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"To remember the seven continents, think of the letter A!" If you remember this rhyme from elementary school, you'd also know that when you're down to only one, E will save the day. With all the major cities in this world, can you narrow them down to their continent?

When we think about geography and the world, there's a ton to take into consideration. There are 197 countries and hundreds of major cities. Luckily for you, you only need to know 35 of them for this quiz! While it might be easy to recognize the country it's in, we're asking you to go one step further and identify the continent!

For a country/continent like Australia, this can be exceptionally easy, but the rest of the continents aren't that way! South America has 12 countries while North America has 23. Africa itself has 54. Europe has 50, and Asia has 48, but the boundaries get confusing in Eurasia because these two continents actually share countries! While you have to worry about six of the continents, you're obviously in luck because you can cross Antarctica off of any habitable list!

We're not traveling to the South Pole with this quiz, but we're going all over the rest of the world. From Shanghai to Istanbul to New York City, can you match the city to its continent? Let's find out!

Amsterdam is nicknamed "Venice of the North." In which continent is it located?

Amsterdam is located in Europe. Did you know that prostitution is legal there? Of course you know about their rule on marijuana ...


While nicknamed as a "Sin City," Bangkok is also the city of many temples and friendly smiles. In which continent is it located?

Bangkok is the capital of Thailand. This Southeast Asian nation boasts of many great beaches, temples called "wat," and other interesting things about an ancient culture they were able to preserve over the years.


Cairo is nicknamed "The City of a Thousand Minarets." In which continent is it located?

Cairo is the capital city of Egypt. This African country boasts of many beautiful Islamic architectural heritage sites, their minarets being very well-known among them.


Atlantic City is nicknamed "The Playground" of this continent. Where is it located?

Atlantic City is where North Americans, or maybe people near New Jersey, come to go clubbing, gamble and watch entertainment shows. Cool!


Buenos Aires is nicknamed "The Paris of" this continent. Where is it located?

Buenos Aires is the Paris of South America. I mean hey, Evita hails from there! Or is that a good example ...


Sydney is nicknamed "The Harbour City." In which continent is it located?

Australia's famous city of Sydney is a good hub of Oz culture. It's a very cosmopolitan city as well.


Kathmandu is nicknamed "City of Temples." In which continent is it located?

Kathmandu is the capital of Nepal, where visitors flock if they want to climb the Himalayan mountain range. This South Asian country is actually the birthplace of Siddharta Gautama, or better known as Buddha -- and that's the first thing you see (like in a billboard) when you land at their airport.


Cape Town is nicknamed "Tavern of the Seas." In which continent is it located?

Cape Town is the picturesque port city in South Africa. Hey, that's the African country where Charlize Theron was born!


Athens is nicknamed "The Glorious City.” In which continent is it located?

Athens has had a very long and prominent history among the European cities. Not very sure if the Greek goddess Athena really lived there, though...


Baltimore is nicknamed "Charm City." In which continent is it located?

Baltimore, Maryland is one of the largest cities of the USA, so possibly one of the largest in the North American continent as well. Time to sing "Good Morning, Baltimore!"


Rio de Janeiro is nicknamed "Marvelous City." In which continent is it located?

Rio De Janeiro is the hip and happening city of Brazil, and one of the most visited cities in the South American continent. I mean, who could resist the carnivale, soccer, samba and Ipanema!


Havana is nicknamed "City of Columns." In which continent is it located?

Havana, Cuba is actually part of the North American continent. That's why it's easy for people in the US to go there if they want some strong mojito, great cigars, and a look at very cool vintage cars still plying their streets.


Canberra is nicknamed "The Bush Capital." In which continent is it located?

Canberra is actually the capital of the country of Australia. So of course it's also located in that continental grouping named after Australia.


Cannes is nicknamed "The Festival City." In which continent is it located?

Cannes is one of the most visited European cities during May. Maybe not because it's near the French Riviera -- although that helps -- but because it's home to one of the handful of prestigious long-running film festivals in the world called, of course, Cannes Film Festival. Trés bien!


New Delhi is nicknamed “City of Rallies.” In which continent is it located?

New Delhi is the capital of India, located in the huge South Asian region. As soon as you land on the airport, prepare all your senses to be both assaulted and mesmerized and awed and hooked by the various sensory stimuli that this interesting country would offer.


Dublin is nicknamed "The Fair City." In which continent is it located?

Dublin, Ireland is located in the northwestern part of Europe. So yeah, it gets truly cold there -- so head to a pub!


Hong Kong literally means "Fragrant Harbor," which is also used as its nickname. In which continent is it located?

