Can You Identify the State University From Its Mascot?

By: Lauren Lubas
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Sports mascots are the good luck charms of their teams. These little guys were created to keep the fans' spirits high when teams weren't doing so well in games. As the fans were entertained, they continued to cheer on their losing teams. This energy was supposedly the reason for sports comebacks and rallying. The word mascot comes from the French "La Mascotte" which is an opera written in the 1800s about a farmer who needed a little luck. At some point, sports teams (including university sports teams) adopted the term and created characters to build fan excitement during boring segments of games (and when the players weren't that fun to watch). 

There are clearly mascots we can recognize from a mile away, and then there are those that are a little obscure. However, when it comes to state universities, the mascot is what its all about. Is he a badger? It he a dog? If you think you which mascot represents which state university, you will have no problem passing this quiz. It's time to see what you really know about the characters that roam the halls of the state universities in the US. Just remember, passing this quiz is important, but having fun is alma maters.

Baby Blue is a yellow and blue bird that just loves to be happy. You can find him on the University of Delaware's YouTube channel ... even though he doesn't have much to say, he's a recurring character on "Blue Hen Says."

You've probably seen a million animals wearing jerseys, but none so frightening than the University of Maine's Bananas T. Bear. He's hip. He's cool. He's frightening beyond all recognition.

Benny the Bengal is your standard state university mascot. The design of this mascot, however, is pretty interesting. He has tribal features, and he looks awfully angry as he snarls at the camera.

Many state universities choose birds as their mascots, because birds are the most terrifying creatures on the planet. However, when you look at Big Jay, you might think that he isn't a bird at all ... instead, he is some kind of frightening beaked creature dancing on the sidelines.

When we think of awesome panther names, "Billy" doesn't seem to make the cut. However, when you see the mascot costume, you realize that this panther looks like a beast you just want to hug ... so "Billy" seems to be a suitable name.

A European dragon, Blaze was first introduced in 1996. At the time, the University of Alabama, Birmingham's athletic department was under 20 years old. Like most mascots, he's a member of the cheer team, or "spirit squad" (as UAB likes to define it).

We can think of about 100 names for a bobcat, but New York University simply went with "Bobcat," because hey, there's already a real name in there. Although, NYU isn't the only university athletic department who has decided not to name their mascot.

Speaking of bobcats ... this is Boko, the Texas State University mascot. He looks a little bit like Meowth got his hands on a Texas State jersey, but he'll always be number 1 in our hearts.

You may know that Ohio State University is home of the buckeyes, but do you know what a buckeye is? Well, it's actually a tree that produces chestnuts. This explains the shape of Brutus's head.

This crabby little dude can be spotted across the country. Either the University of Wisconsin, Madison is a really popular school, or they're just really good at football. Either way, Bucky does not look like he's messing around.

No, he's not named The Colonel because Colonel Sanders started Kentucky Fried Chicken. Although, the coincidence does exist. As a matter of fact, before EKU was known for The Colonel, their team was called the Maroons.

There is nothing that screams "Wyoming" like a pony with a person's name ... Cowboy Joe loves to be around tens of thousands of people, and he knows how to put on a good show ... unless you make him wear pink.

Having a living animal as your mascot can be a little intense, as you have to deal with shorter lifespans and not knowing what an animal will do. Reveille has been the Texas A&M mascot since 1931, so we know there has been more than one.

V is for ... Pickles? This guy is definitely one of the most interesting state university mascots out there, and he has no shame. While the only pickle-like feature he has is the fact that he's green, it's an art school, so we have to look at it as an expressionist pickle.

You have to see Jack the Jackrabbit in motion to appreciate his true potential. In the school's logo, you might not be able to tell if he is running or scratching his ear. Let's pretend he's running.

There have been 14 dogs who have played Jonathan the Husky. Who doesn't want a husky as their mascot? They're fluffy. They're happy, and their coats are perfect for the Connecticut weather.

While we all can find interesting news stories starting with "Florida Man ..." we can also find an interesting mascot. The University of Central Florida's mascot is a knight named Knightro. Get it? Nitro ... but a knight. It works.

