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It's so hard to walk into a kitchen supply or home goods store and not walk out with everything in the kitchen section. There's some things that you definitely need, like knives and pans, and some things that aren't necessary like an egg boiler and bamboo steamer. Sure, they're fun to have and learn how to use, but if you're a beginner, stick to the basics.

If you've already got the basics down, then you can branch out into some of the other fun gadgets that really only have one specific purpose. But who cares? If you've got the space to store them and you don't mind cleaning them, then go for it! Maybe you've seen pictures of kitchen tools that you'd like to try but wouldn't know where to start buying them because you don't know what they're called. That's pretty normal, and this quiz is not only designed to see how many kitchen gadgets you can already name, but to help you figure out the names of ones that you've seen before. You might even surprise yourself with how much you know! Are you ready? Great! Take this quiz now to see how many kitchen gadgets you can name!

Whether you're getting some good pieces or Parmesan or taking the rind off of your produce, this kitchen tool is right for the task. Which is it?

Peelers seem so old-fashioned, but they are still the best tool for the job of taking the skin off of vegetables like cucumber, carrots and even the outer rind off lemons and limes.

These tools will be your trusty sidekicks with any recipe you make, and having an assortment for meat and produce is best. Which is it?

Next to knives, cutting boards might be the most important kitchen tool. They will protect your counter tops as well as your knives. They come in all types of materials like plastic, bamboo and even glass.

For a lower-carb Italian dinner, use which kitchen gadget to make noodles out of vegetables?

Zoodles have taken the world by storm, and now you can basically made "noodles" out of any vegetables you want with the help of a spiralizer. Put one end into it, twist it, and out come coils of veggies ready for sauce.

Judging the doneness of your proteins is hard if you don't know what to look for. Which kitchen gadget below is there to help?

You've probably heard about the hand trick where if you put your different fingers and thumb together and touch the flesh below your thumb, it'll tell you what you're done meat should feel like. But that's complicated. Use a meat thermometer instead.

This vessel is great for baking bread, making soups and you can even make a one-pot chicken pot pie in or out of the oven. Which is it?

A Dutch oven is usually cast iron, comes with a lid and is heat safe so you can cook and bake in it. The original of its name is uncertain, but it might come from the process in which they're made which was inspired by the Dutch.

Make sure not to wash which pan below with soap, and season it well before the next use?

Cast iron is one of the sturdiest materials for cookware. You'll get a good sear, a good nonstick surface and great flavor since you're not really supposed to wash it. They're pretty cheap these days, too!

If volume is what you're trying to accomplish, this pitcher-style tool is ideal for the liquids in a recipe. Which is it?

The term measuring cups can be confusing because some measuring cups are meant for dry goods, which is a weight measurement, and some are meant for wet, which is a volume measurement. For the liquid ones, look for the glass pitcher type.

Once you've got your mixture in your bowl, now you have to get it out. Which kitchen tool below is soft enough to get into all the crevices and wipe the sides clean?

This is, of course, made of silicon, and that makes it flexible enough to bend into almost any shape you've mixed something in. Not only will it clean the sides of your bowl, but it's also easy to clean the spatula itself.

If your project doesn't call for a Kitchen Aid stand mixer, which kitchen tool is the next best thing for combining ingredients?

A hand mixer is easier to store, easier to clean and honestly, easier to use. It does the job just fine for things that don't require the hefty amount of watts that a stand mixer will provide you.

Flipping things or getting them out of a pan isn't always easy, especially if they're slippery or fragile. Which elbow spring tool makes it easier?

Whether they're steel or silicon, tongs are able to grab things that a spatula can't flip or rotate, things like bacon, shrimp and corn. They aren't good for things like pancakes, though, as they're too delicate.

For cheese, vegetables or anything else that's big that you want small, which kitchen tool works for all of it?

Whether it's a box grater or a handheld one, they both work the same. Glide your food right across the sharp holes and end up with shreds of whatever it is you're grating. Make sure to clean it right away, though, or it will cake on.

Whether you're making dough, grinding meat or making nut butter, which kitchen gadget serves all those needs?

A food processor can take the place of so many other kitchen tools, which is great if you don't have a lot of space. They can be expensive, but with how often you'll use it, you'll get your money's worth.

