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If you think today's emo music is soooo high up the emo ladder of pop culture, think again! Back in the '90s, when emo music was still being fashioned, the beat was different, and the vibe was intense. Test your knowledge of '90s emo music by matching the song to the '90s band in this quiz.

This band sang "What became of everyone I used to know?" in their song, "Holiday." What was the name of this early emo Kansas band?

The Get Up Kids are arguably one of the first emo bands, or is seen as a proto-Emo band. "Holiday" was one of their most accessible songs, and the first song in the playlist off their album, "Something to Write Home About."


In "San Dimas High School Football Rules," this band sings about unrequited love for a girl named Whitney. What's the name of this Kris Roe-fronted band?

The Ataris use the occasional pop culture trivia in their songs. For example, "San Dimas High School Football Rules" takes its name from a scene in "Bill And Ted's Excellent Adventure."


This band's song about wishes, "Lucky Denver Mint," was in the movie, "Never Been Kissed." What's the name of this Arizona emo band?

Jimmy Eat World is one of the emo bands still active today, retaining most of its original members. The name was taken from a revenge drawing done by one of the band member's kid brothers.


“Third and Long” is a famous song of love and longing from this band that shifted between emo and pop punk. What was the name of this band, which sounds like a revelation?

Newfound Glory is credited with being one of the emo bands that started the crossover to pop punk. The song, “Third and Long,” takes its name from an American football term for having to run a long distance to stay in the game, so to speak.


This L.A. band sings about the difference between love and sex in their song, “I'm Tired of Sex." What's the name of this band?

Weezer is an emo band that successfully crossed over to rock and pop punk fame. Their name is taken from singer Rivers Cuomo, who has asthma.


This emo band was one of the few famous ones that had a female vocalist. Their song, “Tinfoil," is about a horrible breakup. What was the name of this band?

The Wisconsin emo band, Rainer Maria, took its name from poet Rainer Maria Rilke. The name also sounds like either a girl or boy's name. This was a plus-point for singers Caithlin and Kaia, the girl and guy singing pair in the band.


The explosive song, “Napoleon Solo,” is about death, and how it affects others. Which band that sounds like a ‘50s movie theater made this song?

At The Drive-In is known for very personal lyrics, and “Napoleon Solo" is a perfect example. It frames in an emo song about how some of their friends died in an accident, and how they got the news.


This band helped shape the soft-then-loud sound of emo. The song, “Gloria," about love and transformation, is an example of this. What is the name of this band?

Emo band, Mineral, helped shape the interplay of soft and loud song segments in emo. The balance between angst and beauty in their lyrics is an emo standard.


Chris Carrabba was the singer when this band released the song, “New Year's Project." What is the name of this band?

Further Seems Forever is an emo band that crossed into mainstream rock. The band is also known for having members who are devout Christians.


The song, “In Circles," describes a relationship that can be willingly draining and one-sided. What is the name of the band that released this song?

The song, “In Circles," reflects Sunny Day Real Estate's outlook as a band, that everything has a price. Even their name reflects the idea of happiness being a commodity.


Sounding almost classic punk, the song, “Shoulder to the Wheel," sings about the joys of a nighttime joyride. Which band released this song?

Saves the Day is a band from Princeton, New Jersey, that goes between emo, hardcore, and pop punk. “Shoulder to the Wheel" highlights the band's mix of pop and punk.


"My Little Needle” hints at drug use and hopelessness. Which punk and emo crossover band made this an emo hit in 1998?

Alkaline Trio is an emo and punk band fronted by Matt Skiba. Their gritty punk roots reflect in the imagery for “My Little Needle." Matt Skiba has since become a member of Blink-182, as of 2016.


The song, “I Know You Love Me," is a positive, pop-friendly emo song. Which band released this emo classic?

The Smoking Popes is an Illinois band that is seen as both emo and pop punk. The name is taken partially from how much some of its band members smoked.


“Golf Hill Drive" is about having unfulfilled lives. What band released this song?

Boy's Life most probably took its name from the famous magazine, Boys' Life. This emo band was an important stepping stone for its members to move on to other big bands.


“A Picture Post Card" is a song about liking someone but not knowing what to do. What is the name of the band that released it?

The Promise Ring is a pioneer of the second wave of emo bands. The song, “A Picture Postcard," has lyric portions from other songs.


This influential emo band released the song, “Radio.” It’s about how relationships turn out differently for each person. What is the name of this band?

Christie Front Drive was an indie-influenced emo band from Colorado. Though they only had one album and many collaboration releases, they became very influential in defining emo as a musical style.


It's classic emo: "There were some things that were said, that weren't meant, but were said." These lyrics are from the song, “Never Meant.” What's the name of the band that sang this song?

American Football was an early emo super group whose various members came from other significant bands. It was fronted by Mike Kinsella from Cap'n Jazz.


