Can you name these common household items? 98% of people can't!

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It's important to know which tools you need in your home. From fixing things in the garage to cooking in the kitchen, how well do you know your household tools?

This is a large metal hammer, designed to drive stakes into the ground. The head of a sledge hammer is symmetrical.

A faulty or rusted can opener is quite frustrating when trying to cook or eat canned goods. There are few functional alternatives for this gadget though; so make sure to have one on hand.

Need to whip up a pastry? How about a dozen muffins or the crust for a chicken pot pie? The spatula is your go-to gadget. This versatile tool makes mixing dough easy with its non-stick qualities.

How is this knife different from other kitchen knives? It's large, with a super-sharp, flat, wide blade. Use it for chopping veggies, melons, meat, or anything else that needs a sharp blade.

What could you use a floor jack for? It has many uses and is especially handy for car repair work. This tool can get your car partially off the ground, giving you room to work underneath it, or to do jobs like changing the tires.

Salad tongs make serving your salad less messy and more well-mannered than using a dinner fork (or hands). They come in a variety of materials, such as bamboo, plastic, and steel.

Want to protect your kitchen table from those disappointing rings that casserole dishes make? Thank goodness you have the trivet. Put your hot dish on one of these and say goodbye to those ugly marks.

Use these when you want to protect the delicate skin on your hands when laboring in the garden. Gardening gloves are an essential tool for your gardening adventures.

Cutting boards come in a variety of shapes, sizes, colors and materials. Interestingly shaped ones make great gifts for those who like to cook.

The classic tool for cutting wood or chopping down trees, the axe has a sharp metal head that slices into the wood like a knife into butter. The other end is a wooden or fiberglass handle that the user grips and swings. Make sure you spread your feet apart and practice basic safety when using this tool.

If messes while cooking really bother you, you'll get a lot of use out of the splatter guard. They come in different shapes and sizes; one style looks like a funnel, others look like a large, round fly swatter.

These are a must if you are trying to protect your feet for work all day in the garden or on the farm. Mud boots are water resistant, heavily treaded and come up close to the knees.

The stockpot is named for exactly what it cooks; soup stock. Make sure to have hours, or even most of the day, available before you make stock, as it takes a while.

A hose is a great tool for getting precious water to your plants. Coming in variable lengths, it can also be used for clean-up jobs or keeping your puppy entertained!

The bread knife will greatly help you when you're trying to cut a loaf of bread. Its serrated edges allow it to cut such even slices.

Broiler pans are made of steel and have a porcelain coating on them to keep your food from sticking. Watch out; these get hot! They can withstand extremely hot temperatures.

This tool is versatile and easy to use; just hold it in your hand and click a button to blend ingredients together. Be aware that this is different than a hand mixer, which is used more for beating eggs and making batters.

Thermometers can be used in many other places in addition to the kitchen. Oral, car and outdoor temperature gauges are some that we use to check for health, safety and curiosity.

One end is sharp to drive into the soi; the other is blunt, for hammering. The wooden stake is great for securing weed barriers or underlayment, or for supporting young plants.

How is a kitchen scale useful? Have you ever copied a recipe exactly from the cookbook and had it come out not-so-scrumptious? That's where the scale comes in handy. Rather than measuring your ingredients with cups, you can weigh them to get the most accurate measurement.

Henry Phillips invented the Phillips head screwdriver in the late 1920s. Don't get it confused with the vodka drink that's also named the screwdriver!

Pry bars are not only the tool of choice for burglars, but are also great for separating materials. They come in different lengths and levels of thickness, so you can pry apart big and little items.

The advantage of a socket wrench is that different sizes of sockets can be attached to it, giving you multiple tools in one! They often come in packs with a socket wrench and multiple sockets of varying sizes.

This tool was called a hex key until 1910, when it began to be known by its current name. William Allen created it; however, there were many other inventors and patents for similar tools around the same time.