Fried food is basically the best, but frying food is basically the worst. Which kitchen tool below protects your soft skin from scorching oil?

This splatter guard goes around the inside or sits on the rim of your pan to prevent hot oil or boiling tomato soup from splashing up onto you and burning you, or splattering all over your stovetop leading to some miserable after-dinner cleaning.

Once you chop garlic, your hands smell like it for days. Which tool below makes for hands-free garlic chopping?

Technically, you don't even have to peel the garlic before pushing it through the press. You can put it in the vessel, push it through and what will come out is perfectly minced garlic. It can be hard to clean, though.

For the thinnest of slices without slicing off your fingers (if you use it right), which kitchen gadget will give you results you can see through?

A mandoline can be a dangerous tool if you aren't safe about it, but once you've got it down, you'll achieve potatoes thin enough to make chips or to wrap around pieces of salmon for an interesting dinner.

To make sauces like pesto in a traditional way, which bowl and wand kitchen tool is the best to use?

In Italy, they still primarily use a mortar and pestle to make pesto and other sauces that require crushing ingredients. You can push the ingredients up against the sides or the mortar (the bowl) with the pestle (the stick part) to get the desired consistency.

If you want to get your soups and sauces as creamy as they can be without taking the hot liquid out of the pan, use which tool to smooth it out where it sits?

The whole point of an immersion blender is that it's portable and you can take it right over to the pot or pan that your liquid is sitting in. You need to fully immerse the end of the wand in the liquid or else it will splatter literally everywhere.

For the perfect pancakes and waffles, get this gadget to really step up your weekend breakfast game. What is it?

A batter dispenser makes sure you're putting out the same amount of batter and keeping it to your desired shape. With the smaller spout, you can actually make fun shapes or stay in the traditional circle.

Cuddling up with a nice warm cup of tea is a lot of people's favorite activity, and the experience of steeping is heightened with which fun kitchen gadget?

They come in tons of fun shapes and animals these days, but the main point of a tea infuser is to put tea leaves in the contraption and let the flavor, color and nutrients go right into your hot water.

These tricky green fat bombs, which are actually fruits, are challenging due to their soft texture. Which gadget below gets through them in a breeze?

The avocado slicer will not only slice your avocado, but it also has a device to help get the pit out and cut through the sometimes thick skin. You can slice it right in the skin, too, to keep your hands clean.

A brand new container of salsa sounds so good! This gadget below will make sure you don't have to cramp your hand getting it open.

This gadget allows you to just press a button to engage the twisting motion of the device. It will grip the lid of any jar and release the seal to open. It looks futuristic, too, so you won't mind having it on display.

Slicing and chopping tiny ingredients isn't so easy with an eight-inch chef's knife. Which kitchen gadget below will cut your parsley with ease?

Herb scissors look like scissors in the sense that they have the finger holes and move in the same motion. However, this kind of scissor has many sharp blades with spaces in between to effectively slice through chives, scallions and other non-woody herbs.

If butter is your favorite food but your habit is getting a bit expensive, make it at home the old school way with which man-powered gadget?

A butter churner is much like an old school egg beater in that you put the liquid in a container and screw on the lid with the beater attached to it. turn the handle to churn the beaters until the solids separate from the whey and you've got butter!

They make you cry even when you're not sad, but there's a way around it! Which gadget will protect your eyes from the evil bulb?

Syn-propanethial-S-oxide is what you have to thank for making your eyes tear uncontrollably when cutting onions. If you've tried everything else, like the sliced white bread sticking out of your mouth trick, it's time for onion goggles.

This gadget has a very specific name, but it can be used on any fibrous and thick-stemmed leafy green. Which is it?

You end up missing a lot of kale goodness when you have to take the leaves off the stems by hand. Same goes for chard, collard greens, mustard greens and any other green with a fibrous stem that you don't want to eat. Slide it through this razor and you'll get all the leaf you can handle.

You only have two hands, and if both of them are holding hot handles, you don't have any left for draining. Which gadget will help?

Whoever thought of this is a genius. It's a strainer that you clip or snap onto the side of whatever pan you need to drain so you can drain right from the pot. It will keep your hands free for a strong grip on the handles and you won't have to worry about clunky colanders.

