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The 1990s were a simpler time. Children of the decade didn't grow up with tablets or constant access to the Internet. While we had more than a stick and our imaginations to get us through the day, we didn't have the world at our fingertips back then. That meant that the only way we knew about new movies coming out was through television ads and word of mouth, and nothing grabbed the attention of a '90s kid faster than a movie that was full of animals and the crazy situations kids got into when animals were their best friends. From "Rock-a-Doodle" (1991) to "Paulie" (1998), some of our favorite movies had characters that couldn't speak a word (unless their mouths were filled with peanut butter and someone did a voice-over). 

For the most part, in the '90s, kids were smart enough to know a good movie needed more than hijinks and slapstick comedy, but when a movie had an animal as one of the main characters (or torturing a main character), all "good movie" rules went right out the window. If you were a kid in the 1990s, you could probably spot a '90s kids animal movie from a mile away. But how good would you be at spotting one from a single frame? Take a look at these screenshots and see if you can identify all of these '90s kids animal movies.

This movie has two dogs and one cat ... all of which can talk (or think). Do you know which movie it is?

When you break "Homeward Bound" The Incredible Journey" (1993) down, you realize, it's just a bunch of scenes of animals running ... really. The dialog does its job better than something like "Milo and Otis" (1986), but viewers had to put themselves in the shoes (paws) of the animals to really become attached to the movie.

Which '90s kids animal movie featured a dog in sneakers?

Sure, dogs can play basketball, if you train them properly. There is nothing like a dog taking the place of an absent father in teaching the child to play basketball. Bud was an adorable golden retriever, though. We'll give him that.

Can you name this animal movie that featured an Orca?

The '90s had its fair share of low-income heroes, but "Free Willy" (1993) took it over the top with an orphan as the main character. Jesse is a troublemaker; that is, until he meets his new best friend, an Orca that he attempts to set free (that's totally legal).

In which movie does a pig do the work of a dog?

"Babe" (1995) gave us an inside look into what it's like to have goals that outweigh your expectations. Babe has to overcome prejudice from the other farm animals while he attempts to learn a new skill and avoid being turned into bacon.

What is this live-action Disney film based on a mean woman who likes to skin puppies?

We all remember the terrifying cartoon "101 Dalmatians" (1961), and we couldn't imagine a live-action Cruella De Vil ... until Glenn Close embodied evil to become the wicked woman in 1996.

Do you recognize this animated feature included a rooster that went by the name of "Tortellini"?

This full length animated film was all about animals avoiding being made into food ... more specifically, sausage. The most macabre and hilarious thing about this film is that the sausage company is called "Mix and Match" for obvious reasons.

Which '90s animal movie starred Eddie Murphy?

What do you get when you take the crudest comedian in history and add animals? "Dr. Dolittle" (1998), of course. While '90s kids might not remember much of Murphy's stand up routine, their parents were probably hesitant to take them to the theater.

Can you name the animal movie in which the main character steals a dog?

We admit that the dog-wolf hybrid should have been saved from his abusive owner, but we had to try to throw you off somehow. "White Fang" (1991) was about a young boy in Alaska who had to learn the hard way that not all dog have to go to heaven.

Do you remember which animal movie made people want to get St. Bernard puppies?

Getting a St. Bernard seems like an excellent idea until you realize that you will have to remove slobber from pretty much everything you own. "Beethoven" (1992) was a story about a family who loved a dog and a dad that wanted nothing to do with the creature ... you know, a comedy.

In which animated animal movie does a dog-wolf hybrid help cure a disease?

For some reason, the '90s were all about wolf-dog hybrids in Alaska. Balto was one of them. In his movie, we see a dog that is unliked and unwelcome, until he saves the flippin' day. It's basically "Rudolph the Half-Dog Savior."

This movie involves animals coming out of a game. What is it?

The latest telling of "Jumanji" from 2017 gives us a hilarious view of the Dwayne Johnson, but in 1995, "Jumanji" starred Robin Williams, and gave us a completely different understanding of what happens when a game comes to life.

Can you name the sequel that involves three animal protagonists and a "jail break" of sorts?

If watching scenes of animals walking around wasn't enough for you the first time, we now have "Homeward Bound II: Lost in San Francisco" (1996) to give us another look at what it's like to do tricks, but this time, in a city.

Do you remember this movie about a young boy who wants to steal someone else's dog?

You see, the owner of this dog was mean to him, and because he's a beagle, Marty Preston really wants to keep it. Of course, his father isn't really a dog person. "Shiloh" (1996) is based on a book about doing the right thing and figuring out what the right thing is.

In which sequel does a pig have to travel a long way to save his farm?

As if we needed one more reason to want a pig, "Babe: Pig in the City" (1998) gives us a firsthand look at the impossible feats this little creature can accomplish. Not only does he take on a large metropolitan area, he crosses an ocean to do so.

What 1998 animal film starred a gorilla that was fifteen feet high?

"Mighty Joe Young" (1998) has everything that a '90s kids movie needs: a parent death, animals and a beautiful heroine to protect said animals. The plot leaves a little to be desired, but it's a fun movie all the same.

In this sequel, the main character changes career paths. Can you name the movie?

Because a dog playing basketball was such a sensation, it only made sense to create a franchise out of the poor animal's abilities. This is how we imagine "Air Bud: Golden Receiver" (1998) was created.

This wasn't technically a kid's movie, but every kid in the '90s watched it. Can you name this movie about a missing dolphin?

Surprisingly, "Ace Ventura: Pet Detective" (1994) was rated PG-13. This is probably because standards were a little different back then, but the comedy was a sensation and well loved by pretty much every '90s kid.

