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Religion is an aspect of life that connects millions and billions of people around the world. With a global population of over 7.4 billion people, there are over 2.2 billion who follow Christianity. As the religion with the most followers. Christianity is followed by Islam which has over 1.6 billion followers. Buddhism is the fourth most followed faith with 488 million followers while Judaism comes in at 8th with 13.9 million followers. 

When it comes to some of the well-known religions around the world, we often recognize their words and phrases because we or someone we know practices it. When it comes to four religions: Christianity, Islam, Buddhism, and Judaism, can you match the corresponding words and phrases to them? While Merry Christmas and Happy Hanukkah might be easy to associate with Christianity and Judaism, what about Pentecost or Yom Kippur? You might be able to pair Ramadan with the appropriate religion, but what about Eid? Could you correctly match Vesak or Mugha Puja?

There are tons of religious words, phrases, and holidays that correspond to different religions. Although it might not be your own, can you match all the terminology to the proper one? There's only one way to find out!

Get out those Bibles, Qurans, and Sutras! Let's go!

Which religion uses the term "Baptism?"

“The Church does not dispense the sacrament of baptism in order to acquire for herself an increase in membership but in order to consecrate a human being to God and to communicate to that person the divine gift of birth from God.” ― Hans Urs von Balthasar, Unless You Become Like This Child

Which religion uses the term “Mikveh?”

Mikveh is a ritual bath. Almost every Jewish community has at least one. It is used not only for converts but also for menstrual purity and getting married, along with many other times for ritual cleansing.

Which religion uses the term “Fatwa?”

The Islamic fatwa is a religious ruling on an issue. Similar to the way the Supreme Court makes judgments, the Muslim mufti also issues legal pronouncements in light of the Islamic faith.

Which religion uses the term “Bodhi?”

Bodhi is the Sanskrit word translated “enlightenment.” It also refers to the sacred tree where Siddhartha Gautama (Buddha) sat to become enlightened.

Which religion uses the term “Trinity?”

“We define that there are two, the Father and the Son, and three with the Holy Spirit, and this number is made by the pattern of salvation . . . [which] brings about unity in trinity, interrelating the three, the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. They are three, not in dignity, but in degree, not in substance but in form, not in power but in kind. They are of one substance and power, because there is one God from whom these degrees, forms and kinds devolve in the name of Father, Son and Holy Spirit." –Tertullian

Which religion uses the term “Dharma?”

Dharma is officially upholding the natural law, but in Buddhism this is extended to mean not only the natural state of things and everything in general but also the laws that Buddha taught and the path the Buddhist takes.

Which religion uses the term “Mosque?”

The mosque is a Muslim place to pray. A Muslim must pray, bowing toward Mecca, five times each day. The mihrab is a niche in the mosque wall that indicates the direction of Mecca, and there are no benches in the prayer hall (musallah).

Which religion uses the term “Hajj?”

The Hajj is the pilgrimage to Mecca that all Muslims must make at least once in their lifetime. It takes place during the last month of the year.

Which religion uses the term “New Testament?”

The Christian Bible has an Old Testament, which contains the Hebrew sacred texts (Tanakh), and a New Testament. The New Testament tells about the life of Jesus Christ, the beginning of the Christian Church, and letters of instruction and prophecy from the early church leaders.

Which religion uses the term “Bar Mitzvah?”

The Bar Mitzvah marks when a youth obtains the age of majority (13 for a boy) for religious purposes. The religious blessing that accompanies it dates to the fifth century.

Which religion uses the term “Prayer shawl?”

The tallit is a rectangular shawl with tied strings on each corner. The initial command was to wear the strings on the four corners of a garment (or tunic), but these four-cornered garments are no longer worn, so the prayer shawl has taken the place of the ancient garment.

Which religion uses the term “Resurrection?”

One of the central focuses of Christianity is that Jesus Christ died on a cross and came back to life. This resurrection took place to save Christians from the punishment for sin.

Which religion uses the phrase “Five Pillars?”

The religion of Saudi Arabia.

Which religion uses the term “Communion?”

The Last Supper is the last time before Jesus Christ’s death on the cross when he ate the Passover with his apostles. Christians remember this time by eating bread that is usually unleavened and by drinking wine or grape juice (unfermented wine and unleavened bread would have been used during the Passover). Some Christians eat a full meal together and/or wash each other’s feet to help commemorate the occasion.

