Can You Identify These Classic Wrestling Finishing Moves from an Image?

By: Kennita Leon
Image: Miguel Discart via Wiki Commons

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All wrestling fans will know what finishing moves, or finishers, as they are sometimes called, are. But if you just became a fan of this action-packed fighting style, a finisher is a move a professional wrestler performs to win their match. It is usually done when the opponent is near defeat, and the wrestler with the advantage wants to take them out in style. 

Over the years, different wrestling pros have come up with their own finishers. They involve jumping, kicking, flying, kneeing and punching other wrestlers on various parts of their bodies. What we're trying to test today is whether or not you can name a finisher from a still picture. So can you?

Have you watched wrestling enough to identify the Atomic Leg Drop done by none other than Hulk Hogan? Or what about Randy Savage's amazing Diving Elbow Drop? You see, to ace this quiz, not only do you need to know the names of the moves, but you also need to know the wrestler who made it up, as well as the wrestlers who use the move.

So if you're up to the challenge of identifying these awesome finishers and making the wrestling gods proud, let's get started!

The wrestler is picked up by the core, lifted by his waist, raised above the head then dropped from that height. This move was done by the Undertaker, who is 6 ft 11 inches tall.

The wrestler is in a seated position with the executor wrapping his arms around the neck and one arm of his opponent. By pulling his opponent forward, it creates pressure on the neck and arms.

The opponent is taken down by the executor who flips him over his shoulder by the neck and drops him to the mat.

This finishing move was done by Kofi Kingston. It involved jumping and delivering a corkscrew roundhouse kick to the body.

A favorite of many wrestlers, this finishing move is done from the top rope. The wrestler then executes a 1 and ½ front flip and lands on his opponent's chest.

This finishing move involved the opponent's mouth being stuffed with a sock named Socko by the wrestler Mankind.

A swift kick is delivered to the challenger's body. This finishing move is very popular among wrestlers.

Delivered by Dean Ambrose, this finisher was done by holding the opponent's head in a grip. The executioner would then kick his foot back and allow his body weight to bring down the challenger's body.

This iconic takedown was the finishing move for the Peoples Champ "The Rock." The move involved The Rock picking up and body slamming his opponent.

This finishing move was performed by having the victim placed on the middle turnbuckle and having a knee kick delivered to their groin.

This finishing move belongs to John Cena. To execute the Attitude Adjustment, he would place his opponent's torso around his neck and push them off feet first, slamming them to the mat.

Performed by Matt Hardy, this finisher involved wrapping his hands around the rival's neck and twisting his body to bring the victim to the mat.

The Killswitch involves switching the direction of the opponent's body by twisting the hands, then forcefully bringing down the adversary's head into the mat.

This finishing move is administered by Paige; she lifts her opponent in a bear hug, applies a hammerlock then uses a front face lock and drives the opponent's head into the mat.

This finisher is done on a belly-down opponent; the executor gets on top his rival, locks the elbows and locks his hands onto the challenger's mouth, pulling until they submit.

Performed by wrestler Roman Reigns, this finishing move involves Roman running up, jumping in the air and delivering a knockout punch to his opponent's face.

Rob Van Dam's finishing move, the Van Daminator involved Rob usually throwing a chair to his opponent who would try using it, only to have Rob Van Dam kick the chair into them.

Zack Ryders's impressive finisher involves springing off the mat, wrapping his thighs around his opponent's head and forcefully bringing them to the mat.

Invented by Carlito, this finishing move involves the executor pulling his rival onto himself, while the executioner hits the mat; the opponent receives two knees to the back.

This finishing move is banned by WWE, with permission for use granted only to The Undertaker and Kane.

Former WWE wrestler Santino Marella performed this finishing move by delivering a swift strike to the throats of his opponents. He would utilize a sock puppet that was hidden in his trunks and shout out "Cobra!" right before striking.

This finishing move name stands for Stepover Toehold Facelock. It was performed by John Cena; he would apply pressure to the challenger's face and neck while having them in a toehold position.

This is the finishing move of Randy Orton; this wrestler takes a short running start, grabs his opponent by the neck and uses his own body weight to slam the challenger to the mat.

This finishing move was made famous by Yokozuna, where the executor would climb onto the second rope and drop their massive body on a floored opponent. It would appear as though the executor is sitting right on the challenger's face.

Wrestler Kevin Owens would push his opponents into the ropes, and when they turned, he would pick and toss them in the air and drop them onto the mat.

Delivered by the iconic Hulk Hogan as his finishing move, the Atomic Leg Drop used the force from rebounding off the ropes and was carried out by having one leg drop on top his downed opponent.

This finisher belonged to superstar wrestler Bret Hart. It involved him locking the foot of his opponent and twisting their body until they tapped out.

Wrestler Randy Savage's finishing move, "the top rope elbow drop," involved him climbing onto the top rope of the ring and flinging himself onto his downed opponent, letting his elbow powerfully connect with their body.

Edge performed this submission hold finisher by placing his opponent's leg in a lock and applying pressure to the knee and back, till the opponent tapped out.

Jack Swagger's finishing move required power and technique; the opponent would be picked up by the gut and power bombed into the mat.

Performed by Sasha Banks, this finishing move involved her climbing the back of her opponent, taking her down then applying pressure to the neck.

This extremely unshakable move by Rob Van Dam involved springing off the top ropes into a chair placed on an overpowered opponent.

This finishing move is similar to a running football tackle and has been used by wrestlers Edge, Goldberg and Roman Reigns.

This finisher is performed by Daniel Bryans; he brings his opponent to submission by locking their hand using one leg and applying pressure to the face.

This is a standing backflip with a three- quarter flip, locking the opponent by the face and bringing him to the mat on his back.

From the top rope, wrestler Neville would perform a spectacular corkscrew flip and land on his defeated opponent.

Ric Flair's daughter performed this very safe finisher, where Charlotte would apply pressure to her opponent's shoulder, slamming her into the mat, face first.

This backbreaking move involves Batista picking up his opponent and delivering a sit-down powerbomb to finish them off.

This finisher involves grabbing the opponent's foot and intertwining your legs with theirs while applying pressure to the foot and legs.

Invented by Scott Hall in the '80s, he would carry his opponent on his back and keep their hands outstretched, then drop them over his head and onto the mat in a powerbomb.

Performed by Dolph Ziggler, it involved the executor springing from the mat, grabbing his opponent by the head/neck and dragging them down to the mat.

Invented by "The Great Sasuke," this move involves the executor hurling themselves off the top rope, performing a flip and landing on their defeated opponent.

Mr. Perfect performed this finishing move in which he would lift his opponent off the mat by his knee, then fall backward, dropping the victim to the mat.

Undertaker's finisher called Hell's Gate involved him locking his opponent into a triangle choke using his legs and applying pressure to the back of the head with his hands.

This is the finishing move of Big E Langston, where he would carry his opponent on one shoulder and suplex his rival onto the mat.

Triple H's finisher involves using the thighs to lock the opponent's neck while holding the opponent's hand into submission behind their back and administering a facebuster.

This move is performed when the executor pummels the opponent by using his shoulder and upper arm. Ryback added pizzazz to the move by pumping up himself in the corner.

Jericho would administer the "Walls of Jericho" by grabbing his opponent's feet, twisting their body upward, which would apply a strain on the neck; he would then sit on their back till they submitted.

Performed by Cesaro, this move involves the challenger being picked up by the crotch and then being slammed into the mat belly-first.

Executed by A.J. Lee, this finishing move needs the leg to be wrapped around the opponent's leg, while the other leg is tossed over the neck, keeping it down, and an armbar lock brings the opponent to submission.

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