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There are two kinds of car owners in this world: those who just use their car to get from point A to point B and those who treat their carefully selected vehicle as an extension of their personality! Because you found your way to this quiz, we bet that you take great care of your car and love showing it off. If you find yourself regularly washing, waxing, displaying and even bragging about your car, you're probably known as a big gearhead among your friends – someone they can ask for advice when getting a new ride. Can you go beyond looks and horsepower, though, and really dig deep into knowing the differences between different car brands? 

Whether you're sure you know all about every car brand known to man or are interested in getting to know more about the brands behind your favorite cars, you've come to the right place! Buckle your seatbelts, ladies and gentlemen, because we're about to head into a quiz that tests your knowledge of car brands big and small, new and old. Whether you blast through to the finish line or take the scenic route, you're sure to pick up some new car knowledge along the way!

Which auto company started as a family affair in 1900s Detroit and became known as part of a brand trio perfect for tough, rugged use?

The Dodge automotive company was founded in the early 1900s by brothers Horace and John Dodge. The Dodge brand was purchased by the Chrysler group in the 1920s and has been sold alongside Chrysler vehicles at dealerships ever since. For many years, Dodge was closely associated with its Ram trucks, and even used the Ram logo across the entire Dodge brand. However, the Ram product line was split into its own separate brand of trucks during the United States' auto industry bailout in the 2000s.


Can you name the brand that set a model for future cars, and is known as the grandaddy of the American auto industry?

Henry Ford developed his famous Model T automobile in 1908. While it wasn't actually the first car Ford ever created, it certainly became the one of the most notable cars in history. While the company has had its share of mishaps, such as the Ford Pinto that could explode if rear-ended, the Ford brand has been behind many innovative cars including the Le Mans-winning Shelby and the very popular F series pickup trucks.


This original "Big Three" automaker has made everything from wartime tanks to your mom's minivan – which brand is it?

The development of the Chrysler company happened over several years in the early 1900s, and involved players from a number of different early auto manufacturers. After bringing the first 6-cylinder automotive to the market in the 1920s, Chrysler, along with the other big auto manufacturers at the time, turned their efforts toward helping the war efforts in the 1940s. Chrysler plants began producing thousands of tanks for use by the United States military. Today, Chrysler makes many minivans and midsize cars that are popular with families.


Who brought the first mass-produced, affordable hybrid car to the international auto market in the 1990s?

After starting in Japan, the Toyota car company spread worldwide and grew to be one of the most popular car brands in the United States. The Toyota Prius was the first mass-produced hybrid car designed for daily use. After its debut in Japan in 1997, the Prius came to the United States and gained popularity despite competition from other brands like Honda.


Which now-defunct car brand made a three wheeled vehicle that was known for tipping over while going around corners?

The Reliant Motor Company created a variety of interesting vehicles for British drivers, up until the business closed in 2002. One of the brand's most memorable designs was the Reliant Robin, a three-wheeled car that had two wheels in the back and one in the front. It was an affordable and lightweight vehicle that did well on gas consumption, but its strange design and ability to tip over while going around corners meant the Reliant Robin just didn't have staying power.


Which European brand is widely known for the rounded lines of its sedans and vans in the 1950s and '60s?

While Volkswagen has existed from the 1930s to today, is widely known for the curvy, bug-shaped Volkswagen Beetles and flat-nosed Volkswagen Buses that were especially popular in the 1950s and '60s! The Beetle made its return to the United States market in 1998, but production was once again halted by Volkswagen in 2019. Many other Volkswagen car, SUV, and van models remained in production.


Which car brand not only produces futuristic-looking vehicles, but actually put one into outer space?

Elon Musk, CEO of the Tesla electric car company, is also CEO of SpaceX, a commercial spacecraft manufacturer. The two businesses came together in one unprecedented event when a Tesla vehicle was shot into orbit on a SpaceX rocket! While most of Tesla's cars remain earthbound, their fully electric design and sleek lines have excited many drivers interested in sustainable automotives.


The makers of Swatch watches also developed a car - which brand is it?