Which religion uses the phrase “Noble Eightfold Path?”

Like many religions originating in the Far East, Buddhism was founded on an oral tradition begun by Siddhartha Gautama and passed on to his monastic community (Sangha). It was first written down 400-600 years after Siddhartha Gautama’s death.

Which religion uses the term “Parable?”

A parable was a story Jesus Christ told that had some spiritual meaning. At the time, Jesus would have to explain the hidden meaning to his disciples because they seldom understood them fully.

Which religion uses the term “Right mindfulness?”

“Right mindfulness” is one of the stages on the Middle Way. It has to do with being aware of your present situation.

Which religion uses the term “Torah?”

The Torah refers to the five books Moses wrote that are found at the beginning of the Bible. In Judaism, the Torah is inscribed on a scroll by a special calligrapher and kept in a cabinet (ark) in the synagogue.

Which religion uses the phrase “Four Noble Truths?”

The Four Noble Truths, which all pertain to suffering and how to end it, were discovered by Buddha when he first became enlightened. These are what he based his other teachings on.

Which religion uses the term “Diaspora?”

The diaspora refers to Jewish people who are living outside Israel. Even before A. D. 70 when the Romans sacked Jerusalem, there were more Jewish people living outside Israel than what there were living in it.

Which religion uses the term “Karma?”

Many people mistakenly believe that karma is some sort of reward or punishment system. In actuality, karma is any action you perform. Unlike Western religions, the purpose in Buddhism is not to build up more good karma than bad karma for some sort of reward, but instead to balance the system.

Which religion uses the term “Qur’an” or “Koran?”

The Qur’an is the Muslim holy book and the words of Mohammad. It is from the Arabic word for recitation.

Which religion uses the term “Repentance?”

In its basic meaning, the word “repent” is to have extreme, sincere sorrow or regret for one’s wrongdoings. For Christians, it is expected they not only have an emotional reaction but also turn away from continuing to do the wrong.

Which religion uses the term “Sura?”

The Qur’an is divided into 114 suwar or chapters. Suwar is the plural form of sura.

Which religion uses the term “Calvary?”

Calvary (also called Golgotha) was located outside the city gates of Jerusalem. It is the place where Jesus Christ was crucified.

Which religion uses the term “nirvāṇa?”

Nirvana is a state transcendence where one loses one’s sense of self and has no suffering or desire. It is sometimes called “Enlightenment” and releases one from the cycle of death and rebirth known as reincarnation.

Which religion uses the term “Gospel?”

“I am perfectly convinced that whatever the gospels are, they are not legends. Christ bent down and scribbled in the dust with his finger. Nothing comes of this. No one has based any doctrine on it, and the act of inventing little irrelevant details to make an imaginary scene more convincing is purely a modern art.” ― C. S. Lewis

Which religion uses the term “End Times?”

Christians believe that Jesus Christ will return from Heaven one day as prophesied in the Biblical book of Revelation. The “End Times” is the period of time before Jesus’ return.

Which religion uses the term “Matzah?”

Matzah is a cracker-like bread used during the religious holiday of Passover. In order to meet religious requirements, matzah must be mixed and completely baked in less than 18 minutes.

Which religion uses the term “Sunday School?”

Sunday School is a time used to teach children and adults in age-divided groups about the Bible. Unlike sermons, Sunday School frequently offers time for questions and answers about the lesson.

Which religion uses the term “The Lord’s Day?”

Christians often call Sunday The Lord’s Day. Many celebrate it by attending church services one or more times and by eating out or eating together with extended family and friends.

Which religion uses the term “Kosher?”

Initially, according to Genesis, all people were designed to be vegetarians. However, after Noah’s flood, God allowed people to add animals into their diet. In Leviticus, God described which animals could be eaten and which could not as well as certain methods of food preparation that were forbidden. These laws became the basis for modern kosher foods.

Which religion uses the term “Seder?”

The Passover Seder meal is one of the most beloved of all Jewish holidays. The story of the Exodus from Egypt is told throughout the meal in a way that everyone is able to participate as if they were reliving it.

Which religion uses the term “saṁsāra?”

Saṁsāra is the continuous process of reincarnation. Buddhists view all life as suffering, so they try to escape this cycle through enlightenment.

Which religion uses the term “Imam?”

An Imam is a spiritual leader. He can also be a political leader, and someone who guides the government in religious law. It is his duty to protect Islam as a whole.

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