As its name implies, this knife is utilitarian. It could be used to cut boxes, shingles, tar paper and much more. Its convenient and safe retractable blade makes it a good tool to carry in your pocket.

This tool is the combination of a socket wrench and a box wrench, making it a more ergonomic choice than the box wrench. It is a good tool to use in tight places, like an engine compartment.

This hacksaw can cut nearly any material. It is a staple for any plumber, mechanic or handyman.

Have you ever been so excited to eat those fresh out of the oven cookies that you grabbed the baking sheet from the oven with your bare hand? Ouch! Please, put your mitts on first.

The classic tool of the sheriff’s prisoner work crew, the pickaxe is great for mining or digging ore from the earth. It generally has a metal head and a wooden handle.

Casseroles are a great dinner to make when you want to just 'throw it in the oven.' Some examples of casseroles are hamburger, Mexican, breakfast and cheesy chicken Alfredo. Yum!

Ladles makes serving soup so much easier than using a regular spoon. They come in different materials, such as plastic, wood, and stainless steel. Opt for the stainless steel ladle if you want something that won't melt in your hot soup!

This file has smaller, tighter machined cuts to aid in filing metal. It is used in a unidirectional motion.

This tool is used for measuring. A tape measure comes in a multitude of lengths and has increments of inches and/or centimeters.

Snips are scissors for sheet metal. Watch those fingers; these babies can cut through some seriously tough material.

A combination square is good for measuring a 90- or 45-degree angle. Generally used by carpenters, this tool has a metal rule that can slide and be locked in multiple positions.

This tool is used primarily by plumbers. It is adjustable in size by the knurled knob on the side, and gets a great grip on pipes.

Used primarily to toss hay around, the pitchfork has a long handle with several long spikes that grab material, like cut grass or hay. Watch your toes when stabbing this baby toward the ground.

The weed whacker is a great tool for cutting down grass or brush, especially in hard-to-reach places or steep hills that mowers cannot access. Generally gas powered, the spinning head has a tough string that cuts weeds, brush and grass efficiently.

Toothed garden rakes are an aggressive style of rake, best for moving sand on the golf course or larger material like rocks. Not ideal for leaves, the toothed garden rake has a long handle and metal rake end.

What does it mean to be "as tough as nails"? This is a saying describing how mentally, emotionally and/or physically strong or determined a person is. Try breaking or bending a nail and you'll understand the saying!

Use this gardening product when you want to enhance the growth of your plants, indoors or outdoors. With many different variations and strengths, fertilizer can make or break your garden’s production yields.

This tiller consists of a long handle at one end and several rotating digging wheels or spikes that break apart the earth. Some versions may also have a fixed set of prongs that dig and a T-handle on the other end to twist the earth apart.

This tool is great for recycling everyday items into usable plant food. The compost bin is an ideal way to let science take its natural course and recycle food waste into fertilizer.

Used for tying up plants to support stakes, twine is an essential gardening tool. Whether you are securing your start-up plants or reinforcing your fence, twine is key for your garden.

The lawnmower is certainly the best tool for managing the length of the grass in your yard, ball field or farm. Generally gas powered, the lawnmower can be a simple single blade that you walk behind or a set of multiple spinning cutting blades that the user rides atop of.

A water nozzle attaches to the end of a hose to control the flow of the water spray. The threaded end screws onto the hose to make a watertight seal. The handle is used to control the spray.

This wide knife is commonly used for working with drywall and spackling. It could also be used by artists and craftsmen for handiwork.

Used to water plants in a larger area or garden, a sprinkler connects to the hose and shoots streams of water out and up to cover the area in need of a drink.

Large and triangular, this rake is perfect for yards or areas with a lot of trees, particularly in the fall. What's not to enjoy about raking huge piles of leaves and jumping in them?

Measuring cups are a unit of measurement used for baking and cooking. Did you know that most countries do not use this same unit? Cups are most commonly used in the United States. Other countries use ounces to measure.

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