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The United States itself has had several capitals. There was a time when New York City was the national seat. Even that fairly obvious piece of history is not well known. In addition, some state capitals have changed over the years. The capital of Oklahoma was once Guthrie, for example.

State capitals are not always the most important city in a state. Where would New York State be without New York City, which has never been its capital? A state's personality can be tied up in its capital. Perhaps more importantly, the distance between a state capital and the major population centers can mean that state politics are overlooked, and corruption is allowed to flourish.

You may know your own state capital, assuming you live in the United States, but how well traveled are you? Assuming you visited a state, did you even know what its capital was, or where that city is located? When you open the newspaper and read about news from around the country, do the names of cities mean much to you? Could you say where the governor of New Jersey works, or where the State Senate of California gathers? How well do you really know the state capitals of the United States? Take this quiz and find out.

Which of these states and capitals is mismatched?

Alabamans do not look to Hartford for their political leadership, and for good reason! As the capital of Connecticut, Nutmeggers (yes, they are called that) look to Hartford for their politics.

Which state capital and state do not go together?

Tallahassee, Florida, is not our southernmost state capital, but being in Florida, it's pretty far down. In the winter of 2017-2018, Tallahassee saw snow for the first time in decades, due to the crazy snowstorm that struck the east coast in early January.

Which of these cities isn't a state capital?

Albany is the heart of all state politics, good and bad, in New York State. At the New York Historical Society, there is a painting of the first governor of New York (under British rule) in his home in Albany... in drag.

Which state isn't matched to its capital?

Called the most corrupt state government by some government watchdog groups, the state government of North Dakota can be found in Bismarck, not Springfield.

Which capital isn't matched to its state?

Springfield, Illinois, is the correct pairing. Springfield was the site of both Lincoln and Obama's announcements of their bids for the presidency.

Which state isn't correctly matched to its capital?

While Tbilisi is the capital of the nation of Georgia, Atlanta, the home of the Atlanta Braves, is the capital of the state of Georgia.

Which state doesn't have the name of its capital next to it?

If you're booking a flight to Colorado, make sure you buy a ticket to Denver, not Dover. Denver is at very high altitude. Dover is at sea level.

Can you pinpoint which state isn't matched to its capital?

You could be forgiven for thinking "Jockson" was the capital of Mississippi, because it's only one letter off. Jackson is the state capital.

Which of these states isn't matched to its capital?

It's easy to confuse Minneapolis with Saint Paul. They are the twin cities after all, but the latter is the capital of Minnesota.

Which state and its capital aren't a match?

Las Vegas may be the capital of fun and vice, but Carson City is the capital of Nevada.

Which U.S. state capital isn't correctly matched to its state?

Topeka is the capital of Kansas, but Toepeka is how the 44th Vice President of the United States might have spelled the capital of Kansas if he were helping a student.

One of these state capitals isn't matched to its state. Can you tell which one?

If you wanted to wield the political power of Vermont's state government, you'd want to be in Montpelier, which is its capital.

Which state and city are not matched state-to-capital?

Washington State is not the same as Washington, D.C. The District of Columbia is not a state! Its "state" license plate reads "Taxation Without Representation" because its residents have no say at the federal level. Olympia is the capital of Washington state.

Which of these cities is not matched to the state of which it is the capital?

The capital of South Dakota is Pierre, a city founded in 1880.

Can you tell which state isn't matched with its capital?

Annapolis is the naval academy, but it's also the capital of Maryland. Baltimore may be the home of the Orioles and the HBO show, "The Wire," but not statewide power.

Which state and city are not a state-to-capital match?

New Orleans may be the most famous city in Louisiana, but the state named for a French king actually has a capital a bit north of Fun City, in Baton Rouge.

Which capital isn't matched to its state?

From space, Jersey City looks like just more of New York City, and like New York, it isn't a state capital. That honor belongs to Trenton, site of The Battle of Trenton in the Revolutionary War.

Which state and state capital are not a match?

While their names are similar, it is Harrisburg, not Pittsburgh, which is the capital of Penn's Woods, also known as Pennsylvania.

Which city and state are not a state and capital match?

Cranston is one of the tiny state's more populous cities, but Providence holds the title of the capital of Rhode Island.

Which state is not matched to its correct capital?

Portland was named for a city in Maine from which one of its founders came. Salem, likely named for the town in Massachusetts, is the capital of Oregon.

Which capital and state are not correctly matched?

Colombia is the country in South America. Columbia is the capital of South Carolina.

Which state and city aren't matched capital-to-state?

Oklahoma City is the capital of Oklahoma, an exception to the general rule that states with cities with the same name don't have a state-to-state capital relationship.

Which city is not a state capital?

How soon we forget. Chicago may be the economic powerhouse of Illinois, but Springfield is its capital.

Which state and capital combo has something wrong with it?

Portland, Maine, is a famous major city in the northern state. It is Augusta that is the state capital, however.

Which state and capital don't go together?

While Albuquerque is a fine town, it isn't where the beating political heart of New Mexico. That honor belongs to picturesque Santa Fe.

Which of these states and capitals has something wrong with it?

Raleigh is the capital of North Carolina, and while Charlotte may have a wonderful basketball team, it can't lay claim to the governor's house.

Which state and state capital combo isn't quite right?

Austin is the capital of Texas, not Dallas. Dallas can comfort itself with its wonderful football tradition, excellent baseball team and turbulent airport landings.

Which state and state capital combination doesn't quite pass muster?

Frankfort is the capital of Kentucky, but Albany is a town in the state. Obviously, it's not the same Albany that is the capital of New York.

Which state and state capital don't meet the criteria?

While there is a Manhattan, Kansas, it isn't the capital of the state. Topeka holds that tile.

Which pairing of state and capital has a problem?

While Anchorage is a major city in the huge, northern state, it isn't the capital. That honor belongs to Juneau.

Which state and state capital isn't a match?

If Miami were the capital of Florida, the state would be without a capital in a century or so, if sea levels continue to rise. Tallahassee is the capital of the Sunshine State.

Which U.S. state and capital aren't quite right?

Salt Lake City is the most populous city and the capital of Utah, with a population around 180,000. Scofield, Utah, on the other hand, has a population of 24.

Which U.S. state and its capital aren't really a match?

Sacramento is the capital of California, not Los Angeles, not San Francisco, not San Diego. If you want to drop in on their state legislature, go there.

Which state and capital aren't even kissing cousins?

East Honolulu is a real place, but Honolulu is the capital of Hawaii, where there was recently an accidental ICBM warning mistakenly transmitted to all the occupants of the state.

Which state and capital don't go together?

Memphis is a famous town, but Nashville is the capital of Tennessee.

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