“Why Are You So Mean To Me” was a song that had quiet verses and loud choruses framing a violent relationship. Which emo band came out with this song?

Vitreous Humor was an emo band that used a heavy guitar sound to punch listeners in songs like “Why Are You So Mean To Me.” That particular song was covered by another band, Nada Surf.


This band released “Pacific 931,” a song comparing a relationship to a train that’s falling apart. Their name became a problem after the attacks of Sept. 11, 2001. What was the band's name?

Burning Airlines was a Washington, D.C., emo band. With a name like that, they had trouble finding gigs after the events of 9/11. Not long after that, they disbanded.


“I am jet black, I am stone cold, Jet black to the center,” this band sings in their song, "Jet Black." What is the name of this band?

Jawbreaker was a band that crossed from punk rock into emo. Their lyrics for “Jet Black" embodied punk's dark side with emo's passionate attack.


This band’s song, “Little League,” is about one's personal limits. What's the name of this band from Chicago?

Cap'n Jazz was an unusual emo band in that it introduced indie rock and an echoing sound to their style. The lyrics for “Little League” has a possible cross-reference to actress Molly Ringwald and ecstasy -- known as molly.


“Grace Kelly With Wings” is about how a guy loves a girl but she may not know how deep his feelings are. What is the name of the emo band that released this song?

Piebald is an alternative rock and emo band that started out of Massachusetts before becoming a regular in the Boston scene. The song, “Grace Kelly with Wings,” mentions actress Grace Kelly as an image of ideal beauty.


This emo band released “Marigold and Patchwork," a song wishing for a time when everything was simpler. What is the name of this band?

The Appleseed Cast is a band from Kansas whose style has been thought of as emo, alternative, and indie rock. They took their name from a website with a green apple on it.


The song, “Copper and Stars" is a heavy emo song. It’s someone asking for help, and really needing it. What is the name of the emo band that released the song?

Planes Mistaken for Stars is an emo band that also takes from hardcore and heavy metal. The song, “Copper and Stars,” however, shows a more pop-punk or punk rock approach.


Which New York emo band released the song, “The Good, The Bad, And The Blind?"

The Van Pelt had a hit on their hands with the song, “The Good, The Bad, And The Blind." The song's somewhat puzzling and symbolic lyrics include a possible description of miscarriage.


The song, “Katherine the Grateful,” is about a girl and how others see her. What band, whose name is a kind of bag, released this song?

Knapsack is a California emo band that started in 1993. It’s a buddy band primarily formed by singer Blair Shehan and drummer Colby Mancasola.


The song, “This Afternoon's Malady," has the lyrics "I'll hold your hand when the big bomb drops." What Boston emo band made this song?

Jejune was an emo band from Boston, hailing from the Berklee College of Music. They were among the bands that made a move towards pop early on. However, they broke up while they were moving to be more accessible in style.


For some, the song “Half of Ninety" may be about suicide, a common emo subject. For others, it's longing and love. What is the name of the band that sang this song?

Pop Unknown was a Texas emo band with hints of punk, indie, and experimental rock. They were famous in Europe and America.


The song, “Dionysius Burning," is known for its combination of strange lyrics and an angry emo vibe. What Kentucky band with a person's name released this song?

Elliott is a second-generation band, rising from the ashes of the hardcore band, Falling Forward. Their emo sound incorporates dream pop, indie, and metalcore elements.


“Grace, The Snow is Here" is a slow-paced song about a haunting memory from the past. What is the name of the band that released this song?

The Gloria Record is a spin-off band from the emo band, Mineral. Some critics have said the band is closer to alternative rock, but many still think of it as an emo band with heavy pop leanings.


The mostly acoustic emo song, “Sweet Avenue," is about what love can do. What is the name of the band that released this song?

Jets to Brazil is a band from Brooklyn, New York. Their song, “Sweet Avenue," is mistaken many times for being a Damien Rice song, thanks to wrong info on peer-to-peer networks.


“The D in Detroit" is an emo song tinged with classic and alternative rock roots. What emo band released this song about finding love again?

The Anniversary is one of many Kansas emo bands. What makes them unique is that they fuse keyboards and classic rock into the emo sound.


This emo band came out with “Of Up and Coming Monarchs." The song was about dodging the U.S. draft. What was the name of this band?

Pedro the Lion was the brainchild band of all-around musician and singer David Bazan. He explored religious and political themes with the band. The band’s name was taken from an idea that there should be a character for the band’s song and album presentations.


The song, “After The Movies," has a screaming chorus of "And I miss you, are you glad I'm finally gone?" Which band, with a name based on a handwriting term, penned this song?

Cursive was an emo band from Omaha, Nebraska, with indie and hardcore roots . They took their name from the idea that practicing penmanship was a pointless exercise.


The song, “A Jack with One Eye," talks about love and miscommunication. Which New York emo band released this song?

Texas Is The Reason is an emo band from New York. Their name is taken from the lyrics of a Misfits song.


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