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College sports are often identified by their unique and interesting mascots. These mascots can help invigorate a fan base and inspire a crowd. Take this quiz to find out how many of these college mascots you know!

Which mascot belongs to the University of Florida?

The University of Florida's football stadium is nicknamed "The Swamp." The stadium has held over 90,000 screaming fans during football games, which exceeds the stadium's capacity of just over 88,000.

Which mascot belongs to Ohio State University?

In Ohio, the buckeye is the official state tree. When Ohio State began looking for a mascot in the 1960s, the Buckeyes made perfect sense.

Which mascot belongs to the University of Oregon?

The Oregon Ducks' football team is known for interesting and colorful jerseys worn during games. These jerseys are made by Nike, since one of Nike's founders attended the University of Oregon.

Which mascot belongs to Auburn University?

Auburn University has a tradition of flying an eagle around the stadium before every home football game. This tradition encourages the crowd as "War Eagle" becomes the motto throughout the game.

Which mascot belongs to the University of Southern California?

The nickname for the team was the Methodists before they were renamed the Trojans. The school has one of the most successful football teams in college football history, winning multiple championships throughout the years.

Which mascot belongs to the University of Michigan?

Michigan's top sports rival is Ohio State University. In football, the winner between these two teams often goes on to play in the Conference Championship game.

Which mascot belongs to the University of Georgia?

UGA and Auburn have the longest football rivalry in South Eastern Conference history. The rivalry runs so deep that even UGA V, a real bulldog, tried to bite an Auburn player in a 1996 game.

Which mascot belongs to the University of Oklahoma?

Sooners were people who settled in the area that is now Oklahoma. These settlers were looking for land and better opportunities.

Which mascot belongs to the University of Miami?

The University of Miami's football team gained popularity in the 1980s for their rough and flashy style of play. They won three National Championships throughout the 1980s.

Which mascot belongs to the University of Texas?

The University of Texas has a long running rivalry with the University of Oklahoma that dates back to 1900, before Oklahoma was a state. In football, the game between these two teams is known as the Red River Rivalry.

Which mascot belongs to Louisiana State University?

The LSU football stadium is one of the loudest stadiums in college football. In fact, after LSU scored a touchdown in a 1988 game against the Auburn Tigers, the crowd noise registered on a seismograph.

Which mascot belongs to the University of Nebraska?

Nebraska has been a football powerhouse for much of its history. The school has five National Championships, the first in 1970.

Which mascot belongs to Georgia Tech University?

College football's most prestigious award is named after John Heisman who coached at Georgia Tech. He also coached basketball and baseball while at the school.

Which mascot belongs to Michigan State University?

Magic Johnson, who played basketball for the Los Angeles Lakers, went to Michigan State. At Michigan State, he won the National Championship by defeating Larry Bird and the Indiana State Sycamores.

Which mascot belongs to Florida State University?

FSU won the last BCS National Championship in 2014. After that year, college football went to a playoff format.

Which mascot belongs to the University of South Carolina?

Steve Spurrier is one of the most successful coaches in South Carolina football history. He led the Gamecocks to a division title and three 11-win seasons.

Which mascot belongs to Navy?

Roger Staubach is one of the most famous football players in Navy football history. He would go on to win two Super Bowls with the Dallas Cowboys after his college career.

Which mascot belongs to the University of Washington?

Before they were called the Huskies, Washington students and players called themselves the Sundodgers. This was a reference to the rainy weather associated with the state.

Which mascot belongs to the University of Tennessee?

Although they are known as the Volunteers, the team has a dog named Smokey who serves as a live mascot. Smokey is a blue-tick coonhound.

Which mascot belongs to Oklahoma State University?

Barry Sanders played football at Oklahoma State. He won the Hiesman Trophy in 1988, the only player from the school to win it.

Which mascot belongs to West Virginia University?

Each year, WVU chooses a student to be the mascot that represents their school. The student is dressed up like a mountaineer and performs at school events.

Which mascot belongs to the University of Notre Dame?

The Notre Dame sports teams are known as the Fighting Irish. The mascot is a leprechaun who's always ready for a fight.

Which mascot belongs to Air Force?

The Air Force is known for flying planes, so it makes since that the school's mascot is a falcon. They even named their football stadium Falcon Stadium.

Which mascot belongs to the University of South Florida?

The school originally called themselves the Golden Brahmans, which is a breed of cattle. However, the name was too complicated, so it was changed to the Bulls.

Which mascot belongs to Stanford University?

Cardinal refers to the color and not the bird. The costumed mascot for the school is a tree designed by the Stanford band, but this mascot is not official.

Which mascot belongs to the University of Iowa?

Iowa is known as the Hawkeye State, and that's how the school got its mascot. This mascot was unofficially adopted as early as the mid-19th century.

Which mascot belongs to Mississippi State University?

One symbol of MSU football is the cowbell. Students ring cowbells during games when their team makes a big play, or the other team is on offense.

Which mascot belongs to the University of Wisconsin?

The University of Wisconsin plays the University of Minnesota every year for a trophy known as Paul Bunyan's Axe. They used to play for a piece of wood that was lost for a long period of time.

Which mascot belongs to Syracuse University?

When the Syracuse basketball team scores 70 points in a home game, fans win free tacos from Taco Bell. This sure gets the crowd fired up during games.

Which mascot belongs to Boston College?

After moving up the college football rankings to number 1, Boston College lost a game in 1942 to Holy Cross. Had the team won, students planned to attend an event at the Coconut Grove Nightclub that evening. Later that night, that same nightclub would burn down, killing hundreds.

Which mascot belongs to New Mexico State University?

New Mexico State has a tradition during football games where a dog picks up the football tee used during their kickoffs. The dog is known as the "Wonder Dog."

Which mascot belongs to the University of Missouri?

In 2015, the University of Missouri football team threatened to boycott a game unless a fellow student ended his hunger strike. The student was protesting against the lack of leadership demonstrated by the President on campus, following a string of racial incidents.

Which mascot belongs to Iowa State University?

Iowa State University received the name Cyclones after defeating Northwestern University in 1895. The victory was compared to a cyclone coming through.

Which mascot belongs to the University of Pittsburgh?

Heisman trophy winner Tony Dorsett played college football at Pittsburgh. He helped lead the Panthers to a National Championship in 1976.

Which mascot belongs to the the University of Louisville?

In basketball, the Louisville Cardinals have won three National Championships. Their latest championship was in 2013.

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