The Smart car is a tiny, two-seat ultra-compact car designed to ease the burden of driving and parking in a congested city. Interestingly, it was developed by the same man who designed Swatch brand watches! The Smart car came to fruition through a partnership with the Daimler-Benz company, and can be found wedged into tiny parking spots in cities all around the world.


Which automotive brand is known for compact, sporty coupes that have been popularized through fast-paced film capers?

The Mini coupe was popularized through its film appearances, notably in the 1969 film "The Italian Job" and its remake in 2003. Notable for its stylish European design and small size, Mini vehicles have remained popular with city drivers on both sides of the Atlantic. Often recognized for the classic Mini and Mini Cooper, the brand has expanded its product line to include slightly more spacious cars dubbed the Countryman and Clubmaster.


This car brand was developed during wartime but has grown to serve adventurers the world over - can you name it?

Originally developed as wartime vehicles for Allied forces, the Jeep brand has grown to be used and loved by adventurers around the world. One of the brand's most notable pop culture highlights came from the 1993 film "Jurassic Park," where the prehistoric park's staff were shown riding in Jeep Wranglers.


Which classic American brand is generally known for its heavy-duty, commercial-grade pickup trucks and vans?

GMC is often associated directly with its parent, General Motors, but is actually only one of the brands produced by GM! The GMC brand's heavy duty trucks, SUVs, and vans are popular with farmers, commercial businesses, and families alike. While many GMC trucks appear rugged enough for commercial use, the brand has a complete line of separate commercial vehicles to meet ultra demanding performance needs.


This car brand is often associated with slow luxury vehicles - but it has also produced high-speed race-winning cars! Can you figure out which one it is?

Buick, a General Motors brand, is often associated with being a grandparent's car - but there have actually been a lot of fast and sporty vehicles! Buick vehicles have even won NASCAR titles. In 1938, Buick made a concept car, shown here, that was ahead of its time - it even had power windows! While the concept car did not go into mass production, portions of it influenced the Buick line for years to come.


Do you know which of the following was the first Japanese brand to win the 24 Hours of Le Mans race?

Mazda became the first Japanese auto brand to have a vehicle win the 24 Hours of Le Mans race. The win happened in 1991. Mazda vehicles have had many other victories, including the Mazda Miata appearing in the Guinness Book of World Records in 2000.


What American-made auto brand only lasted for 25 years before falling victim to the auto industry crisis in 2010?

The Saturn brand was produced by General Motors starting in the mid-1980s. While there were only a few Saturn models produced, the brand's affordability made them a very popular choice for American drivers. Saturn vehicles were designed with several interesting features including plastic body panels that would not become dented like metal cars.


Do you know which auto brand's logo was designed to look like the Pleiades constellation?

Subaru cars' logos are meant to look like this constellation! The first Subaru car was made in 1954. Today, Subaru vehicles are considered highly trustworthy vehicles thanks to their design and all-wheel-drive performance.


Can you name the old-school car brand that was started in Indiana in the 1850s?

The Studebaker brand existed for 115 years before closing down in the 1960s. While you aren't likely to see a Studebaker on the road today, in its heyday the company made many kinds of vehicles, starting with buggies. Studebaker even made amphibious vehicles for wartime use!


Which European brand makes cars, semi trucks and even boat engines?

This safety-focused Swedish car brand makes a wide array of cars and trucks found worldwide. Volvo's headquarters are the home to a large crash-testing facility, and its vehicles are routinely given high marks for safety and security.


If this brand is good enough for a super spy, isn't it good enough for you, too?

Aston Martin cars are a quintessential British brand with the pop-culture cred to prove it! Aston Martin cars have been appearing in James Bond movies since the 1960s.


Do you know which brand was the first to mass-produce cars outside the United States?

The Citroen brand is named after its founder, Andre-Gustave Citroen. After mass producing ammunition during World War 1, Citroen began producing his own automobiles on a similar scale - much like Ford cars were being produced in the United States.


What was the name of America's then-oldest car company when it ceased operations in 2004?

