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From "Pollyanna" to "Swiss Family Robinson," Disney's classics are not all animated! Take this quiz now to remember some of the greatest live action films brought to you by Disney!

What is the name of the classic film about a family, a shipwreck and a deserted island?

After being shipwrecked, the family must survive on a deserted island! "Swiss Family Robinson" was released on December 21, 1960 and was directed by Ken Annakin.

This was the story of teenage twin sisters who attempt to reunite their divorced parents...

"The Parent Trap" was a 2 hour and 9 minute film released on June 21, 1961. It featured Hayley Mills and Maureen O'Hara as the twin sisters!

In "20,000 Leagues Under the Sea," what was the name of the ship's commander?

On December 23, 1954, "20,000 Leagues Under the Sea" premiered and the world was introduced to the Nautilus, an advanced submarine. Kirk Douglas and James Mason starred together in this film.

Who invented an anti-gravity substance in 1961?

"The Absent-Minded Professor" featured Professor Ned Brainard, portrayed by Fred MacMurray. This film was released on March 16, 1961.

"The Love Bug" was a 1968 Disney live action film featuring which type of vehicle?

Directed by Robert Stevenson, "The Love Bug" was released on March 13, 1969. It is the story of a race car driver who becomes a champion with a VW Beetle!

What was the name of the young girl who used her eternal optimism to turn around a bitter town in 1960?

The film, "Pollyanna" was released on May 19, 1960. The character was portrayed by actress Hayley Mills.

Which 1959 movie's main character is turned into an Old English Sheepdog through the power of an ancient magical ring?

The Shaggy Dog featured several actors who appeared in multiple Disney Films: Fred MacMurray, Tommy Kirk, and original Mouseketeer Annette Funicello.

This movie, which also features a bit of animation, tells the story of three siblings who are evacuated from London during the Blitz and sent to live with a woman, played by Angela Lansbury, who is attempting to learn witchcraft to help with the war.

The movie was based on a series of books by Mary Norton, who is also known for her beloved series, "The Borrowers."

Which Hayley Mills dramatic comedy features a Siamese cat who ultimately helps solve the mystery of a missing woman?

That feline is famous! The cat who played DC in "That Darn Cat!" also starred in Disney's "The Incredible Journey."

Which 1977 film is about an orphan boy living with his (sometimes invisible) magical best friend in a fishing town called Passamaquoddy?

Pete's Dragon starred Helen Reddy, who had a #1 hit song with "I am Woman" in 1972.

Which 1976 film stars Jodie Foster as a teen who magically switches bodies with her mother on Friday the 13th?

Lindsay Lohan and Jamie Lee Curtis starred in the 2003 remake of Freaky Friday. Lohan also starred in a remake of Disney's "The Parent Trap."

Which movie stars Kurt Russell as a college student who helps his school win a quiz show after he gains super-smarts from receiving an electric shock while working on a computer?

Kurt Russell has enjoyed a long career in a broad variety of movies, but he got his start as a child actor. He signed a ten year contract with Disney in the mid '60s.

What was the name of the stray yellow dog found by a young boy in Texas in this 1957 live action film?

It took a while, but "Old Yeller" won the hearts of all. Directed by Robert Stevenson, this film was released on Christmas Day 1957.

This was Disney's story of a young boy who enters an archery contest with his own father at the King's palace.

"The Story of Robin Hood and His Merrie Men" was Disney's second live action film. It was released on June 26, 1952.

"Darby _______ and the Little People" was the story of an old codger and the king of the leprechauns.

Directed by Robert Stevenson, "Darby O'Gill and the Little People" premiered in 1959. It featured actors Albert Sharpe, Janet Munro and Sean Connery!

Which Robert Louis Stevenson novel was adapted as Disney's first live-action film?

Directed by Byron Haskin, "Treasure Island" was released on July 19, 1950. It had a 1 hour and 36 minute running time.

Disney's ______ Tremain was the story of a young man who becomes a patriot fighting in the Revolutionary War.

Live action film, "Johnny Tremain" was released on June 19, 1957. Hal Stalmaster starred as Johnny.

This was the Disney live action story about two dogs and one cat who lose their owners while on vacation...

Directed by Fletcher Markle, "The Incredible Journey" premiered in 1963. Its running time was 1 hour and 20 minutes, and it was rated G.

"The Sword and the Rose" is the story of Mary ________ who attempts to flee her forced marriage with the French king.

Directed by Ken Annakin, "The Sword and the Rose" was released on July 23, 1953. Glynis Johns starred as Princess Mary Tudor.

Comprised of eight episodes of this Disney hit TV series, what is the name of the film in which Don Diego returns home to find his town controlled by a cruel dictator?

"The Sign of Zorro" was released on June 11, 1960. Diego dons the mask of Zorro and fights the evil dictator away.

