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Reality TV dating shows aren't a new thing. Even when "The Bachelor" came out in 2002, they weren't a new thing. This is especially true if you consider "The Dating Game," which first aired in 1968. Reality TV dating shows are very much like the fast food of network and basic cable television: we know they aren't real, but we keep coming back to them. Why? Because the human race loves drama, and Americans are in love with looking into people's lives. We never take into account the fact that contestants are put in situations that are incredibly far out of their comfort zones; we assume this is their personality on an everyday basis. We like it that way. We are reality TV nuts. We want to see what happens and who is going to get eliminated and who is going to fall in love ... especially if we think it's real. 

Though we know little about the behind the scenes details of the reality TV dating shows, we often like to think we can predict the ending. The thrill we get when we play detective while we judge others is the very reason reality television, in general, has made it this far. If you are a reality TV junkie, you've probably seen just about every different dating game and romantic reality show available. Do you have what it takes to name 40 of them?

It is no surprise that "Dating Naked" only lasted from 2014-2016. The concept was fun: when you're naked, you can't hide anything. However, the lack of contestants became a problem over time, as people realized nudity wasn't the only thing that was attractive about a person.

Thought to be one of the original reality TV dating shows, "The Bachelor" was all about having several women fight over one man. Since it came out in 2002, 23 seasons of "The Bachelor" have aired, with no end in sight.

Turnabout is fair play, and with the success of "The Bachelor," it only made sense to make a romantic reality show about a woman who chooses a man. That's where "The Bachelorette" comes in.

You can own a business getting people together. You don't even have to be a yenta to do it (although it helps). If you do decide to go this route, we recommend getting millionaire clients and making a show like "Millionaire Matchmaker" to help you make money.

VH1 was always really good at getting celebrities to do some crazy reality TV shows. However, "For Love of Ray J" was probably the one that no one really watched. It lasted two seasons, and no one really cared about it.

Before Prince Harry was married, back in 2014, producers decided that it would be fun to find a look-alike and auction him off to people who really wanted to bear children who would be in line for the throne. It only lasted one season.

If you thought that "Flavor of Love" was an intense show, why not take it a step further and have women do some mud wrestling, wet T-shirt contests and other terribly sexists things, just so they could get screen time with Bret Michaels.

What do you do when you hate your child's partner? Sign him up for a dating show and hope he falls in love with someone else. It seems like the perfect way to build a relationship with your child, really.

Now, we aren't saying these women are gold diggers, but "Flavor of Love" was a show in which female contestants fought (literally) for the chance to fall in love with ... Flavor Flav. This was a real show. We aren't kidding.

"Average Joe" had the same concept as every other reality dating show, except it wanted to introduce normal men to a beautiful woman. It was a shock for the first three seasons, but by season four, people were less entertained.

His name wasn't Joe, but that wasn't the lie. "Joe Millionaire" was a twist on the reality dating scene, as it lied to the women contestants involved, telling them that their gorgeous intended had inherited a bunch of money. He didn't, but the winning couple received $1 million.

This one is less of a romantic reality TV show and more of a social experiment. In the show, people agree to get married before they meet. The couples then decide if they want a divorce or not. Seems legit.

We all know that if the tables were turned, this reality show would be picketed. Perhaps that's why it received such poor ratings and only aired eight episodes in its one season. The premise is pretty terrible all around.

No, he probably didn't need help in the dating scene, but it was great for ratings. So great, in fact, that they didn't even need a second season ... or an 11th episode. The show crashed and burned in 2009.

That's right, the happy couple at the end of the season receives a check for $250,000. They can choose to split it or use it for their dream wedding. In the latest season, producers are adding male beauties and female geeks to the roster.

In the late 2000s, being crazy on basic cable was the ticket to landing your own show. So, when "Flavor of Love" contestant New York (her name, not ours), spit on another contestant, it only made sense to give her a show to help her find real love.

In "Love Games: Bad Girls Need Love Too," we got to see members of "Bad Girls Club" teach each other and become nicer (kind of) in order to find someone to love and appreciate. It worked for four seasons.