Hong Kong is that bustling Asian city under British rule since the 1800s. But during the '90s, the British let it go, and it became a special administrative region under China -- which it was originally a part of. Today, it has this very unique mesh-and-clash of the British culture and Chinese culture combined -- and go travel there for the yummy street food!


Dubai is nicknamed as “City of Gold.” In which continent is it located?

Dubai is the very cosmopolitan global city located in the United Arab Emirates. While the country is part of the region termed as "Middle East," it's actually located in Southwest Asia, continent-wise.


Santa Fe is nicknamed "The City Different." In which continent is it located?

Santa Fe, New Mexico, is but one of the most colorful US cities in North America. Go there to experience its unique culture and heritage, to actually see what diversity in American really means.


Oaxaca City is nicknamed "The Green Antequera." In which continent is it located?

Oaxaca City in Mexico is being touted as one of the better destinations to visit for travelers looking for an unusual itinerary. So they might expect a lot of visitors from their own North American continent and from other continents as well.


Melbourne is nicknamed "City by the Bay." In which continent is it located?

Melbourne is perhaps the most laidback and LGBT-friendly cosmopolitan city on the Australian continent. The vibe is really different and cool down there.


Chicago is nicknamed "The Windy City." In which continent is it located?

Chicago, Illinois is one of the most interesting cities in the North American continent. Of course with its unique history, its rich culture and interesting entertainment scene, it's definitely one city to visit in the US.


Jakarta is nicknamed " The Big Durian." In which continent is it located?

While Jakarta, Indonesia is nicknamed after a stinky fruit, this Southeast Asian city is far from being a stinker! The city has a great mix of the east and west, literally, since you can see old world charm there amongst the high-end malls and modern living stuff.


Caracas is nicknamed "Heaven's Branch on Earth." In which continent is it located?

Caracas, Venezuela is another interesting city to visit in South America. I mean hey, if their country has had many Miss Universe winners, then maybe there's a winning formula in their culture that's worth seeing...


Toronto is nicknamed "The Queen City." In which continent is it located?

Toronto, Canada is perhaps one of the most diverse cities in North America. Canadians here are of mixed heritage, made up of people from various indigenous, native, and immigrant cultures -- and they're all living harmoniously. It can be done, people!


Auckland is nicknamed "The City of Sails." In which continent is it located?

Auckland is a city in New Zealand, a country that's technically part of the Australian continent, because of its land mass definition. But as a region, it also belongs to what's called the Oceania Region which also gathers the other small island nation states in the area.


Vatican City is known to house the Holy See. In which continent is it located?

Vatican City is actually a country in itself, located in the Italian capital city of Rome. If you're confused about this European quirk, well, just visit!


Kampala is nicknamed "The Happy City." In which continent is it located?

Kampala, Uganda might be located in the African continent, but it shares another nickname with a city in another continent: "The City That Never Sleeps." So can you guess what other city has this nickname?


Manila is nicknamed "Queen City of The Pacific." In which continent is it located?

Many Americans might not know this, but the US took over Manila, Philippines when it bought the country from the Spanish. After 400 years under the European rule, North American rule established this Asian country's modernized feel today, including the educational system, pop culture, the English language and practically everything western you can see in this vibrant archipelago.


Marrakesh is nicknamed "Red City." In which continent is it located?

Marrakesh is a very colorfully quaint city of Morocco, and one interesting African destination. Just be prepared for the heat, because it really gets hot there!


Taipei is nicknamed "The City of Azaleas." In which continent is it located?

Taipei, Taiwan might be one of the "quieter" Asian cities, but it's very modernized and progressive. Because of these facts, more tourists are flocking in to see what the fuss is about -- and we highly recommend tasting their cuisine. Go for the dumplings!


Port Moresby is sometimes called Pom City. In which continent is it located?

Unfortunately, Port Moresby has gotten the reputation of being one of the most unsafe cities to visit in the Australian continent. That's why this Papua New Guinea capital city joined UN Women's Safe Cities Global Initiative to promote its advocacy of preventing sexual harassment of women and girls in public spaces.


Medellin is nicknamed "City of the Eternal Spring." In which continent is it located?

Medellin, Colombia had a bit of some bad reputation because of its native son, Pablo Escobar, who grew up and died there. But narco stuff aside, this South American country is still worth visiting because of its rich culture and heritage.


Seoul is nicknamed "The Land of the Morning Calm." In which continent is it located?

Seoul, South Korea is enjoying a tourism boom, thanks to K-Pop fans all over the world. This was a reverse situation decades ago, when people of this Asian country preferred to travel out to primarily study English and eventually immigrate to more westernized countries.


Nairobi is nicknamed "Green City in the Sun." In which continent is it located?

Nairobi, Kenya is an interesting mix for tourists who travel for the first time in Africa. But if you love nature, they are big on nature parks there.


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