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Since the invention of the first motor car, man has fiddled, chopped, changed and drawn up new designs for vehicles time and time again. 

Early cars were nothing more than horseless carriages that moved. Soon, new innovations were added, like the windshield, four-door layouts and such. But then, as cars became more powerful and reliable, they were quickly turned into racers that could travel at high speed.

Different configurations also started to pop up. For instance, two-door open top motor cars could be considered the first convertibles. The desire to transport heavy objects inspired the birth of trucks. Buses and the like were designed to transport more and more people. 

Even the Model T has a pickup version!

So in this quiz, it's not your knowledge about many specific cars and their history, it's about your ability to determine which vehicle category each car fits into. And there is a range of different vehicles, covering around 14 categories, so this will test you to your limit.

But don't worry. Although this quiz is a little different, you will soon be into the swing of things. We know that your knowledge of vehicles and their different types will see you ace this quiz!

Good luck!

The Stout, a light truck, was part of the Toyota fleet from 1954 until 1989. The first models were only powered by a 1.5-liter petrol engine.

This light commercial van was first produced by Ford in 1965 and remains an important model in their lineup to this day. In fact, over the years, Ford has sold over 8 million Transits.

Fast, loud, brash are all adjective that could be used to describe the Lamborghini Diablo. Powered by either a 5.7 or 6.0-liter V12, this sports car pushed out 595 brake horsepower.

The Plymouth Barracuda quickly became a popular muscle car from its release in 1964. In fact, it debuted two weeks before the Ford Mustang. Of course, later models featuring the Hemi engine are the most sought after.

The Patriot debuted in 2006, the same year as the Jeep Compass. Marketed in the compact crossover SUV segment, the Patriot has moved close to a million units worldwide, with more than half of that sold in the United States. Although little has changed in the way of design since 2006, the Patriot did receive a facelift in 2011.

A compact crossover vehicle (CUV), the Tiguan - a combination of tiger and iguana, apparently - was launched in 2007. Volkswagen immediately had a hit on their hands.

The MPV first featured as a model in the Japanese automakers lineup from 1988. Since then, there have been three generations of this minivan from Mazda. This vehicle was originally designed to be sold in America although currently, the third generation isn't.

A heavy duty pickup truck, the International CXT w as released in 2004. Essentially, it is a 14,500-pound truck with a Ford Super Duty bed on the back. At nine feet tall, this pickup can carry 12,000 pounds.

Porsche introduced the Panamera, a four-door luxury sedan, in 2009. Don’t worry, the German sports car maker isn’t selling out. The Panamera still offers either two-wheel or four-wheel drive.

Launched in 2012, the Opel Adam competes in the city car class. This three-door hatchback has three powerplant options from 1.0 liter to 1.4 liters. Although the name may seem a little strange, the Adam is named after the founder of the company, Adam Opel.

The FW14B from Williams made use of active suspension to leave its competitors trailing in its wake. Nigel Mansell was the driver that benefited from this brilliant piece of machinery, winning the F1 World Championship in 1992 by claiming nine wins.

With an engine that pushes out 1.163 brake horsepower, it is easy to see why any car nut with the cash wants to bay a Zenvo TS1 GT (despite its silly name). Powered by a 5.8 liter V8 engine with not one but two superchargers, the TS1 will cost around $1.2 million.

The fastback version of the Mercury Cyclone sold 6,105 model in that year and certainly as a popular muscle car. The Cyclone was powered by a range of V8 engines, including the 428 cubic inch Cobra Jet.

A four-door saloon car with epic performance – yes that’s the Maserati Quattroporte! The history of this model traces back to 1963 but the current model, the VI, really stands out. The top of the range model features a 3.8-liter twin-turbo V8 that pushes out an astonishing 523 break horsepower!

The Great Wall Sailor is a rear-wheel drive pickup truck that was first introduced by Great Wall Motors in 2004. Built with a 4-door configuration, power comes from a 2.3-liter Toyota petrol engine that produced around 103 brake horsepower.

Specially designed for the South African market, the Toyota Quantum is used as a mini-bus taxi, transporting much of the population to and from work each day. It can hold 12 people.

