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Now we all love the way our cars look. Perhaps one of the first reasons we buy them is for this reason. But that doesn't mean what is found under the hood isn't important.

In fact, for some, the engine can sometimes surpass the beauty of the car. These are the people who love to spend their weekends getting down and dirty ... and greasy for that matter. For them, the powerplant of the car is the thing that they love the most. Here, horsepower and torque figures are important. Sometimes, they will look at the gas mileage ... but just sometimes!

Car engines have certainly come a long, long way since the first internal combustion engine was designed over 140 years ago. Early models were difficult to start and even more difficult to keep running. Today, just turn a key (or press a button) and the modern engine jumps into life, ready to do your beck and call!

So back to the quiz at hand. Would you be able to identify a range of engines and name them from just a single image that we provide? Some are fairly easy, while others will take a fair amount of knowledge or maybe guesswork.

Have a go!

Good luck. 

This engine was found in one of the most important cars in early auto history. Name it.

Certainly not the most powerful but one of the most important engines ever made. Why? Well, it drove possible the most significant car in auto history - the Model T.


This engine powered the first ever motorcar. Can you name it?

It certainly looks a lot different from modern engines today, but this was the most significant engine in history as it powered the world's first car, the Benz Autowagen.


This modern engine produces close to 1000 HP! Can you name it?

The W16 from Volkswagen first appeared in the Bugatti Veyron hypercar. This sees a four-bank W configuration for 16 cylinders! It produces around 987 brake horsepower. Simply incredible!


Over 1 million units of this engine have been produced since 1955. Can you name it?

The Chevrolet Small-Block V8 was first released in 1955 and by the end of that year, over a million had been built. Simple, yet effective and powerful, derivatives of this engine are still made today and over 100 million have been made.


Can you name this powerplant first released in the early 1930s?

The Flathead V8 was a revelation by Ford in 1932. Quite simply put, at the time, there was nothing similar to it out there. Most importantly, it was cheap, which made it more accessible to people struggling through the Great Depression.


This high-performance engine produces around 562 brake horsepower. Can you name it?

With its extremely high piston speed and high revs for a smallish engine (in supercar terms), the 458 V8 from Ferrari is exceptional. It's not cheap to manufacture, however, but produces an impressive 562 brake horsepower.


Can you name this high-performance engine in the image?

The RS 4.0-liter Flat-6 is the largest street legal engine found in a 911 Porsche. It produces an incredible 493 brake horsepower.


This famous engine is a favorite with muscle car fans. Do you know what it is?

The famous 426 Hemi is an engine that all gas heads know and love. It helped change the course of NASCAR in 1965. Chrysler soon built a streel legal version which produced 425 brake horsepower.


This engine went into high-performance cars from one of America's "Big Three." Can you name the maker and the engine?

Chevrolet came up with the 454 big block V8 especially for their performance models. Cars such as the Camaro, Chevelle and Corvette all came with the option of the 454 engine. And everyone loved this powerplant. Sadly, the oil crisis of the mid-1970s saw it only produced in these cars till around 1974 before it became a heavy duty truck only option.


This diesel engine was the first designed by a prominent European luxury car maker. Can you name it?

BMW's first diesel engine, the M21 appeared in many of their models and others around the world, including a model of the Lincoln Continental line. BMW's aim with this motor was more based on fuel economy, but it was powerful enough too.


Can you name the Italian engine in the image?

Powering the Jeep Cherokee and RAM 1500 since 2014 is the VM Motori L630. This diesel engine is Italian designed and produces 240 brake horsepower with 500 lb-ft of torque. Certainly very impressive figures.


This large-capacity engine is found in a number of pickup models in the United States. Name it, please.

Found in Chevrolet trucks such as the Kodiak, Silverado and others, the Duramax 6.6-liter diesel engine that produces around 400 brake horsepower and 765 lb-ft of torque. Those sure are impressive numbers.


This engine is lightweight, thanks to the fact that it has an aluminum crankcase. What is its name?

Light, versatile and compact, the TFSI from Volkswagen is supercharged (providing low-end torque) and turbocharged (to get the job done at high speeds).


Inexpensive, reliable and good performance. That's what this engine gave. Can you name it?

Simple to work on, excellent brake horsepower and torque figures, relatively inexpensive and a V8. You can see what drives people toward this powerplant.


What is the name of this engine?

This engine first appeared in the Evo Sport version of BMW's legendary E30 M3 in 1991. It made the car even better and produced around 180 brake horsepower, which together with the nimble chassis, made for an incredible package.


Reliable, fuel efficient and with peppy performance, can you name this engine?

This engine shows that Toyota engines were not only reliable but had much more to offer including excellent fuel consumption and great torque. It was also relatively small and could fit into more compact models. It was the standard engine featured in the popular Toyota MR-2.


Over 5 million units of this straight-six engine have been sold over the years. Can you name it?

The first AMC 4.0 straight-six was first released in the mid-'60s. This engine continued to be refined and updated and today, 5 million have been produced.


A high-revving performance engine from Japan. Can you name it?

A 200 brake horsepower engine that revved at around 8000 rpm. What's not to like about the Honda K20? Easily upgraded, too.


A pure racing engine thanks to the pedigree of its makers. Can you name it?

A collaboration between BMW and McLaren led to the F1 S70 V12 engine. Despite it not being designed for racing, the first time the engine was entered at Le Mans (in the McLaren F1 GTR car), it won.


