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With so many mutants in the Marvel Universe, it can be difficult to tell them apart. How many of them can you correctly match to their super powers? Take this quiz to find out!

What power does Professor X have?

Professor Charles Xavier is the founder of the X-Men and the leader of a special school designed to teach and train young mutants. He is an extremely powerful telepath, who is able to both read and control minds.

What power does Cyclops have?

Cyclops, also known as Scott Summers, who was one of the first members of the X-Men, has the ability to generate and fire powerful concussive red beams from his eyes. He later became a leader of his own group of X-Men.

What power does Iceman have?

Iceman, better known as Robert or Bobby, is a mutant who is capable of not only freezing anything and anyone in his vicinity, but he is also capable of turning his entire body into ice.

What power does Angel have?

Angel, sometimes known as Archangel, is a mutant who has the ability to fly by using his large and sometimes metallic wings both in the original and revised timeline.

What power does Beast have?

Beast, whose name is Henry "Hank" McCoy, has the ability of super strength. He got his powers because his father, who worked at nuclear power plant, was exposed to large amounts of radiation, altering his genes and causing Hank to be born a mutant.

What power does Polaris have?

Polaris is a mutant who, like her father Magneto, has the ability to control magnetism as well as fly. She was also known as Malice for a few years after being possessed by a villainous entity.

What power does Havok have?

Havok is the younger brother of Scott Summers (Cyclops), and he has the ability to absorb ambient energy which he turns into powerful plasma blasts. Havok is also immune to side effects of radiation and his brother’s powers.

What power does Nightcrawler have?

Nightcrawler is the son of Mystique and Azazel, and his main ability is teleportation. He also has superhuman agility and is able to stick to walls and other surfaces because of his adhesive hands and feet.

What power does Wolverine have?

Wolverine is one of the most popular X-Men. He has the ability to regenerate and heal himself, heightened senses as well as having retractable claws in each of his hands.

What power does Storm have?

Storm is one of the most powerful mutants in the Marvel universe and has the ability to control the weather and the surrounding atmosphere and also possesses the ability to fly.

What power does Colossus have?

Colossus, as his name suggests, is a large mutant who has the ability to cover his body in a dense metallic material that not only makes him incredibly strong, but also allows him to be extremely durable.

What power does Karma have?

Karma is a Vietnamese mutant who has the ability to take control of (or mentally possess) the minds of other living creatures. Karma is also significant in the X-Men world as being one of the first openly gay characters.

What power does Shadowcat have?

Shadowcat, sometimes called Kitty Pryde, possesses the ability to phase through objects and people. She also has the ability to disrupt the electrical fields that she passes through. As she grew older, her power also increased, to the point where she was able to phase out of sync with the planet’s rotation, moving her from one place in the world to another.

What power does Rogue have?

Rogue is powerful mutant who has the ability to absorb the powers, and in some cases memories, of another human or mutant. If she holds onto or touches the person for too long, she might end up killing them.

What power does Jean Grey have?

Jean Grey was born with telepathic and telekinetic powers. She is also an Omega mutant, which is said to be the most powerful of all and is able to manifest her powers into what is known as the Phoenix Force.

What power does Magneto have?

Magneto is the leader of the Brotherhood of Mutants, and he has the ability to control metal telekinetically as well as being able to create magnetic fields. For much of the series, Magneto is painted as a villain as he seeks to make sure that mutants rise above and rule the humans.

What power does Psylocke have?

Psylocke is a mutant who has the ability to direct her telekinetic energy through her fists, but is best known for generating a telekinetic katana. Unlike many other mutants, she is also immune to telepathic influences of other mutants.

What power does Gambit have?

Gambit, also known as Remy LeBeau, possesses the ability to use the potential energy of objects in order to charge them, causing the object to release explosive energy on impact.

What power does Jubilee have?

Jubilee is one of the X-Men’s youngest members and was born with the ability to generate energy blasts from her hands (plasmoid projections). She is often seen playing the sidekick role to other characters, but mostly Wolverine.

What power does White Queen have?

Also known as Emma Frost, this mutant turned from a supervillain to a superhero and has the ability to change into solid diamond, as well as having telepathic abilities such as mind control and astral projection.

What power does Warpath have?

Warpath, who is also known as James Proudstar or Thunderbird, is a mutant who has superhuman senses and is able to see and hear things from very far distances. He also has superhuman strength and agility.

What power does Juggernaut have?

Juggernaut is a super villain mutant who possesses multiple abilities, some of which include superhuman strength and durability, as well as being immune to mental attacks because of his helmet.

What power does Banshee have?

Banshee is a mutant who has the ability to create sonic screams, allowing him hover at the speed of sound. The sonic screams also have an intense concussive force which is able to destroy his target.

What power does Azazel have?

Azazel, much like his son Nightcrawler, has the ability to teleport, as well as having enhanced reflexes and a prehensile tail which he can use to not only lift himself but to also carry a grown adult. He also has the ability to heal minor injuries.

