Can You Identify These Pokemon Characters From an Image?

By: Alex Wittman
Image: The Pokemon Company

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Whether you traded cards with your friends or you were a master trainer in the making, Pokemon inspired legions of fans to get out there and catch 'em all. At its height, Pokemon seemed to take over the world. Merchandise, movies, video games: Pokemon was everywhere. In recent years, Pokemon has experienced a resurgence in popularity thanks to the likes of the augmented reality mobile game called
"Pokemon Go."

As a budding Ash Ketchum, you were on a mission to collect and train as many Pokemon characters as possible. From the iconic Pikachu and adorable Squirtle to the intimidating Mewtwo and ferocious Pinsir, Pokemon captured our hearts and imaginations while we were trying to capture them. Regardless of whether it's been years or hours since you last played Pokemon, take this quiz to see how many characters you can identify. If you can do so from just an image, well, you're definitely worth your weight in Poke balls. 

While you're putting your Pokemon knowledge to the test, you'll also learn interesting facts about your favorite characters. Do you know Mewtwo's origin story? How about Metapod's not-so-amazing defense mechanism? This quiz has a mix of popular Pokemon and lesser-known characters to keep things interesting. Once you've finished, send it to your friends to see how they'd fair against you in the Pokemon gym. Is that Charizard roaring your name? You've gotta catch 'em all!

This orange, dragon-like Pokemon first appeared in video games and is the subject of various merchandise as well as spin-offs. Charizard is the final evolution of Charmander, after passing through the Charmeleon phase.

Mewtwo is one of the fiercest characters in the Pokemon world. Mewtwo is a clone of Mew; however, it's much stronger and much more powerful.

A long way from Wartortle and even longer from Squirtle, Blastoise is one powerful Pokemon. Its water cannons are strong enough to destroy steel and concrete.

Mew, a psychic-type Pokemon, only appears to people who are pure of heart. For many years, players could only legitimately obtain Mew from Pokemon distribution events. Scientists created Mewtwo using a fossilized Mew eyelash.

Meet Dragonite. This flying dragon is wicked fast and can circle the entire globe in just 16 hours. Dragonite starts out as Dratini and reaches its final form after evolving through Dragonair.

Let's hear it for this legendary fire-type Pokemon: Arcanine. From its diamond-shaped ears to its furry striped pelt, Arcanine may not seem all that different from Growlithe, but its lightning speed will leave you wondering what hit you.

Incredibly limber but not so great at combat, Ditto is a free-form blob Pokemon. It's capable of transforming into an exact replica of other Pokemon, including their abilities. But, if Ditto relies on just its memory to change, it sometimes gets details wrong.

A psychic-type Pokemon, Alakazam has formidable mental strength. The final form of Abra, it evolves from Kadabra and is able to move objects telepathically. Both male and female Alakazams have mustaches.

After evolving from Magikarp, Gyarados is able to leap huge distances both on land and in the water. It has a nasty temper, and Gyarados will destroy anything in its path using its strong fangs.

At first glance, Scyther looks like a praying mantis, but it's much more deadly than a little old insect. Evolving from Scizor, Scyther gets its name for the razor-sharp claws it wields instead of arms. You need to keep a close eye on this Pokemon, because Scyther can camouflage itself for a sneak attack.

You're not going to want to mess with Zapdos, one of three Legendary birds of Kanto. While in flight, Zapdos has the power to cause thunderstorms with the flap of its electrically charged wings. This Pokemon is rarely seen.

With its large wings made of ice, Articuno can make snow fall by simply flapping its wings. If you're lost on a mountaintop, keep an eye out for Articuno, who's known to help travelers to safety.

This sleepy Pokemon is Snorlax. Snorlax evolves from Munchlax, and trainers often find it snoring away in inconvenient locations. Snorlax would sleep all the time if it didn't have to wake up to eat. This iconic Pokemon character eats anything and everything to sustain its giant body.

Starting out as Ghastly before evolving into Haunter, Gengar has the ability to camouflage itself within the shadow of any object. Pretty cool, huh? This Pokemon is very mischievous and has been known to take its practical jokes too far.

Both gentle and helpful, Lapras is one of the sweetest characters in the world of Pokemon. It may look familiar, as this sea critter closely resembles a plesiosaur. It's a favorite Pokemon among paleontologists!

With signature moves like Gust and Feather Dance, Pidgeot is a formidable opponent. From high in the sky, it searches out Magikarp and swoops down at supersonic speed.

Everyone knows Bulbasaur, but are you familiar with its evolution, Ivysaur? This blue-green Pokemon has a giant pink bud on its back supported by leafy green fronds. Because of the added weight, Ivysaur has sturdy legs. The more time this Pokemon spends in the sun, the stronger it becomes.

