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How well do you know your Bimmers, Caddies and Audis? Can you pinpoint the exact model based on a single hint? Try out your automotive knowledge right now.

Handmade Dodge supercar

The Dodge Viper has wowed enthusiasts for some time, thanks in part to its potent performance, but also because the cars were assembled by hand. As a result, they cost significantly more than most Corvette models.


Super wide Ford pickup

The Ford Raptor is based on the popular F-150, but with some serious modifications. Among the changes Ford made was to widen the Raptor by about 6 inches, giving the truck greater stability on trails.


Truck nicknamed a Taco

Enthusiasts affectionately refer to the Tacoma as the Taco, obviously from shortening the name. The truck has gained a reputation for good off-road capabilities, plus an overall low-maintenance and practical nature.


Gerbils drive this in a series of commercials

The Kia Soul offers an incredible value proposition, which has made it popular. To play off the fact it's not high-powered, Kia beat critics to the punch, calling it a gerbil-mobile in a creative ad campaign.


This Lamborghini graced many bedroom walls in the 1980s.

Even though the Countach was released by Lamborghini in the 1970s, it remained a mesmerizing vehicle well into the 1980s. The wild, geometric styling made a real impression on everyone who saw it, putting Lamborghini on many people's radars.


Rotary power and clamshell doors

The last Mazda to run on rotary power, the RX-8 has become increasingly sought after by enthusiasts. Mazda does plan on bringing the rotary back, likely as part of a hybrid setup.


Three-row Swedish SUV

While not all XC90s at first had three rows, it's become a standard feature in this SUV. The new generation has also risen to levels of luxury commonly associated with brands like BMW and Mercedes.


It's the modern version of the vehicle that won a war.

As the descendant of the Willys Jeep, a vehicle many claim made the difference in the Allies winning World War II, the Wrangler enjoys a dedicated, hardcore fan base.


Australian muscle sedan

The Holden Commodore has been regarded as a premiere enthusiast machine for some time, although the new version is an under-powered, front-wheel-drive vehicle.


The first Jag SUV

Never before had Jaguar created an SUV, since that was territory previously reserved for partner Land Rover. The F-Pace has been praised for its excellent handling dynamics and sleek looks, as well as great utility.


It's a Honda supercar

The whole point of Honda originally making the NSX was to prove it could produce something just as beautiful and capable as a Ferrari. How you feel about the result is definitely subjective.


Some people call this car Godzilla.

Since the first Skyline, people have been calling this string of performance cars from Nissan Godzilla, because of the raw and monstrous power they exhibit.


Named after something you normally find on trees

When the Nissan Leaf debuted, it provided consumers with a user-friendly, all-electric form of transportation. The sleek design helped it capture the coveted World Car of the Year award for 2011.


Japanese roadster patterned after classic British models

Some enthusiasts have a serious love affair with the Miata. It's won them over with the kind of tight handling that made British roadsters so popular back in the day, coupled with excellent reliability.


Arnie famously drove this military vehicle.

As a vehicle with little interior comforts, an extra-wide stance and atrocious fuel economy, the H1 became a symbol of opulence at a time when SUVs were rising quickly in popularity.


This was Walter White's vehicle of choice.

The completely weird and pathetic nature of this SUV, which GM built up for a dramatic reveal as something revolutionary, fit perfectly with the downtrodden high school chemistry teacher's personality.


The entire front is a door.

To create a highly compact city car, BMW turned to help from the Italians to design the Isetta. Mr. Bean famously drove one in his adventures, adding to the quirky nature of this vehicle.


A mid-engine Toyota sports car

The MR2 came in a few different forms as it evolved from one generation to the next. One thing that remained a constant was the mid-engine layout, which made for excellent handling.


This Mitsubishi came from the world of rally racing.

The Lancer Evolution was a seriously hardcore rally car you could drive on public roads. Backing up its large rear wing and hood head extractor was explosive performance, including super sharp handling.


You might say this muscle car is possessed.

Boasting an explosive 808 horsepower, thanks to the supercharged 6.2-liter V-8, the Demon is essentially a drag car you can take on the road. Some groups have tried to protest it, saying such a vehicle shouldn't be road legal.


Honda's latest two-door hybrid hatchback

Honda tried to bill this little car as a performance-oriented hybrid. Instead, it wasn't that much fun to drive, and the fuel economy wasn't very impressive, making for a miss on both.


This had a British body and an American V-8.

Carroll Shelby got a wicked idea: Why not take a lightweight British car and stuff a potent American motor into it? The result was something that scared and amazed many, and it still does today.


This truck's sibling is the Sierra.

Chevrolet and GMC are both owned by General Motors. Many models share the platform, including the Silverado and Sierra pickup trucks.


Doc in the Pixar Cars movies is this kind of a car.

Many people don't realize that the Hudson Hornet was an actual car. It competed in NASCAR Grand National and AAA stock car events, with plenty of success in its day.


Some people have said this car is too similar to the Volkswagen Beetle.

Like the old Beetle, the 911 is a rear-wheel-drive car with the engine in the rear. This can make for some interesting handling dynamics, especially as you whip through turns, which is part of the car's charm.


The galloping pony on this car's grille is extremely distinctive.

Most people can tell a Mustang just by a glance, especially once they see that galloping pony badge on the front, among other tell-tale details.


Land Rover built this as a twist on the Jeep.

During World War II, Jeeps were all over in England. The British fell in love with the American vehicles so much, they decided to make something similar, and the Defender was born.


Enzo Ferrari personally designed this masterpiece.

The founder of Ferrari decided he wanted to produce one last supercar before departing from this earth, and the F40 became his masterpiece. The car is still extremely revered and can stack up against many modern performance cars.


Most people associate this car with time travel.

DeLorean had an unconventional approach to making cars, which fascinated many. Unfortunately, the automaker was only around for 7 years, but its influence can still be felt today.


This luxury EV proved green didn't have to mean ugly.

Because the original Roadster was essentially a repurposed Lotus, the Model S featured an original design inside and out. It has made huge waves in the auto industry, and received plenty of praise from the media in general.


This car packed a 2JZ-GE under the hood for its final generation.

The Supra A80, which was produced from 1993 until 2002, came with the 2JZ-GE, an engine tuners quickly found was so overbuilt, it could easily support well over 1,000 horsepower, making the Toyota a veritable supercar.


This was the first minivan.

Back in 1983, Chrysler was in deep financial trouble. It released the Dodge Caravan, Chrysler Town and Country and Plymouth Voyager, which are considered the first minivans. They sold so rapidly, the company was able to avoid disaster.


Audi dominated Group B races with this car.

Back in the 1980s, Audi decided to show what a combination of all-wheel drive and plenty of turbocharging could do in Group B competitions. The Quattro S was so dominant, new rules and regulations made it illegal in future races.


Mid-engine Lotus supercar

In the 1970s, Lotus really put itself on the map with the Esprit. It looked amazing, performed just as well, and was even featured in a James Bond movie. The supercar enjoyed a run all they way until 2004.


A cartoon character helped market this car.

The Road Runner might have had a cute name, but this car was all about performance. It provided plenty of cheap speed, making the car a favorite of young shoppers.


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