Do you know the name of the engine in the image?

In the Acura Integra Type R, the B18C5 Inline-4 worked hand in glove. It produced 195 brake horsepower and 130 lb-ft of torque.


This versatile engine remains popular today despite the fact it is over 25 years old. Do you know which one it is?

The basic version of the 2JZ-GTE from Toyota was released in 1991 with a variable timing upgrade following 1997. You can put this engine in just about anything!


A popular engine, this unit was red-lined at 8,900 rpm. Do you know its name?

One of the first things people love about the F20C Inline-4 engine from Honda is the sound it makes. Found in the Honda S2000, this engine just screamed when pushing high revs (it red-lined at 8900 rpm). Incredibly, it produced 240 brake horsepower.


This modern engine produces over 700 brake horsepower. Can you name it?

Unbelievable technology from Ferrari. The 6.3-liter V12 Ferrari engine found in the LaFerrari produces an incredible 789 brake horsepower.


This engine generates incredible torque figures. Over 1 million have been sold in the United States. What is it?

The first fully electronically controlled diesel engine in the United States, the Series 60 is well-loved. The most powerful versions generate 525 brake horsepower and 1,725 lb-ft of torque. Over 1 million units have been sold since 1993 in the range.


This power plant is found in a number of American trucks and vans. In fact, it powers over 2 million vehicles. Can you name it?

Over 2 million vehicles in the US have the Navistar International 7.3-liter Power Stroke engine. If that doesn't say enough about it, nothing does. It produced 275 brake horsepower and appeared in a number of Ford vehicles including Econoline vans and the Super Duty F-Series.


This engine was first seen in a very famous muscle car in the late 1960s. Can you name it?

Ford picked an incredible car to put the 302 Ford V8 into - the Shelby GT350! It provided not only power but reliability. An even higher-performance version went into 1969's Boss Mustang.


Can you name this high-revving 10-cylinder engine?

This 10-cylinder engine revs at 8,700 rpm. Simply incredible and the perfect power plant for for the beautiful Lexus LFA.


What is the name of the engine in the image?

Today, the 50 to 80 horsepower produced by the I-6 (depending on the year and model) seem paltry, but for its time, it was a very advanced engine. First released in 1929, it used overhead valves in a time when most other engines in pickups were flat heads.


A power plant for many GM products, can you name this engine?

The engine of the Hummer H1, the Detroit Diesel V8 also was an option for many GM products, mainly pickups for over 20 years. It produced 190 brake horsepower and 380 lb-ft of torque.


This engine was first produced in 1969. Can you name it?

The 351 Windsor was introduced by Ford to bridge the gap between big block and small block engines. First introduced in 1969, like many other performance engines of the time, it suffered under the mid-1970s oil crisis. It did appear in the 1995 Mustang Cobra R however.


Do you know the model of the engine in this image?

The Peugeot 405Mi16 was a fun car to drive in 1989. This was partially thanks to the XU9J4 1.9-liter Inline-4 engine that powered it.


Can you name the engine that appears in this image?

First released in 1985, the Cummings B59 came to the fore as a powerplant for 1989's Dodge Ram. Producing around 400 lb-ft of torque, it quickly turned the RAM into the towing vehicle of choice for many.


Used in both pickups and heavy trucks, do you know the name of this engine?

Produced for a 31-year period between 1965 and 1996 the 300 I-6 from Ford was a stalwart of their F-truck series. So impressive was this engine that Ford used it in heavy-duty truck models as well.


The engine in the image is named the _________?

The Dodge 440 V8, also known as the 'Wedge' V8. This engine was featured in a few models from 1972 to 1978 including the 'Little Red Express' with dual stack exhausts.


This engine has excellent brake horsepower and impressive torque. Can you name it?

First released by Toyota in the early 1990s, the 2JZ-GTE quickly became a firm favorite, even in competitive motor racing. This inline six-cylinder engine produced 325 brake horsepower and 400 lb-ft of torque. It was the engine of choice for early models of the Toyota Supra.


Surprisingly, this engine has ended up in a range of vehicles you would think to find it in, including those from the United States. Can you name it?

Probably best known as the powerplant in the Lancer Evo, the Sirius 4G63 from Mitsubishi certainly was a top engine. In fact, this 4.0-liter engine ended up in a range of vehicles including Chrysler, Hyundai and even Chevy.


Can you name the engine in the image?

Found in Corvettes and other Chevy models in the mid-1960s, the 427 produced 390 brake horsepower. A ZL1 version was specially produced for racing, although it was not available in any other Chevrolet models. This could reach around 500 brake horsepower when tuning up.


Can you name this powerful engine?

Produced from 2011 to 2015, the 'Scorpion' Power Stroke V8 was a 6.7-liter engine that produced 390 brake horsepower and over 700 lb-ft of torque. Powerful!


What is the model of the engine in the image?

Made from 1965 to 1978 by Chrysler, holds the record for the longest-running big block engine produced by one of America's 'Big Three'. And then Mopar added a kit to take the brake horsepower up to way beyond its initial 450 brake horsepower.


Not only for cars, this engine was even found in tractors. Can you name it?

Reliable and strong, this was a popular engine for Ford when it was first introduced in 1965. So versatile was this engine that it could be found in a range of models as well as agricultural equipment, trucks and tractors.


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