Can You Identify What These Items Or Colors Are in Spanish?

By: J. Scott Wilson
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Even if you've never been south of the border, you've probably picked up at least a little bit of Spanish from daily life. This quiz will put your Spanish savvy to the test! Look at the image and pick the word!

Rojo is red in Spanish. It sounds more exotic when you say it in Spanish!

Verde is green in Spanish. You can see this in English words like verdant.

In Spanish, sombrero means hat. It doesn't just apply to the wide-brimmed straw variety!

Mano is how you say "hand" in Spanish. In English, you can see this in words like manipulate or manicure.

You use your "ojo" to see things in Spanish. Hopefully, you have two, so it's "ojos."

Azul is Spanish for blue. You can see this in English in words like azure.

A Spanish cat is a gato. In either language, they'll scratch you if you annoy them.

Perro is Spanish for dog. There's not a good comparison word in English, so just learn it!

In Spanish, zapatos are shoes. There's not a real parallel in English.

Coche is Spanish for car. A connector in English would be a "coach," meaning a car on a train.

In Spain, you'll ride an autobús if you take public transportation. As crowded as the cities are, this is wise.

Libro is Spanish for book. You can get them at a library!

Papel is Spanish for paper. It's almost exactly like the English word.

White in Spanish is blanco. Don't draw a blank when you try to remember this!

Negro is Spanish for black. It has no social connotation in the language.

A shirt in Spanish is a camiseta. A similarity in English would be a camisole.

Chaqueta is "jacket" in Spanish. It sounds similar to the English word.

Leche is "milk" in Spanish. You'll get "cafe con leche" in coffee shops in Madrid.

Similar to French, coffee in Spanish is café. In South America, the coffee is incredibly rich!

Dinero is "money" in Spanish. You'll need mucho dinero to fly to Spain!

Jugo is Spanish for juice. As in French, it's usually written as "jugo de ...." with the name of fruit or vegetable.

It's not hard to get that gasolina is gasoline in Spanish. It's a lot more expensive in Europe than it is here.

Amarillo is Spanish for yellow. I'm not sure what this has to do with the city in Texas.

It's easy to order a hamburger in Spain. The hamburguesas as usually made with awesome quality beef.

Manzana is Spanish for apple. Spanish cuisine has some fantastic dessert dishes using apples.

A Spanish orange is a naranja. You'll be hard-pressed to find an English connection to this!

In Spanish, a banana is a plátano. Many different kinds of bananas are consumed in Latin and South America, and in every kind of cuisine.

A Spanish toy is a juguete. A possible English connection would be jocular, meaning "of good humor."

Bola is Spanish for ball. It's not too far off from its English counterpart!

Flores is Spanish for "flower." Your language will be more floral if you know this.

Árbol is Spanish for "tree." You can see this in English words like arbor.

Brazo is Spanish for arm. When you embrace someone, you use your brazos!

Pierna is Spanish for leg. A fishing pier has long "legs" that go down into the water, so use that to remember this!

Pescado is Spanish for fish. Pescatarians eat no meat except fish, so they should know this word!

Aves is Spanish for bird. Aviation makes it possible for people to fly like birds, so use this to remember it!

Avión is Spanish for airplane. There are dozens of English words that can remind you of this, but don't forget the accent mark!

Silla is Spanish for "chair." There's not a good direct comparison word in English.

In Spanish, cooking is done in "la cocina." And you'll probably want to eat whatever comes out of there!

Cuarto is bedroom in Spanish. You can go to "your quarters," which will help you remember this!

Baño is Spanish for bathroom. You'll need to know this at some point during your travels!

Plato is Spanish for plate. This one's just one letter off from the English version!

Tenedor is Spanish for fork. You might want this unless you're going to eat with your hands!

Cuchillo is Spanish for knife. That refers to a table knife. There are other words for other blades!

Cuchara is Spanish for spoon. If you're having a bowl of sopa (soup), you'll need one!

Agua is the Spanish word for water. You'll want some after eating some salty, delicious Spanish ham.

A door in Spanish is a puerta. You can see this in the English word portal.

Barco is Spanish for boat. There are, of course, many other words for specific kinds of watercraft.

Ventana is the Spanish word for window. On a hot Madrid day, you'll want to close these and turn on the air conditioner.

Dulces is the general word for candy or sweets in Spanish. There are other words like caramelo and many others!

Pie is Spanish for foot. This draws a direct line to English words like pedestal.

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