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Cars: They're sometimes a convenience, sometimes a necessity ... and sometimes they become a big part of the culture. Can you identify these iconic cars from a single sentence? Test your skills now with our quiz!

These were the classic, cheap "student cars" of the 1960s and 70s.

The VW Beetle was an ideal car for the young, broke and freewheeling of that day. It got you from point A to Point B without using up a lot of gas or looking old and stodgy, as an old sedan might.


I was the fastest street-legal car in the world in the 2000s and Top Gear's 2005 favorite.

The Veyron made a huge splash in the auto world of the mid-2000s. Top Gear presenter James May reached a speed of 417 miles per hour in a test-track drive.


Introduced in 1988, I am sometimes mistaken for my sibling, the VW Scirocco.

The Volkswagen Corrado is a beautiful "hot hatch" that, for some reason, never caught on. You'll see one every once in a while on the road, driven by an owner who probably loves it to death.


An early hybrid, I was overshadowed by the Prius.

The Insight beat the Toyota Prius to the US market. Why, then, did the Prius do so much better? Because it has four doors, and the Insight only had two.


I'm a luxury carmaker's entry into the "supercar" market.

When Arnold Schwarzenegger and Sylvester Stallone have owned the same vehicle, that's real street cred!


In the 1990s, I had a TV series named for me!

The series "Viper" ran for one season on NBC before going to syndication for another three years. The car the crime-fighters drove was a special "Viper Defender," of which less than 20 were made.


Britney Spears famously drove one in the 1990s.

Okay, maybe you're not a fan of Miss Spears. But the Boxster is famous if for no other reason than one made its way into Justin Timberlake's revenge video, "Cry Me a River," in which a pretty ash blonde girl whose face we never see bounces out of her mansion and into one, leaving Justin to come in and get down in bed with another girl. Cheeky!


This went from being a cheap "student" car to a classy suburban ride.

The Volvo wagon -- particularly the 240 series -- was an inexpensive, easy-to-maintain ride for the young and broke throughout the '80s and '90s. Nowadays, a Volvo wagon or sedan will run you more than US $40,000 new.


I'm like the little brother of the Toyota Tundra.

The early-generation Tacomas were a compact truck. In later years, they swelled to "mid-sized," keeping up with a "bigger is better" ethic in the truck world.


You'd see four rings on my front grille.

The four linked rings, a bit like the logo of the Olympic Games, is the symbol of Audi. Like Saab, Audis are a high-quality car for people who a like subtler, less showy design.


This SUV is beloved of rich Southern Californians who never take them off-road.

Range Rover is a luxury SUV of British make. In the 2000s, the firm asked Victoria "Posh Spice" Beckham to consult on a special edition, the Range Rover Evoque.


I'm quite chic among young, outdoorsy hipsters.

Outbacks are popular because they're durable enough to take hiking, mountain biking, stand-up paddleboarding, etc. -- yet without the environmental guilt that goes with having a full-sized SUV.


When introduced in 2008, I was hotter in Hollywood than a Maserati or Porsche.

The Tesla Roadster was introduced to the world by South African entrepreneur Elon Musk. It was the first mass-produced electric car.


Honda made me from 1984 to 1991, replacing me with the Del Sol.

The CRX was a sharply wedge-shaped hatchback with only two seats. Well-maintained, this car could achieve 48 miles per gallon, more than 15 years before the hybrid Insight and Prius arrived on the scene!


This was a Japanese auto maker's answer to the Land Rover.

The Land Cruiser started out as a Jeep-like vehicle and gradually grew more comfortably appointed. The Land Cruiser is still made today, in its J200 model.


I'm considered Chevy's rival to the Mustang.

In truth, the Corvette was introduced before the Mustang. This hasn't, though, lessened the perception that the two cars are in more or less direct competition with each other.


Don't tell anyone I'm secretly a Toyota.

Lexus is Toyota's luxury brand. Telephone staff at Toyota service centers are trained to always introduce themselves as "calling from the Lexus service center," not Toyota.


