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Whiskers are interesting additions to animal bodies. They're coarse hairs known as vibrissae that rarely shed. Although there are some breeds of domestic dogs and cats that don't have whiskers, they have been selectively bred not to have them, and it can be rather dangerous for them to be absent or trimmed. Anyone who owns a cat or a dog knows that whiskers aren't only the cutest thing in the world on an animal; they are a necessity. For most mammals in the animal kingdom, whiskers function as another sense. The tiny coarse hairs are connected to an intricate cluster of nerves that helps the animal see, sense danger and find food. It is nature's way of making up for their lack of logic and reasoning. While there are thousands of animals that have whiskers for this purpose, we've only chosen 40 for this quiz. 

If you love playing with your pet's whiskers, it's important to know that they aren't the only ones roaming around with those little hairs. Take this quiz to see if you can identify all of these animals who actually have whiskers ... You'll be surprised who in the animal kingdom has whiskers and where they're located.

Do you know what kind of whiskered animal this is?

Yes, deer have whiskers (for all of you non-hunters out there). These whiskers function like most other whiskers, but the pattern of whiskers on a white-tailed deer is very intricate and can be found around the nose and mouth.

Can you name this striped cat with whiskers?

Tigers have whiskers all over their bodies, giving them a near sixth sense when it comes to hunting and avoiding danger. These whiskers are located between its paws, above its eyes and on its mouth.

Do you know this small rodent with whiskers?

A mouse's whiskers are very interesting. They are nearly as long as the mouse's body, and they are twice as thick and the mouse's other hair. This helps heighten their senses and even gives them information about air pressure.

What kind of big cat is this?

A cheetah's whiskers are a little different from other large cats. Cheetah whiskers are less developed than other cats because they don't often hunt at night and they don't need the extra senses to tell them where they're going.

Do you recognize this small animal with whiskers and a bushy tail?

Squirrels come in many different shapes and colors as well as types. These small rodents are usually found in trees in residential and wooded areas. Their whiskers help them find food and sense danger.

Can you tell us what this whiskered animal is?

Even hyenas have whiskers, and their whiskers hold special powers. Along with their tails and ears, a hyena's whiskers are considered valuable commodities by witch doctors in regions where hyenas are indigenous.

Which long-necked animal has several tiny whiskers around its mouth and nose?

At first glance, you can't tell that giraffes have whiskers. However, they have several of these long coarse hairs around their mouths to help them sense food as they have their heads in trees.

This animal has whiskers and long ears. What is it?

A surprising fact about the jackrabbit is that it isn't a rabbit at all; it's a hare. These small mammals have long whiskers that you can see from afar, if you're really looking and the jackrabbit isn't moving too fast.

What animal has whiskers to help it go fishing?

We all know that seals have whiskers, as they stick right out on the animal's otherwise hairless body. For most species of seal, these whiskers are incredibly sensitive to the movements that fish make in the water.

Do you recognize this animal that is a natural carpenter?

A little known fact about beavers is that their whiskers actually help them measure a given space to help them determine whether or not they will be able to fit through it. This is especially helpful if they are building a home.

Can you name this animal with the most distinguishable whiskers in the animal kingdom?

A walrus' whiskers are thicker than most whiskers you've ever seen because they're actually attached to blood supplies. This helps them become excellent hunters and find stationary food, including clams.

This animal uses its whiskers to see in the dark. What is it?

A possum's whiskers are extra sensitive. Because they are nocturnal creatures, they usually use their whiskers in the dark to help them sense food and predators that might be in the area.

Do you recognize this animal that has whiskers and a long tail?

Lemurs are easily the coolest-looking animal in the animal kingdom. They have specific patterns on their tails, and their eyes have dark circles around them. Their whiskers are found around their black noses.

Can you name this animal with very fine whiskers?

A wombat might not look as though it has whiskers, but that's because they are very fine and not too long. If you look closely enough, these small whiskers are found around the wombat's muzzle.

These little creepers are usually found in sewers, but do you recognize the animal with these whiskers?

Rats are mammals with one of the biggest populations in the world. There are so many rats, in fact, that we honestly can't count them all. The best estimate for rats is nearly seven billion in the world. That's a lot of gross.

What is this animal that you can ride but also has whiskers?

While some don't think horses need whiskers, it's a terrible idea to trim them. Horses use these whiskers to sense different things in their environment, and even if you think they're tacky, they should remain on the animal.

Do you recognize this animal that produces milk and has whiskers?

Cows are used for dairy products and meat products. There are an estimated 1.5 billion cows around the world that are used for these purposes. These gentle creatures are herbivores.

Which animal has whiskers and sleeps 22 hours a day?