If you think you have privacy when you're on a reality TV show, you have another thing coming. This show went so far as to share the texts sent between new couples for all the audience to see. It didn't have a very large audience, though, and the show only lasted one season.

Dating in the late 2000s and early '10s was not easy at all. That's why shows like "Tough Love" had to exist. In this show, a man teaches women how to play the game of love and helps them learn how to date. It was a necessary evil of the time.

If you were wondering if you still had a chance with your ex-partner, you would have had the perfect time on this show. Not only could you discover what they were up to, but you could also see if they were still interested in you.

Although "For Love or Money" lasted only four seasons, it was a pretty genius way to show off who was there to get on TV and make a buck and who wanted to actually find love on a reality dating show. Spoiler Alert: they were all there for the money. Some just hid it better than others.

"Next" aired on MTV and showed us how to really date ... the second you get a red flag, move on. There is no point in trying to make it work. The worst part about this show is that contestants were brutal after getting shut down.

"Bachelor In Paradise" is a clear ratings grab that began in 2014 and still runs strong today. Previous contestants and bachelors/bachelorettes go to an island and make drama while trying to find love. It works, and it makes money. Who could complain?

"Love Island" is a British romantic reality TV show that puts people up at a nice resort while they try to find love, because ... it's easier to find love when you don't have to pay the bill?

A double-blind date can go very well ... until a fifth wheel is introduced. Whenever this happened, it threw a wrench in the plans of those who were dating. "The 5th Wheel" lasted seven seasons, and made a lot of people laugh.

Generally airing after "Blind Date," "ElimiDate" was all about turning people down over and over again until you reached the one person you wanted. But beware! You only had four options from which to choose.

If your relationship is on the rocks, what is the solution? Go to Maui and get separate rooms and see if your partner cheats on you. Sure, that seems like a great idea. This show that helped people see their partner's true colors only lasted a couple of short years, of course.

You're single; they're single. Why not team up and do some labor-intensive stunts together? That is what "Love in the Wild" was all about. If you were looking for a new way to date, you needed to sign up to be a contestant on this show.

When you take confident plus-sized women and introduce them to a former football player, you are bound to get romance ... or at least a little drama. This show highlighted true dating expectations and reality.

In this show that only lasted two seasons, there were two females selecting from a larger pool of men. At the end, the winning male gets to choose between the two females, and the happy couple gets to kiss.

If you're too scared to go out on a first date, just send your mom. She can convince anyone to date you ... or she will never give up trying. This show was all about figuring out how to break the ice, using only your parents.

Math can help you find someone to be with forever. "Are You the One?" utilizes dating algorithms to match up male and female singles. Then, they all wear bathing suits and hang out with each other.

Remember when Tila Tequila was relevant? It was before the Kardashians took over pretty much everything. For two seasons, she even had her own dating show where contestants could try to win her over.

"Blind Date" was absolutely hilarious. It really got into the mind of people who were on blind dates. If your reaction to spotting a red flag was recorded, a little thought bubble would pop up and tell the audience what you were thinking.

Yeah, there's nothing like being on a reality dating show and wondering if the guy you select is even interested in your gender. If you're wondering how this could be a thing, it was aired in 2004, if that gives you any sense of the times.

VH1 was at it again in 2008 and 2009, when two brothers with interesting hair set out to find love the only way they knew how: a dating game. On this show, women had the chance to go on dates with both brothers but had to pick one at the end.

While "Momma's Boys" lasted only one season, it does touch on some unhealthy mother-son relationships, and it gives us an inside look into what it's like to have an overbearing parent telling you who to date.

What could be better than having six strangers live in an awesome resort and flirt with one another? How about having them get voted off the island one by one? While this premise seems familiar, the show has been on since 2003, so it has to be doing something right.

If you take "The Dating Game" and follow the people around on their dates, you will have a pretty clear version of "Dating Around." The premise for this show isn't new, but it does give a clear look at how difficult first dates can be.

Since 2016, "Celebs Go Dating" has been highlighting the difficult dating lives of celebrities. It's so difficult to date as a celebrity that they need their own TV show to help them find "normal" people to take out to dinner.

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