When it ceased production in 2004, Oldsmobile was, at the time, America's oldest car brand. At the time of its closure, Oldsmobile was part of the General Motors family of brands and was produced in Michigan.


Which Japanese brand makes cars, motorcycles and equipment motors?

Even though Honda is a Japanese brand, many of its cars and products are produced within the United States. Honda motors and parts are used on a variety of vehicles and recreational crafts. Its cars are meant to be designed for the people, and as a result, you're likely to see many of them in a parking lot!


Which brand, now known for its luxurious yet rugged vehicles, also made the first monster truck?

Land Rover vehicles have taken many forms over the years, and have been customized to meet certain needs. When a Land Rover modification was needed to drive through swampy land, the company essentially created the first monster truck by placing a Land Rover on massive wheels!


Do you know which brand was absorbed into Toyota in 2016?

Toyota's Scion brand was started as a way to bring younger drivers into the Toyota fold, but eventually the brand was absorbed back into its parent company. You can still buy some popular Scion car models, but they have Toyota badges on them now!


Which of the following car brands originally made motorcycle sidecars?

The Jaguar car brand originally started as the Swallow Sidecar Company! The company began making automobiles in the first part of the 20th century. After World War II, the brand name evolved into Jaguar.


This affordable car brand got its start in South Korea and has made everything from bicycles to tanks - can you name it?

The Kia company got its start making bicycles in South Korea. Over time, the brand followed a natural progression to motorcycles and then cars. Today, Kia is one of the world's most popular vehicle brands.


You've probably been transported by one of this brand's products, even if it wasn't a car. Do you know which brand it is?

Rolls-Royce is not only a luxury car brand, but a jet engine brand as well! Rolls-Royce jet engines are used on many commercial jets, including Airbus and Boeing models, so you may have taken a ride powered by Rolls-Royce and not even known it.


Forget jets! Can you name the car brand that also produced rocket engines for spaceflight?

Nissan – also known as Datsun in some parts of the world – used to produce rocket engines for Japanese spaceflight. While the company no longer powers rockets, it's a pretty out of this world event in the brand's history!


Can you name the former auto brand that now focuses on defense and security products?

Saab's Swedish roots began in aerospace and continue there to this day. The Saab company sold its car brand to General Motors in the 20th century and it was phased out of production around 2011. A Chinese-Swedish consortium bought the brand and plans a relaunch.


Which European car brand's namesake made the first hybrid car – in the late 1800s?

Ferdinand Porsche was miles ahead of his time! The automaker made what is now considered to be the first-ever hybrid electric car, way back in the 1800s! Other car brands including Mercedes-Benz were soon to follow with their own hybrids, but consumers did not start regularly driving hybrid cars until nearly 100 years later.


Do you know which British brand was the first to introduce a unibody car?

The Peugeot 203 was introduced after World War II and had an all-new unibody design. Peugeot was also the first brand to make an electric, folding convertible top for cars!


Which brand's history includes making the first mass-produced vehicle for the Japanese market?

In 1917, the Mitsubishi Shipbuilding company made a car. Dubbed the Model A, this vehicle was Japan's first mass-produced automobile. Today, Mitsubishi makes cars and crossovers for many markets worldwide.


This brand is known for its sports cars - and for its historic racing battle with Ford.

Ferrari's founder originally raced for Alfa Romero, so a transition into developing his own race cars was only natural! The luxury sports car brand was established in Italy in 1944.


Which brand owns the largest car manufacturing facility in the world?

Hyundai's Ulsan facility in South Korea is a massive complex made of 5 manufacturing plants. It has an output of over 1 million vehicles per year!


Which Toyota-owned brand is known for producing luxury cars?

The Lexus brand is Toyota's answer to the luxury market. It has a history of being selective about opening new dealerships, and maintains a high standard of customer service. It is one of five brands produced by Toyota.


If you buy a classic car made by this brand, you can still get new parts for it! Do you know which brand it is?

BMW continues to manufacture parts for its classic cars, so owners of classic BMWs can easily access the parts they need. Talk about some longevity! Like many auto brands, BMW got its start making airplanes and pivoted to automobiles after World War II.


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