but it has its specific cosmetic use.


The two kinds of powder are loose powder and its more contained counterpart, which is called what?

Cosmetic face powders usually come in loose powder and pressed powder form. The pressed powder is what’s contained in a compact kit, making it easier to carry around.


Another way to clean the face is to apply this heavily textured gel-like liquid.

Facial scrubs are delightful to use if you know which brand is best for your skin type. Try trusted brand L’Oreal Paris’ Purse Sugar Scrub Purify & Unclog for starters.


It covers your whole face as it aims to refresh it.

A sheet mask is a moist sheet that you put over your entire face. But it's got holes for the eyes and mouth, so they won't be covered.


It's the accessory you use to apply various types of makeup.

Like a true artists, fashionistas also use brushes to apply various types of makeup products. Brushes come in different shapes and sizes as well.


You apply this product when you want to look like you got a good tan.

A bronzer is applied directly onto the skin so it can give off a tanned look. Some bronzers are scented.


It's what you apply to put shade on your eyelids.

Eye shadow us used to make your eyelids come out more vibrant and alive. Don't wear too dark types, though.


You apply this on the skin so it won't be dry.

There are different types of moisturizers available in stores. There's even a tinted kind!


It's like lipstick, but in liquid or gel form, to color the lips.

Lip stain products act like lipstick, but they stain the lips with color. It's supposed to last longer than the average lipstick, but it sometimes causes dryness.


It's a type of liquid you spritz onto your face, for a refreshing feel.

A face mist is something you spritz onto your face to hydrate it. Some brands call it facial spray.


It's a mask you put on your face, but the dirty-looking kind.

A mud mask is supposed to make the face feel hydrated while cleaning it. You apply it onto your face and feel it harden there.


It's a preventive type of cream to avoid breakouts.

Acne treatment products miraculously prevent acne from breaking out in your face. You apply it on a small area where blemishes are starting to form.


This type of oil is supposed to be nourishing to the skin, serving as a "renewal" as well.

Face oils are plant-based oils that you apply to your skin to have it renewed and nourished. The argan oil type is the most popular today.


This exfoliating product is like an acid you apply to your face, so it stings a bit if you're sensitive.

A chemical peel is like a handy acid-type of product applied to the skin, removing the outer later and revealing the softer layer underneath. This is not for everyone, though, so check with your doctor first.


It's a beauty balm type of skincare product, but creamy.

BB cream is short for beauty balm cream. But depending on where you are in the world, it is also called blemish balm or blemish base cream.


It's applied as an outer complementary and an aid to lipstick.

A lip liner is applied on the outer edges of the lip as a complementary tool for the lipstick to be applied. This was invented because lipsticks sometimes don't reach those outer parts, making it look uneven on the lips.


It's a color-correcting type of cream.

CC cream is meant to be a color controller or a color corrector on your face. It addresses unevenness of your skin tone.


This mask is for a certain face part, intended to remove dark circles underneath it.

An eye mask helps you remove or control the dark circles underneath your eyes. It also aims to lessen some lines forming around it as you age.


Like a painter's tool, it's the whole set of color ranges you need, stored in one neat package.

A palette is like a ready pack of the colors you'll use for for makeup needs. It's so handy!


You apply it like pencil, but for the cheeks, like the Rihanna Match Stix Shimmer.

A highlighter stick is applied onto the cheeks to give it some extra glow. Rihanna's line for Fenty Beauty is one kind of this product.


First things first, this is what you apply before putting on any makeup.

A primer is what you put on your face first before applying the other makeup products. It's supposed to act like a base.


This thicker product is the main enemy of small blemishes and imperfections, as it hides or covers them.

A concealer is a kind of correcting product to blend away blemishes or dark pigmentation. Yes, it aims to hide things.


It's a liquid full of small particles called micelles.

Micellar water is a kind of cleanser that acts as a facial wash, an excellent makeup remover and also performs like a moisturizer. You put it on cotton pads and wipe your face with it.


When a brush doesn't cut it when applying blush, this is used instead.

Airbrush blush is a thing, yes! Sephora sells a waterproof kind.


This is the waxy BFF of chapped lips.

A lip balm soothes chapped or dry lips. It's usually wax-based.


Makeup brushes also need this kind of product to keep it neat for your next use.

Cinema Secrets carry a brush cleanser product that's useful for cleaning out makeup brushes. Hey, ya gotta clean that, too, you know!


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