What '90s animal movie's plot is all about nursing a seal back to heath?

All 1990s kids realized that it was only a matter of time before a seal made its way to our hearts. "Andre" (1994) allowed us to see a well-trained seal doing tricks and following a little girl around.

The '90s had its fair share of dog movies, but do you recognize this one that involves reincarnation?

Not only does this movie have parent death, but it also turns that dead parent into an adorable puppy. "Fluke" (1995) was one man's chance at redemption ... as a dog who tries to influence his family.

This movie's antics revolved around one crazy orangutan. Do you remember the name of it?

What could possibly be funnier than a crazy animal ruining a hotel while adults try to control it? "Dunston Checks In" (1996) might be the epitome of '90s kids animal movies with its crazy antics and expensive plot line.

Can you name this movie about a dog who likes to play soccer?

Alright, at some point '90s kids realized that writers were just getting plain lazy with the titles of their films. Not only does "Soccer Dog: The Movie" (1999) regurgitate plots from other films, the name of the movie is pretty terrible.

In this 1997 film, a man grows up around animals, do you remember the title?

"George of the Jungle" (1997) had something for everyone. Kids got to see a hopeless romantic with no social skills swing from tree to tree, and moms got to see Brendan Fraiser in a loincloth. Win-win.

Can you name the '90s animal movie that involves a rooster lying about his powers?

"Rock-a-Doodle" was a full-length animated feature that involved a shamed rooster leaving his farm after people realized that he wasn't the reason the sun comes up. Lucky for him, he can finally follow his dream to become a big rock singer.

What is the name of this movie whose main character is young girl who believes she is responsible enough for a pet?

What do you do when your parents tell say you can't have a pet (because your dad is deathly allergic to them)? Get a monkey, of course! However, when that monkey turns out to be a thief, chaos ensues, and antics begin.

Do you remember this movie about fighting off poachers in China?

In the 1990s, the only thing more evil than a rich man was an animal poacher (or anyone who wanted to kill animals). While not much has changed, "The Amazing Panda Adventure" (1995) can bring us back to those simpler days rather easily.

Which movie stars a dog that can drive and preform CPR?

"Bingo" (1991) was one of the original '90s animal movies. However, it didn't require a whole lot of CGI, just a dog who could perform the right tricks at the right time. It was, however, just as cheesy as all the other '90s animal movies.

What '90s kids animal movie is based on "Hamlet" by Shakespeare?

This movie was simultaneously terrifying and upbeat. It gave us the ups of "Hakuna Matata" and the downs of Simba's dad being brutally murdered. It follows the plot of Hamlet pretty closely, except the part where Nala lives.

Can you identify this '90s kids animal movie that includes a dogsled race?

"Iron Will" (1994) has it all: parent death, losing the farm, rich bad guys and a beautiful dog. If only all dogsled races had a $10,000 prize attached to them, this kid would be a millionaire.

This movie included '90s heartthrobs and wild animals. What is it?

Not only were children able to see their favorite Teen Bop boys on screen, they also were able to look at the wild beauty that America had to offer in "Wild America" (1997). This movie had everything a teen girl needed in the 1990s.

In which animal movie does a pig go looking for his family?

For some reason, in the 1990s, every movie had a counterpart. Therefore, when "Babe" came out in 1995, it was only appropriate to have a movie like "Gordy" (1995) compete with it at the box office.

Can you name this movie that stars a pesky rodent?

There is nothing like a couple of rich men chasing a mouse around a house for an hour and a half ... the two brothers must kill the mouse, so they can sell the house. That is really what this movie is about.

Do you remember this movie based on a TV show from the 1950s?

We all remember Lassie as the beautiful collie who never had a single knot in her fur, but we also remember her as the hero dog who always saved her young human from certain disaster.

This sequel switches main characters, but has the same animal. Can you name it?

While everyone seemed to love the original "White Fang" (1991), the sequel left much to be desired. The original main character simply hands his dog over to another adventurer, and we are supposed to accept this as a real thing.

What sequel involves an animal character getting a wife and family?

For a man who hates dogs, the father in this movie seems a little passive about the puppies that come along. Who could be mad at Beethoven, though? He's in love; we have to accept that.

Do you remember the movie about the CGI mouse and a real cat?

Any '90s kid who loved reading has read "Stuart Little," so when the movie was released in 1999, it didn't matter how old you were, you had to see it. The terrible CGI aside, it wasn't a horrible adaptation.

While many aren't sure how this movie got a sequel, it happened. Do you know the name of it?

"Free Willy" (1993) did so well, many thought it was a great idea to increase our Wily exposure by showing that the main character didn't necessarily live happily ever after. This sequel didn't do very well, but at least they saved the whales from the rich people.

Can you name this '90s movie that includes parent death and geese?

While we aren't sure why nearly every parent had to die in 1990s children's movies, they seemed to do so a lot. So, when Amy's mom dies in a car accident in "Fly Away Home" (1996), we see her move in with a weird guy and start hanging out with some geese.

This animated film included a toxic spill, but do you remember the name of it?

"Once Upon a Forest" (1993) includes woodland creatures running for their lives and trying to save the forest from the mean machine that is man. If only we saw the environmental warnings sooner.

In which movie do we see the Rescue Aid Society help a young boy in Australia?

"The Rescuers Down Under" (1990) was the '90s kid's first look at what a poacher is really capable of: trapping a magical eagle, kidnapping children and being rude to people.

Can you identify this '90s animal film that is all about overcoming adversity?

"Cats Don't Dance" (1997) was all about what happens when people are prejudiced. A cat tries to become an actor but is only given animal roles. This premise resonates with a lot of people.

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