Yes, the koala bear does sleep up to 22 hours per day. They are a very relaxed and chill animal, until you wake them up, of course. Many humans can relate to this. Koalas are generally found in Australia.

Can you identify this bouncy animal with whiskers?

Kangaroos are marsupials that are very strong. Some species of kangaroo can reach up to 91 pounds. If you come across one, you'd best leave it alone, as they can be pretty violent.

Do you know the name of this odd little animal with whiskers?

This adorable animal looks like a cross between a teddy bear and a hamster. Its small round ears and long whiskers give it everything it needs to be named one of the cutest animals in the world.

This household pet also has whiskers. What is it?

Gerbils are small house pets that are usually kept in cages. They are ideal for small children, as their mess is generally contained to a cage. They use their whiskers as most rodents do: to sense danger and measure their environment.

What is this stinky animal with whiskers?

Skunks are pretty gross creatures, but if you look at them without smelling them, you'll realize that they are kind of cute, and their whiskers help with that. Skunks only spray when they think they're in danger.

This creature is really smart. Can you identify it?

Though they look soft and snuggly, foxes are solitary animals. They can be playful if they find something to play with, but they're usually alone. Their long black whiskers help them find food.

Do you recognize this large animal with whiskers on its chin?

A moose is a large animal that is in the deer family. They can reach up to 1,300 pounds when they are fully grown, and they can destroy your vehicle if they feel threatened by it. Back away slowly; these guys don't mess around.

Which rodent has whiskers and a long tail?

Chinchillas also have incredibly soft fur that is almost minky. These adorable creatures are found in the wild in South America near the Andes Mountains. However, they are also great pets for small children.

Can you identify this flying beast with whiskers?

Many nocturnal animals need whiskers to help them see. Because bats are blind, their whiskers can help them sense where they are going as they fly, what is happening in their environment and when there is danger near.

This animal has hair on its feet that acts like whiskers. What is it?

An armadillo has little hairs all over its body, and this hair helps them sense what is around them and understand their environment. It's a great way for them to find food and places to sleep.

What kind of bear has tiny whiskers and white fur?

Unlike most animals, polar bears have whiskers that don't help them sense things around them. This lack of touch sensors makes it essential for polar bears to use all of their other senses to find food.

This bipedal animal does have whiskers. Do you know what it is?

While many don't think about it, chimpanzees do have whiskers. They are small and thin and aren't as apparent as most other animal whiskers, but they are there to help the chimp sense different things around them.

Which marsupial has an interesting look along with some whiskers?

These unusual-looking creatures are bilbies. They look like someone mixed a rabbit and a rat. There were once two species of this animal, but the lesser bilby faced extinction in the 1950s.

Can you name this bear with distinct markings and whiskers?

Technically, pandas don't have whiskers in the sense that we think of whiskers. They have long coarse hairs around their nose and mouth, but these hairs don't have the sensory abilities that other whiskers have.

What is this animal that looks like a mix between a raccoon and a fox?

The red panda isn't technically a panda. They're found in central China, and they are pretty much the most adorable animal in the world. Their striped tails and facial markings are distinct and pretty.

This animal uses his whiskers to measure. What is it?

Gophers are everyone's favorite pests. They are cute, but they dig and dig and dig. This leads to endless garden situations as well as landscaping nightmares. They use their whiskers to sense what's going on in their tunnels.

Do you know the identity of this animal that lives underground?

The paca can usually be found in Central America and South America. They are considered rodents, which isn't surprising because they look very much like rats and possums made a new species.

Which animal with whiskers can "fly" from branch to branch?

Flying mice aren't technically able to fly. They have long, loose skin connecting their appendages that helps them glide when they jump. While they aren't mice, they resemble the creatures.

Can you tell us what this furry animal with whiskers is called?

The red-crested tree-rat has whiskers that blend in with its long red hair. These little creatures are usually found around Central America in heavily wooded areas. Their whiskers can grow up to five inches long.

What extra-large breed of cat is this?

Maine Coons have the distinction of being the largest domestic cat breed available. Therefore, it would only make sense that they have the longest whiskers of any domestic cat. These beautiful creatures need a lot of space to roam around.

Can you name this predator with whiskers?

A mountain lion has whiskers, just like nearly every species and breed of cat. They use these whiskers to sense what is around them. While these animals are predators, they rarely attack humans.

What are these loud farm animals called?

The beards on goats aren't technically whiskers, but the small fine hairs around their mouths (close to their lips) are whiskers. People love goats because they like having pet landscapers roaming around their land.

Do you know this sea animal with whiskers?

These gentle giants are at risk. They are friendly creatures that like to visit boats and tourists, but sometimes they get too close to motor blades. Manatees are suually found in warmer waters, near the Gulf of Mexico.

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