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There are many board games that have had massive success throughout the years! Think you can name these favorites from their objectives and descriptions? Take the quiz to find out!

Which game includes a "draw four" card and a "wild" card to change the color?

Uno is a card game that uses a "draw four" and a "wild" card along with a few other specialized cards. There are also "draw two," "skip," and "reverse" cards in the game!


Which game involves boats that are placed on the game board?

Players try to guess where the other player placed their ships on the board in order to sink the other player's ships. The game has even had many electronic versions!


Which game has players trying to solve a murder?

Players try to find the "murderer" by accusing other players and then by looking at a card in the accused player's hand.


Which games includes buying and selling properties?

Monopoly is a very popular board game that even has it's own championship! The game also has many different versions.


Which game has players take over territories on its map?

The game is Risk! Players try to take over each other's territories on the game map. To win, a player must take over every territory on the map!


Which game includes blocks with letters that are placed on the game board to form words?

Players try to form words on the Scrabble board. The letter blocks have the number of points in the bottom right corner.


Which game quite literally goes through life?

The Game of Life simulates life through the board game and players travel around in colored cars. There are many versions of the popular game!


What game lets the player take the role of a surgeon?

Players use a tweezer to try to remove a body part from the character. If the tweezers touch the metal, it's the next player's turn!


Which game includes blocks that are stacked up to be a tower?

The Jenga blocks are stacked up and players try to remove them without letting the tower fall over. If the tower falls as a player removes a block, they lose!


Which game uses a grid into which players drop colored circles?

The stand up plastic grid holds the round colored circles. Players drop the circles inside to make their move, and try to get four of their color in a row to win!


Which game includes categories filled with words that players must draw?

The game is Pictionary! Players roll the dice, then pick a card and draw the word from the category for their teammate, who then has a limited amount of time to guess what word was drawn!


Which game consists of colored spaces that players race through to win?

Players pick up a colored card and move to the next space of that color. Whoever makes it to the end first, wins!


Which game is played by placing your hands and feet on colored circles?

After the wheel is spun, the player is told to place their hand or foot on the corresponding color on the mat. Players can get tangled up quickly!


Which game tests the player's knowledge in categories such as "entertainment" and "geography?"

The categories in the game have designated colors, and players try to fill in their wheel with all of the colors. If they answer their final question correctly, they win!


In which game is players’ progress helped or hindered by landing on structures that zoom them forward or back?

The game is Chutes and Ladders! When a player lands on a ladder, they get to move to the top of that ladder. When they land on a chute, they slide all the way to the bottom of the chute!


Which game consists of a grid of letters that get shaken up?

There is a plastic case that is shaken to mix up the dice. They have letters on them, and the players must find words inside the grid!


Which game has it's name called when a player completes a row on the game board?

Letters and numbers are called, and players mark off the corresponding spots on their board. When a line is made on the board, the player calls out "Bingo!" to win!


Which game has ravenous animals around the game board that players control?

There are hippos placed around the game board that players use to try and eat as many marbles as they can. Whoever eats the most marbles, wins!


Which game requires players to guess their opponent’s card through identifying facial features?

Guess Who? has players ask each other questions about their chosen character to eliminate the characters on their board and ultimately guess who the other player has picked.


Which game has players fill in the blanks using cards that are considered offensive?

The game is Cards Against Humanity! It includes offensive words and phrases that are put together by players. The game has different decks and expansions to change it up.


Which game uses four pawns per player?

In order to win the game, a player must get all of their pawns home before any of the other players!


Which game has players guess definitions for points?

Players write down their guesses on the definition of words and vote on the other players' definitions for points!


Which game is played in 13 rounds?

Players try to win by rolling five dice and scoring the highest number. There are 13 rounds in the game, and players choose how each round is scored.


Which game has a 20 sided die?

Players roll the dice to determine the letter, then try to fill in words beginning with that letter to their assigned categories before time runs out!


Which game uses pawns that move diagonally?

Players move their pawns across the grid diagonally to win the game. Game boards differ in size in certain countries!


Which game has players complete odd tasks while they race to finish the game?

The game is Cranium! Players do tasks, such as crafting clay or drawing, as they try to beat the other team to the finish line!


Which game includes two mallets?

Players use the mallets to hit the ice blocks, but they must try not to let the polar bear fall through! Whoever removes the most ice without letting the bear fall, wins!


Which game has a total of 144 card in its deck?

Skip-Bo's deck has 144 cards in it, and players try to get rid of their deck before anyone else in order to win!


Which game uses blocks similar to Tetris blocks?

In order for a player to win the game, they have to fit as many of their blocks as they can into the game board!


Which game is played by wearing a headband with a card attached to it on your head?

Players give clues to the card the guesser is holding so that they can guess what it is. There is a physical game and a digital game for iPhone.


Which game's goal is to drop the least number of marbles possible?

Players remove sticks that are holding up the marbles from the tube. Whoever drops the least number of marbles is the winner!


Which game includes a game board that pops?

Players have a limited amount of time to put all of the game pieces in their corresponding holes. If they don't succeed, the game board pops and sends the pieces flying!


Which game determines a winner by the amount of money they have at the end?

Players can determine the length of the game, and when it is finished, whoever has the most money is the winner!


Which game involves squishing play-dough bugs?

Players move around the board and "splat" their opponents' pawns when they land on them! Whoever makes it to the end of the board first, wins.


Which game involves everyone playing a red card to best correspond with the green card chosen by the person whose turn it is?

Players match their cards to the main card of that round. It is the clean version of Cards Against Humanity!


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