If you love eating cherries and olives but hate almost breaking your tooth on the hard bits, get which gadget below to get it out before you put it in your mouth?

The pitter punches the pit out of things like cherries and olives. This way you know for sure that the pits are gone and you can chomp down with ease and without worry. It's a small gadget, too, so it should fit in your drawers.

Listen, you're busy. You don't have time to babysit your dinner. Which kitchen tool below does the job for you?

Not only is the pan stirrer automatic, but most of them come with a timer you can set so you don't have to keep track of time either. Cooking is getting so automated, soon you'll have a robot cooking your entire meal for you.

Chicken salad and barbecue pork sandwiches are delicious, but your forearms better be ready for a workout unless you have which tool below?

These are great because you hook them in your hand and put the spiky blades to good use! Use them on a hunk of pork or chicken breast to get the perfect shreds for pulled pork sandwiches and chicken salad.

You can't start your day with a bad cup, so get which kitchen gadget for the freshest cuppa out there?

A burr grinder is superior to blade grinders because it doesn't crush the beans, but rather perfectly pulverizes them to draw out the best oils and deepest flavors of the beans. Brew with filtered water and you're good to go!

For perfectly smooth and creamy potatoes, first put them through which kitchen tool below?

Once you've boiled your potatoes, you can place them in the food mill and get to work! Spin the handle one way to push it through the holes, and the opposite way to clean the blade. Repeat the process until all your potatoes are milled.

The sharpness of a knife doesn't last forever, and while this tool won't sharpen the blade, it will straighten the teeth, making it seem sharper. Which is it?

A honing rod is a textured steel pole that you run the knife down at a certain angle. This will take the fine teeth on the blade and straighten them out, making them able to cut through things easier.

To get the most you can out of this particular stone fruit, take the center out with which kitchen gadget?

Not only will an apple corer take the core right out, but it also has individual slots that will cut the apple into wedges for you. Less of the fruit will go to waste and you won't have to get your hands all sticky.

Unless you want to eat the thing whole, having two halves of it gives you more surface area for cream cheese. Which tool splits it right down the middle?

This is an easy way to slice a bagel in half, and your fingers are in no danger, too. All you have to do is slip the bagel into the slot and push down the blade until it pierces the bagel flesh.

Having a healthy dinner doesn't have to be hard or boring. Using which kitchen tool will get your lettuces ready for your table?

Honestly, what did people do before salad spinners? It keeps your lettuces crisp and fresh all while spinning the excess water off the leaves. It can be a bit bulky and hard to store, but if you eat salad a lot it's worth it.

Lots of things you cook with come in jars and glass bottles and sometimes you lose the lids. Which tool below stops the contents from going bad or spilling?

A bottle stopper is different from other closures in that it goes inside the neck of the jar or bottle. It keeps air inside so that the flavor doesn't go stale. It also creates a seal to keep the liquid in to prevent spillage in your fridge.

To achieve the Maillard reaction, or get a good sear, you need a certain material. Which cookware needs a good polish for a good sear?

Stainless steel is the best medium for getting that really good crust on a steak or another piece of meat. It heats evenly and encourages sticking, which sounds confusing but that actually helps to build that crust.

These will replace almost all of your storage needs because of their size, stackability and simple design. Which one will store your leftover ambrosia just fine?

These are the brand name of the storage containers that you will find restaurant workers using, but you can also use them in your home. They come in a variety of sizes and most are dishwasher-safe.

This kitchen gadget can get through even the toughest of ingredients with ease due to their hearty handles and sharp blades. Which is it?

Kitchen shears differ from regular scissors because they are sturdier and can stand up to things like chicken bones, but can also be used to slice pizza perfectly. Clean them thoroughly if you're using them on raw meat so as to not contaminate other food.

If you want perfectly cooked meat, eggs or tempered chocolate almost any time, which temperature controlling gadget below will make that happen?

A sous vide is a device that allows the water you are cooking in to remain the same temperature throughout cooking. You can hook it up to your phone by downloading an app and you'll be able to monitor the temperature without having to be in the kitchen.

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