Can You Lose A Guy in 10 Days?

By: Kennita Leon

About This Quiz

We've all seen the romantic comedy where Kate Hudson tries to lose her guy in 10 days, all for the sake of an article for her job. But do you really think women would be able to get it done in real life? In exactly 10 days? Take this quiz to find out.

First off, what kind of guy are you targeting?

Would you do research before you began your mission?

Where are you going on your first date?

At the dinner, the waitress get your order wrong. What do you do?

The movie you choose is a romantic comedy. What are you likely to do to him during the movie?

What would you do or say when he compliments you?

Your date gets your something really sweet. What do you say?

How long would you wait to reply to his texts?

What about deliberately ignoring his calls?

Would you deliberately start fights with him?

After how many days do you start to really give it to him?

How physical would you get with him?

What girly item would you leave at his house to try to annoy him?

How obnoxious would you act?

You find another girl staring at your guy. How do you handle it?

How would you suddenly throw him off?

What funny yet scary tool are you likely to have in your arsenal?

He invites you over to his house for dinner. What do you do to annoy him?

Now he cancels on you to go spend time with his friend. What do you do?

On a scale of one to four, where one is the least and four is the most, how annoying would you be?

When you're not trying to lose guys in 10 days, what are you like?

Are you a relationship kind of girl?

What's your best physical feature?

Why do guys find you irresistible?

What's your fashion style like?

What TV show would you take inspirtation from for your task?

What would your reaction be if someone did this experiment on you?

What would you do if you really started falling for this guy?

Do you think you'd feel bad for torturing the poor soul?

Do you really think you can lose a guy in 10 days?

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