A small off-road option, the Jimny has been produced by Suzuki since the 1970s. The third generation of the marque is currently available.

A van offering from Nissan, the NV200 offers excellent gas mileage figures of 24 mpg and 26 mpg for city and highway driving. It was introduced in 2009.

First introduced in 2012, the Volvo V40 is a sleek hatchback in the compact car/family car segment. It's a front-wheel-drive vehicle.

The Nissan Maxima, a full-sized sedan has been a Nissan model since 1981. Now in its eighth generation, the Maxima power options include either a straight-four or V6 engine.

Currently in its third generation, the Opel Zafira is the German automaker's entry into the MPV market. The Zafira was introduced in 1999. It is also produced in the United Kingdom under the Vauxhall badge.

This Toyota pickup has been available in the United States since 1999. By marketing the Tundra, Toyota became the first Japanese company to produce a pickup for the American market.

The 360, a small city car, was manufactured by Subaru from 1958 until 1971. This was the first model produced by Subaru and over 392,000 were made.

Also known as the Bighorn, the Isuzu Trooper was produced over two generations, from 1981 to 2002. The off-road credentials of the Trooper are borne out by the fact that these models won a number of international off-road races including the marathon section of the 1994 Paris-Dakar rally.

A Golf with a rear, the Jetta was first introduced by Volkswagen in 1979. Popular the world over, over 17 million have been sold.

Produced by Japanese auto manufacturer Mazda since 2006, the BT-50 is related to the Ford Ranger. The current model comes with two power plant options, either a 2.2 liter or 3.3 liter diesel engine.

The Lexus RC, a two-door coupe first produced in 2015, is a real looker. Engine options start with a 2-0 liter powerplant, but the top of the range RC is powered by a 5.0 L 2UR-GSE V8 engine.

Designed by Soni Honegger, the Scorpion was released in 1997. This off-roader can go just about anywhere thanks to its pivot suspension.

This two-door roadster was part of the Honda model range from 1999 to 2009. During this time two generations of the S2000 were produced, with around 110,000 sold in the U.S., Japan, U.K. and Canada.

One of the cheapest minivan options available, the Sedona, from Korean auto manufacturer Kia has met the highest of safety standards, an important consideration when traveling with your family. It is not the most economical and has less cargo space than some of its competitors, however.

Introduced in 1997, the Navigator was the first SUV offered by Ford's luxury brand, Lincoln. The Navigator is the heaviest vehicle ever produced by Ford. This was certainly a case of a vehicle that was large, and in charge!

Volkswagen started life in Germany in 1937. The first vehicle produced by the company was the iconic Beetle, or ‘People’s Car’ as it became known. But Volkswagen also produced another iconic vehicle. Commonly known as the Bus, this vehicle made its debut in 1949 and still today, the company manufactures its spiritual successors.

Another model from Porsche as they branch out into other markets, the Macan is a five-door compact luxury crossover.

The Phantom is a name synonymous with Rolls Royce and has been in production since the 1920s. The latest model, released in 2017, is a luxury saloon model.

Formerly Dodge RAM, this line of trucks dropped the Dodge in 2011. These are some of the most popular trucks in the United States, and models include the RAM 1500. The fifth generation debuted in 2018.

This 2-door, rear-wheel drive roadster debuted in 1996. Still produced today, the Lotus Elise remains a fun, nimble car to drive with plenty of power under your foot.

The Rodeo pickup was marketed by Holden for three generations, from 1980 to 2008. All vehicles were based on Isuzu models, with the third generation essentially the Isuzu D-Max.

This incredible looking sports car was produced by Jaguar between 1992 and 1994. Powered by a 3.5 L twin-turbocharged V6 engine, only 275 XJ200's were made.

The Evoque is an SUV launched by Range Rover in 2011. It is available in a three- and five-door version.

The Opel Mokka is the German car manufacturer’s current SUV offering. It was launched in 2012 and is available in a number of markets. Interestingly, this SUV is marketed in China and the U.S., but as the Buick Encore.

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