This 1953 live action classic featured the wartime adventures of a Scottish highland leader...

"Rob Roy: The Highland Rogue" was released on February 27, 1954, It was directed by Harold French and took place during the reign of King George I in the 18th Century.

In 1956, this film followed the adventures of a group of pioneers travelling across the country...

"Westward Ho, the Wagons!" was released on December 20, 1956. It was directed by William Beaudine and written by both Thomas Blackburn and Mary Jane Carr.

"The Littlest Outlaw" was a film about a 10-year old boy, named ________, whose father was a cruel horse trainer.

"The Littlest Outlaw" premiered in 1955. Pablito was portrayed by actor Andrés Velázquez.

What was the name of Disney's live action film in which Union spies attempt to steal a Confederate train?

"The Great Locomotive Chase" was released on June 8, 1956 and revolved around the Civil War. While an action-packed film, it was still considered a family film.

Tonka was a film about a wild ______ that changed owners during the time of the Great Sioux War of 1876.

Directed and written by Lewis Foster, "Tonka" was released on Christmas Day 1958.

What was the name of the Disney film which featured a jet-black stallion named Pechudo in 1973?

"Mustang" was released on October 7, 1973. It was directed by Roy Edward Disney and Frank Zuniga.

"Third Man on the Mountain" is the story of a boy who attempts to realize his father's dream of climbing an alpine peak. What was the name of the peak?

"Third Man on the Mountain" was released on November 10, 1959. Starring Michael Rennie, this film was directed by Ken Annakin.

Most cats have nine lives, but this cat had three...

"The Three Lives of Thomasina" was released on June 4, 1964. Directed by Don Chaffey, Thomasina the cat brought a family together through her mysterious death and reappearance.

Lem Siddons is part of a traveling band, but dreams of becoming a lawyer in this 1966 Disney live action film...

"Follow Me, Boys!" premiered on December 1, 1966. It was directed by Norman Tokar and had a running time of 2 hours and 11 minutes.

A Disney live action classic, "The Legend of Lobo" was a story about a _______ named Lobo who had a huge bounty on his head!

"The Legend of Lobo" was released on November 7, 1962. Starring Rex Allen and Ingvald Lieberkind, this film was only 1 hour and 7 minutes long!

What is the name of the film in which a working-class Austrian boy joins the Vienna Choirboys?

His mother supported him, his father was more reluctant. Turned out the boy could really sing! "Almost Angels" premiered on September 26, 1962.

Cam Calloway and his family dream of building a sanctuary for _______ in the 1965 Disney film, "Those Calloways."

Each year, geese fly over the New England home of the Calloways. Cam wants a place for them to stay. This film starred actors Brian Keith, Vera Miles and Brandon De Wilde.

What is the name of the film which features Irish immigrant John Lawless and his new job as a butler for a man named Mr. Biddle?

Directed by Norman Tokar, "The Happiest Millionaire" premiered on December 7, 1967. It was in the comedy, family and musical categories.

"The _______ -Spinners" was a 1964 film about two family members traveling through Crete, recording Greek folk songs for the BBC.

"The Moon-Spinners" premiered on July 8, 1964. Rated G, it was directed by James Neilson.

This Disney live action film was about a cougar raised by a group of loggers in the Pacific Northwest.

"Charlie, the Lonesome Cougar" was released on October 18, 1967. It starred Ron Brown, Brian Russell and Linda Wallace.

Who was David Balfour attempting to dodge with the help of Alan Breck Stewart in the 1960 Disney film, "Kidnapped"?

"Kidnapped" was released on February 24, 1960. It was directed and written by Robert Stevenson.

"The Adventures of Bullwhip Griffin" features a young man from _______ who heads west in search of California gold!

"The Adventures of Bullwhip Griffin" starred Roddy McDowall and Suzanne Pleshette. It was released on March 8, 1967.

This 1972 Disney live action film features the story of a mother cougar left to raise her three cubs after the father cougar is shot by a hunter...

"Run, Cougar, Run" was released on October 18, 1972. Rated G, it was directed by Jerome Courtland and ran for 1 hour and 27 minutes.

In Disney's "The Light in the Forest," a young man raised by _______ is sent back to live with his birth family and has a lot of adjusting to do...

"The Light in the Forest" was released on July 8, 1958. Directed by Herschel Daugherty, It was based on a novel by Conrad Richter.

What is the name of Fran Garrison's prize Dachshund in The Ugly Dachshund?

"The Ugly Dachshund" was directed by Norman Tokar. It was released on February 16, 1966 and had a running time of 1 hour and 33 minutes.

What type of animal makes its way into the life of a lonely boy in "Rascal?"

"Rascal" was a 1969 Disney family drama film. Directed by Norman Tokar, Rascal featured actors Steve Forrest, Bill Mumy and Pamela Toll. It was rated G.

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