Can You Identify These Animals From a Black and White Photo?

By: Elizabeth Lavis
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In this deceptively easy quiz, we've put a spin on identifying common animals by showing them only in black and white. You will be amazed by how much you rely on your color perception to figure out members of the animal kingdom!

Can you tell whether a big cat is a lion or a tiger if there is no telltale orange in the picture? Will you be able to identify a colorful peacock when it has been completed stripped of its color? Even sea animals, which generally come in various shades of gray, are difficult to pick out when rendered in solely black and white. There's a reason why the animal kingdom is represented in deep browns, oranges, bright reds, blues and a whole host of other colors. We wouldn't be able to know what the heck we were looking at otherwise!

If you don't believe us, jump on into this quiz and see for yourself how tough it is to tell the difference between a penguin and a cute little seal when there are no colors to help you out. Are you the ultimate animal expert who can ace this grayscale quiz? It is time to prove your stuff! 

This massive cat is truly the king of the grasslands and is one of the apex predators in its native sub-Saharan Africa. Lions are social, smart hunters and make fierce adversaries.

Crocodiles are ancient creatures that are often confused with alligators- although these two animals are very different. You can find crocodiles in many places in Southeast Asia and Africa.

Kangaroos are one of the most iconic animals from "down under." These Australian Outback dwellers are powerful animals that hold the title of being the largest marsupials on the planet.

Grizzly bears are massive creatures who can tower up to eight feet tall if they stand on their hind legs. They are fearsome predators and omnivores that live mostly in the Canadian wilderness.

Seals spend much of their time in the water but will venture to the land to give birth to their young. Thanks to their thick fur and blubber, seals are able to thrive in colder weather.

Wolves are pack animals that are highly social and intelligent. They are the predecessors of modern dogs and are capable and ruthless hunters that effectively stalk and surround their prey.

American Buffalo used to roam all over the American Northwest and can still be found there today. These animals travel in massive herds and are known for being aggressive if startled.

Llamas are South American animals that can be found all over the Andes Mountains. Traditionally they were used for transportation, meat and their woolly coats. Llamas will spit if startled.

Rhinos are one of the "big five" animals that can be found on animal safaris. Poachers prize these animals for their horns and, very sadly, they have been hunted almost into extinction.

Capybaras are the largest living rodents on the planet. They are also known for being able to work together with other types of animals, but will not typically interact with humans.

Cobras are fearsome snakes that are both venomous and territorial. King Cobra venom can pack a serious punch, and will absolutely send someone to the hospital. They are indigenous to tropical regions.

Sea turtles are large, graceful animals that populate most of the warmer oceans across the globe. They play a critical role in marine ecosystems and are a protected species of animal.

Tigers are one of the world's most fearsome apex predators and can be found all over the world, but particularly in parts of Southeast Asia. They are an endangered and protected species.

Octopi come in over 300 different varieties and can be found in all corners of the world. Their tentacles are covered in sticky suckers and they are considered a culinary delicacy.

Gorillas are massive herbivores that live mostly in central sub-Saharan Africa. They are considered endangered and are a protected species. Gorillas have been known to show empathy and intelligence.

Horses are domesticated animals that live on farms all over the world. They participate in competitive sports and are known for forming strong and lasting bonds with their human owners.

These tree-dwelling creatures are native to Central and South America and can be found in the Amazon. They are shy and graceful. Sloths are notorious for moving very slowly in the wild.

Hamsters are very popular pets, and they can be found in small glass terrariums all over the country. Give your hamster a small wheel to run around in, and it will live a very happy life.

Ostriches are large, land-dwelling flightless birds that are native to Africa. They are occasionally eaten as food all over the world because their meat is very lean and flavorful.

Chickens are common barnyard creatures that are often kept in rural areas for meat or eggs. They are social animals that are largely domesticated by people and come in many varieties.

Peacocks are known for their array of brightly colored feathers that they use to try to attract mates. These animals are generally native to India, but can now be found all over the world.

Cheetahs are the fastest animals on the planet and can be found mostly in their natural habitat in parts of Africa. They are sociable and friendly creatures that even sometimes interact with humans.

Walruses are massive creatures that are known for their dominant tusks. This animal was also popularized by the Beatles, who sang about them in their iconic song "I am the Walrus".

Bats have been popularized in movies and film, are even linked to superheroes like Batman, and vampires like Dracula. They are useful animals that eat tons of pests and don't usually bother humans.

Pandas are native to China and have been popularized in a number of different films and television shows. They are usually depicted as gentle giants that are notable for their massive black eyes.

Owls are nocturnal creatures that have been popularized in culture as being highly intelligent. They are generally solitary animals that like to hunt at night and sleep during the day.

Poison dart frogs are indigenous to the Amazon and are notable for their poison-infused skin. This wards off predators, but also has been used for centuries by locals for ceremonial purposes.

Skunks are common animals that are usually seen as pests. Their main method of defense is by emitting a disgusting spray from beneath their tales. This spray is difficult or impossible to remove.

Elephants are giant land mammals that are native to parts of Southeast Asia and Africa. They are one of the "big five" animals of African safaris and are known for being gentle to humans.

Snails come in all shapes and sizes but are notable for the slimy and sticky trail that they leave. They are seen as culinary delicacies and eaten with lots of butter and garlic all over the world.

Penguins live all over the world. There are certain varieties that can be found at the North or South Pole, but you can also find them in the tropical Galapagos Islands off Ecuador.

Hippopotamuses are giant animals that can live on both water and land in many parts of Africa. They are very aggressive and take the lives of unwary people every year.

Komodo dragons are native to the Indonesian island of Komodo. They are a protected species and it is illegal to remove them from the island, although many tourists try to every year.

Moose are huge land animals that live in parts of Canada and the upper United States. Although not aggressive, they do cause plenty of road accidents by wandering into the paths of cars.

Dolphins are known for being exceptionally friendly and lovable sea creatures. They have been popularized in television and film, most notably in a long-running series called "Flipper".

Boa constrictors are giant snakes that are native to tropical locations all over the world. They are famous for grabbing their prey and squeezing them to death before consuming them.

Toucans are tropical birds that are known for their large, colorful beaks. They are larger birds that are indigenous to certain tropical regions of the world, specifically the Amazon region.

The platypus is a unique animal that is indigenous to Australia. It lives in both the water and land and is known for being aloof. They have poison in a horn on their back legs and will use it if provoked.

Reindeer are arctic animals that are gentle herbivores. They are famous in children's lore for pulling Santa's sleigh. Reindeer meat is enjoyed in many different northern countries.

Jellyfish are common in oceans all over the world and come in many different shapes and sizes. They are notable for their sting, which can range from annoying to deadly depending on the jellyfish.

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