I am a "crossover," meaning a mix of a luxury car and an SUV.

Lexus was one of many automakers to start bringing luxury to the SUV in the 1990s. They were responding to the vehicle's evolution into a status symbol for urban and suburban owners.


Which automaker makes the Impreza?

The Subaru Impreza is part of a modern trend of giving cars meaningless names loosely based on real words -- in this case, "impress." Jerry Seinfeld lampooned the trend in his stand-up routine.


I began my life as an Army vehicle.

Of course, this is the Jeep. The BBC show, "Life on Mars," begins with the hero crashing his Jeep Wagoneer in 2007 and waking up in 1973. When he tries to explain the situation to a police officer, the bobby says incredulously, "You were driving a military vehicle?"


This is a classic choice for ranchers, builders and contractors.

The Ford F line of trucks has been hugely popular with people in these trades. And for some reason, the color of choice is almost always white. (If you're one such owner, maybe you can explain this preference in the comments.)


Finish the advertising slogan: "The ____ is go!"

Honda's ads for the subcompact Fit were a far cry from when Japanese importers tried to smooth over their cars's Asian origins. "The Fit is go" was part of an advertising campaign designed to look like a gaudily-colorful Japanese video game.


These cars took Milan by storm in "The Italian Job."

In this caper film, Michael Caine's Charlie Croker chooses Minis for their maneuverability. The cars get away with a shared cargo of gold bricks after a daring heist.


Like my cousins the Charger and Challenger, I was redesigned for the 2000s.

The compact version of the Dart, made from 1967 to 1976, got a reputation as a kind of poor man's car as the years went by. But in 2013, Dodge revived the name for a stylish little sedan based on a Fiat design.


I'm so small you could practically park me in a closet, not a garage.

The smart brand (all-lowercase is the standard spelling) is part of a 21st-century craze for very small European cars. Just enough room for you, your honey, and your also-fashionable teacup Yorkie!


This Italian car resembles a Mini Cooper.

The Fiat 500 returned to North American markets in 2011. Actress Jennifer Lopez took one for a spin in the first U.S. commercial.


You'll recognize me by the rearing stallion on my grille or body.

This car proved popular with sports-world figures, especially in the 1980s and '90s. Michael Jordan, O.J. Simpson and Mike Tyson all owned one.


Pontiac made this not-quite-sports car.

Fiero is in that class of cars that are more often called "sporty" cars than "sports cars." But, hey, love is in the eye of the beholder!


My body style was based on a rejected design for a new Mustang.

Yup, the humble Probe might have been a Mustang. Actually, the fourth-generation Mustang that designers finally came up with didn't look at all that different, tbh.


If you have a 1980s "Fox body" version of this car, what do you own?

The 1980s Mustang had a solid build, less aerodynamic than the generation to follow, but just as powerful. Clarice Starling's Roush Mustang in "Hannibal" is a Fox body.


I'm Volkswagen's entry into the luxury market.

The Tuareg people for whom this SUV is named are nomadic North Africans. We're guessing they don't travel in as much luxury as Touareg owners.


Looking for a BMW sport-utility? Here it is!

BMW is best known for its sedans, but like nearly everyone else, had to enter the SUV market. All those yuppies in law school in the 1980s starting having kids and needed bigger vehicles, we suppose!


What kind of car was "The Dukes of Hazzard's" General Lee?

According to show trivia, there were more than 200 "General Lees" used in the production of the show. Maybe this makes sense given how hard filming would have been on the car (the boys made a jump in it in nearly every episode, it seemed).


What kind of car was "Christine" in the Stephen King novel of the same name?

Stephen King's books often celebrate pieces of classic Americana, like 1950s cars -- but with a dark spin on them. This was the case with "Christine," the murderous Plymouth Fury.


What kind of car did Elwood and Jake drive in "The Blues Brothers"?

The Dodge Monaco is a car that few people would remember if it weren't for its turn as the "Bluesmobile." Some of them were police cars, as was the one in the film.


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