While you might think it's totally normal to have a living mascot if it is a dog, the University of North Alabama wanted to take it a few steps further and have two living lions as their mascots.

Lobo Louie and his pal Lobo Lucy are besties who love to cheer on the University of New Mexico athletic department. They are both officially members of the cheerleading squad who work tirelessly to entertain fans during games.

Penn State is a great school for young minds to learn, but they don't necessarily have the most creative or elaborate mascot of all of the mascots. It's a made up beast that is basically just a mountain lion, but if you look at the costume, you could see a dog or a bear. You might have to squint to see the lion part.

In the 1970s, Southern New Hampshire University athletes were known as The Accountants, so it only makes sense that their mascot was a penman ... The school specialized in bookkeeping and other recording arts.

This tiger mascot might look like a giant yellow blob, but his name is fierce, and that means that he is too. Prowler is a tough guy who wears a jersey, and loves hanging out with the students and fans.

If you went to Illinois State University, you know that that little cardinal is basically everywhere you go. Every place associated with the university is called some form of Red Bird or another, and you just can't get away from it.

Rudy the Redhawk looks surprisingly similar to Reggie the Redbird ... but we aren't going to split hairs here. Although, we probably should ... these two mascots are practically identical!

This cock knows a thing or two about running the roost. He might be small, but he is one heck of a mascot. Sir Big Spur is the University of South Carolina mascot who may be mini, but he packs a big crow.

No, the University of Alabama, Tuscaloosa doesn't have a real elephant as their mascot. This guy is bubbly and fun, even in the hot and humid summers of the American South, and he's well loved by fans and alum alike.

He doesn't carry a hammer, and he isn't worried about Ragnarok, but he is a mythical creature that is ready to go whenever Southern Utah is. Thor the Thunderbird should be your favorite name for a state university mascot, because it is so cool.

He's an American bison, and he isn't afraid to make some noise. He may be a little afraid of spelling things correctly, however. We don't have to tell them that they spelled it wrong. They can spell thunder however they please.

The only president from the state of Missouri was Harry S Truman, so it seems fitting to name their state university mascot after him. We are pretty sure there are a lot of other things Missouri can boast, but they might not be appropriate mascot names.

Victor E. Huskie spells his name different from other huskies because he is special, and he wants people to know it. The misspelling could have been an oversight, but we'll just say it was on purpose.

Wild E. Cat and his friend Gnartz are the major cheer squad for the University of New Hampshire wildcats. The wildcat was elected as their mascot over a bull, because a bull was harder to transport.

If you've ever been to Arizona, you know that it gets so hot there that it feels as though Satan himself has his arm wrapped around you like you're best buddies. It's no surprise that Sparky the Sun Devil represents the team.

The athletic department has the golden gophers, and the mascot is Goldy, who loves to wear his jersey and show off his single giant tooth to all of the fans. Gophers might not be terrifying creatures, unless you live around them.

No, he's not the main character on "I Love You, Man" (2009), but he does have a little essence of Paul Rudd to him. Pistol Pete might look like an offensive mascot, but he is well loved in his community.

He loves purple and silver, and he's way into Kansas State University athletics. We all know that the wildcat isn't the most creative mascot, but this costume is outrageous and fun ... it's literally just a cat head on a football player's body.

One of the most well known mascots in the United States, Sparty is a Spartan who runs around with a flag. He is bold and bulky and ready to get the fans pumped up for football games.

Making seemingly innocent creatures look angry is kind of fun for mascot designers. Sebastian the Ibis looks eerily similar to the angry badger that cheers on the University of Wisconsin, but they're different animals, so we guess it doesn't matter.

His statue stands tall and proud as he wears buckskin and brandishes his firearm. People having been posing as the Mountaineer for nearly 100 years (since 1927), and there looks to be no end in sight.

If we didn't know that bruins are bears, we might think that Joe and Josephine are McGruff the Crime Dog's children. They're adorable, don't get us wrong, but they don't look too much like bears.

How does something with such giant eyes look so angry? Whoever designed this guy may have loved unicorns, but he also loved evil eyebrows. Rameses looks like a Chucky and a Beanie Baby procreated.

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