If you think Pikachu is cool, just wait until you meet Raichu. Raichu has both electric and psychic powers, so you know it's about to go down. This Pokemon stores electricity in its cheeks and is able to ride its tail like a surfboard. Gnarly!

Machamp kind of looks like a mixed martial arts fighter but with two more arms and way fewer toes. It evolves from Machoke and is the final evolution before Machop. Not even Rocky Balboa would stand a chance against Machamp's 500 punches per second.

When you notice Vaporeon's fins starting to vibrate, it's safe to assume rain is on its way. This Pokemon is one of the beloved Eevee's final forms. Some people mistake Vaporeon, which is able to melt into the water, for a mermaid.

Sweet little Ponyta evolves into the fierce Rapidash. Rapidash might look like an ordinary horse if it weren't for its flaming tail. Even more impressive than Usain Bolt, Rapidash attains its top speeds (150 mph) in only 10 steps.

Definitely not the prettiest character in the world of Pokemon, Muk evolves from Grimer. Despite being fairly friendly, Muk has the potential to destroy the planet. A complete bio hazard, Muk kills all the plant life it comes in contact with.

Unfortunately, Omastar is an extinct Pokemon. Intended for protection, its helix-spiral shell proved too much for this squid-like character: The weight of its shell inhibited it from moving freely and hunting.

An interesting take on a hermit crab, Slowbro evolves from Slowpoke. Amazingly, Slowbro is incapable of feeling pain. Shellder's poison flowing through its veins makes Slowbro stronger, but this Pokemon rarely fights and prefers swimming.

Resembling a buffalo, Tauros has a tail-like a whip and is actually quite a violent Pokemon. This Pokemon lives and travels in herds—just like the wild beasts you see in parts of North America.

Geodude becomes Graveler, and Graveler becomes Golem. This rock Pokemon doesn't look like a critter you want to mess with. Like a turtle, Golem can with draw its exposed body parts into its boulder of a shell. Once tucked away, it can roll after its opponents at high speeds.

Ninetales is the evolution of Vulpix and one of the prettiest Pokemon. Similar to a fox, Ninetales has lush fur to keep itself warm. But looks can be deceiving: Ninetales is a vengeful Pokemon, and you can be sure it never forgets a grudge in its 1,000-year life.

Fans of Jigglypuff will fall head over heels for Wigglytuff. Wigglytuff's pink fur is so soft you might not be able to stop petting it—seriously! This Pokemon can inflate itself up to 20 times its normal body size in order to float and bounce its little heart out.

Dewgong would look exactly like a sea lion if it weren't for that giant horn on its head. It uses that horn to break up thick ice, which comes in handy when your home is the frigid ocean.

Sort of a cross between a dodo and an ostrich, Dodrio has three heads to compensate for its lack of wings. Each head has its own working brain and distinct personality. Imagine trying to decide where to go to dinner!

The evolution of Primeape, Mankey is a fighting machine. Part monkey and part pig, this Pokemon is super aggressive and quick to anger. It may be small, but Mankey knows how to tussle.

This is Sandslash. Its primary weapons are its claws, which it uses for—you guessed it—slashing. This Pokemon also likes to burrow and will curl into a tight ball to protect itself.

To be honest, Psyduck doesn't have very good control over its powers. This Pokemon is almost always suffering from severe migraines, and it's only when those migraines are at their most severe that Psyduck unleashes it psychic power.

Tentacruel leaves Tentacool in the dust. This jellyfish-like Pokemon has a total of 80 tentacles. All the better to sting you with, my dear. When it's not hunting, Tentacruel keeps the majority of its tentacles hidden and short.

Diglett lives the majority of its life underground and only ever exposes its head. If Diglett gets too much sunlight, it grows weak, which is why a cave is the perfect home for this Pokemon.

Gloom spends a lot of its life with its eyes closed. But that's not drool coming out of this Pokemon's mouth; it's actually a special nectar that works well as a plant fertilizer. So, in fact, Gloom is a gardener's best friend!

This very common but sort of cute Pokemon is Rattata. With chompers like those, it's no wonder its signature moves are Hyper Fang and Super Fang.

Even though its name is Mr. Mime, this Pokemon has both male and female genders. It's generally very rare to see Mr. Mime, but would you really want to?

This voluptuous Pokemon is Jynx. Rather than relying on its nearly indecipherable language, Jynx prefers to communicate through dance. Its signature move, Lovely Kiss, puts its opponents to sleep.

It's not the most exciting Pokemon, but Metapod still has some cool abilities. Okay, not really. Basically a green chrysalis, Metapod's only defense is hardening its shell when attacked.

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