What power does Mystique have?

Mystique is one of the most popular mutants and she is known for having the ability to shapeshift. She also has superhuman reflexes and agility, as well as agelessness.

What power does David Haller have?

David Haller is an Omega-level mutant who happens to be the son of Professor Charles Xavier. David has multiple personality disorder, with each personality being able to manifest a different power. He is also able to absorb another person’s psyche into his as a different personality.

What power does Mimic have?

Mimic is the first member of the X-Men who is not a mutant, as he gained his abilities after a lab accident. He is able to scan people within a 10-foot radius of him, allowing him to gain their powers, sometimes permanently.

What power does Quicksilver have?

Quicksilver, also known as Peter Maximoff, is a mutant who possesses to ability of super speed. Like David Haller, he is also the son of a famous mutant, Magneto.

What power does Blink have?

Blink is a mutant who possesses the ability to create portals and teleportation vacuums which allows her to transport both people and objects.

What power does The Blob have?

The Blob is more of an enemy to the X-Men but a mutant all the same. He is an obese character whose body is extremely pliable, making him very strong and making his skin almost impossible to penetrate.

What power does Callisto have?

Callisto is a member of the Omega Team who has heightened senses which includes night vision and super strength as well and having reflexes and agility unmatched by anyone.

What power does Triage have?

Triage is a new mutant who possesses the ability to heal wounded individuals and reanimate dead bodies by manipulating their life force. And although not confirmed, he has shown the ability of immortality.

What power does X-23 have?

Better known as Laura Kinley, she was a part of a secret program meant to clone mutants. She has Wolverine’s genetic material and as such, shares the same traits as him; accelerated healing, adamantium-plated claws and heightened superhuman senses.

What power does Leech have?

Leech is a mutant who has the ability to nullify the powers of other mutants who are around him. He has not yet learned how to control these powers and is often seen as a threat to the mutants.

What power does Cannonball have?

Cannonball is a mutant who possesses the ability of jet propulsion and is also able to encase himself in an impenetrable force field while in flight.

What power do the Stepford Cuckoos have?

The Stepford Cuckoos are quintuplet sisters who were harvested from Emma Frost. They possess telepathic abilities which include but are not limited to telepathic illusions, mind possession, mind link and astral projection.

What power does Cable have?

Cable is a mutant who possesses both telekinetic and telepathic abilities which include mental amnesia, telepathic camouflage, mind control as well as mind transferal. He is also able to teleport and has been seen time travelling.

What power does Pixie have?

Pixie is a mutant best known for having rainbow-colored butterfly wings and for using pixie dust, which causes severe hallucinations when it comes into contact with living creatures. She has also learned how to teleport.

What power does Vulcan have?

Vulcan is an Omega mutant and the third and youngest Summers brother who is able to absorb, manipulate and project large amounts energy into light, force and electricity. He is also able to fly and control exotic energy, which includes magical energy and Cyclops’ optic blast.

What power does Dani Moonstar have?

Danielle Moonstar, who is sometimes called Psyche or Mirage, is a mutant with the ability to telepathically create illusions of her enemy’s worst fear. She later became a Valkyrie and was able to perceive the coming of death.

What power does Dazzler have?

Dazzler is a mutant with the ability to transduce sonic vibrations into different types of light and she also has the ability to project light. Dazzler is also able to generate lasers as well as being immune to light and loud sounds.

What power does Quentin Quire have?

Quentin Quire is an extremely smart Omega level mutant who has both telepathic and telekinetic powers. He also had a second mutation where he evolved into a non-corporeal life form.

What power does Magik have?

Magik is the younger sister of both X-Man and Mikhail Rasputin and is able to control "stepping discs" which allows her to teleport across great distances. She is also a sorceress whose true power is unknown.

What power does Blindfold have?

Blindfold is a mutant who was born with a condition called anophthalmia (without eyes). Instead, she is psionic and has the gift/curse of retrocognition, precognition, clairvoyance, telepathy and telekinesis.

What power does Rachel Summers have?

Rachel Summers exists in an alternate timeline and she happens to be the daughter of Scott Summers and Phoenix. She is an Omega mutant who inherited her mother’s telepathic and telekinetic powers as well as Phoenix Force abilities.

What power does Sabretooth have?

Sabretooth is Wolverine’s half-brother, and like him, possesses many animal-like abilities. They include retractable claws, regenerative healing, enhanced senses and superhuman strength.

What power does Morph have?

Morph is a mutant who has the ability to take the form of any object or person he chooses. He is also said to have a few telepathic abilities, which were enhanced by Professor X.

What power does Tempus have?

Better known as Eva Bell, Tempus is a new mutant who was activated after the Phoenix dispersion. She possesses the ability of time travel as well as temporal stasis and slowing time down.

What power does Oya have?

Oya, sometimes called Third Light, is one of the mutants whose powers manifested after M-Day. Her power comes in the form of thermokinesis and she is able to alter the temperature around her by re-channeling it.

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