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By definition, a state animal is an animal that has been designated by the state's legislature as the official animal of that state. Each state doesn't just have one animal as its representative; some states have state mammals, birds, fish, reptiles and even butterflies. In the same way, they also have state trees, flowers and songs. But we're going to keep it on the animal track. Have you studied the 50 states of the USA enough to name their state animals from a single picture? Let's see!

Some states make it pretty obvious as to which animals they've chosen to represent them. For instance, it's understandable that the state animal of Florida is the dolphin, and the Longhorn is the representative for Texas. You can sometimes be clued in as to what the answer may be by a state's sports team, by the animals they have on their state flags and animals that live in that state in abundance. But not all are that obvious! 

We've put some hints in place to help you if you get stuck. They make the answers pretty obvious without making you feel bad for not knowing the answer. So, don't be afraid, because you can definitely ace this quiz! So let's get started! 

What's the name of New York's state animal?

Known as engineers of nature, these unique animals have flat tails. This allows them to build dams to create ponds and make their homes. Beavers were named the official state animal of New York in 1975.


What's the name of Hawaii's state animal?

These large sea mammals use Hawaii as their home during the winter; they were recognized as the state's marine animal in 1979. A tribute marker was placed in West Maui to honor these gentle ocean giants.


What's the name of Missouri's state animal?

A warbling whistle best describes this songbird's cal. These birds are medium in size, with blue wings and a short tail. The Eastern bluebird became Missouri's official state bird in 1927.


What's the name of Nebraska's state animal?

The white-tailed deer has been hunted to provide people with a source of food and warmth from its skin.


What's the name of Arizona's state animal?

This unique mammal bears a close resemblance to a fox mixed with a raccoon. It has a long tail with about 14 to 16 white and black rings around it. This nocturnal creature is carnivorous and survives on small birds, mammals and insects.


What's the name of Illinois' state animal?

This is the largest amphibian in Illinois and became the state amphibian in 2005. It was chosen by citizens and students through an election held on the internet.


What's the name of Kentucky's state animal?

The world-famous Kentucky Derby only allows thoroughbreds to run on its tracks. It is fitting then, that the state's official animal is the thoroughbred horse. This animal is celebrated for its speed, beauty and endurance.


What's the name of Texas' state animal?

Designated as the official small state mammal of Texas in 1995, the nine-banded armadillo has a bony outer shell which is scaled, giving it adequate protection from predators.


What's the name of Mississippi's state animal?

Like a dog but more dangerous, these omnivorous animals often utilize abandoned woodchuck dens or badger burrows as their homes during the winter.


What's the name of Alabama's state animal?

The northern flicker became Alabama's state bird in 1927 and is also referred to as the Yellowhammer. Although it's a woodpecker, this bird chooses to forage from the ground in search of seeds, nuts, insects and berries.


What's the name of Indiana's state animal?

This songbird sings year-round and can be recognized by it ‘purty purty,' ‘cheer, cheer, cheer' and ‘whit-chew' whistles.


What's the name of Connecticut's state animal?

Now on the federal endangered species list, the sperm whale has played a major role in Connecticut's history. Fun fact: this whale has the largest brain of any animal, reaching weights of 20 pounds and sometimes more.


What's the name of Nevada's state animal?

With the ability to go long periods without drinking water, the desert bighorn sheep makes the rocky grounds of the Nevada desert its home.


What's the name of Idaho's state animal?

Distinguished by its spotted pattern, this state horse is currently one of the more popular breeds in America. Appaloosa horses come in a variety of color patterns, including leopard, snowflake and varnish.


What's the name of New Mexico's state animal?

The roadrunner, which became New Mexico's state bird in 1949, can reach speeds of 15 miles per hour. This bird is capable of flight, but it spends the majority of its time on the ground. It survives on a diet of rodents, scorpions, tarantulas and small birds.


What's the name of Alaska's state animal?

This mammal is the largest member of the deer family. Moose have heavy bodies with long legs, dewlap chins, small tails and drooping noses.


What's the name of Washington's state animal?

Orcas are toothed whales that have a black and white color pattern. Using a variety of techniques, these whales hunt in operational groups or pods and hunt everything from sea lions to sharks.


What's the name of Kansas' state animal?

Recognized as the state mammal of Kansas since 1955, the American buffalo can weigh up to 2,000 pounds and is the largest land animal in North America.


What's the name of Minnesota's state animal?

Known for their cries and wails, these large black and white birds have red eyes and are great underwater swimmers. Loons are high-speed flyers with a wingspan of up to five feet.


What's the name of Wisconsin's state animal?

Wisconsin's official state animal is none other than the dairy cow, which is fitting because it produces the most dairy in the country. The milk from these cows is used in the production of ice cream, cheese, butter and consumed as a beverage.


What's the name of Iowa's state animal?

The male goldfinch has a brilliant yellow body, while the female has a toned-down olive body. These birds have a diet that consists of flowers, such as sunflowers, primroses, ragweed and dandelions.


What's the name of Arkansas' state animal?

Extremely vocal, the mockingbird was chosen as the state animal of Arkansas in 1929. It has the ability to sing more than 200 songs, inclusive of songs of other birds and the sounds of insects.


What's the name of Delaware's state animal?

This fox has the ability to run at speeds of 28 miles per hour and is the only member of the canid family with the ability to climb trees. This primitive species is thought to be between 7 to 10 million years old.


What's the name of Montana's state animal?

In 1931, Montana chose the western meadowlark as its official state bird. These birds have pointed bills, yellow cheeks, black and white striped heads, and a black ‘V' on their breasts.


What's the name of Louisiana's state animal?

Adult male black bears can weigh between 250 to 400 pounds. These mammals are highly secretive and intelligent animals. Louisiana black bears are not predatory animals; rather, they survive on a diet of mainly acorns and berries.


What's the name of South Dakota's state animal?

This animal can be found in great numbers in the Black Hills of South Dakota. Coyotes have distinct sounds that they use to communicate with their pups and other adult coyotes.


What's the name of Florida's state animal?

Considered to be among the most highly intelligent animals, Dolphins utilize complex communication methods and have intricate social systems. These animals were adopted as the state saltwater mammal of Florida in 1975.


What's the name of Massachusetts' state animal?

A wild male turkey, also known as a 'Tom,' strives to mate with as many females as possible; Toms can grow to be over 20 pounds.


What's the name of Wyoming's state animal?

Growing to about 3-5 inches in length, the horned lizard has an intimidating look with its horned exterior. However, this reptile is very docile. When threatened, the horned lizard will freeze and flatten its body in an attempt to blend with the ground.


What's the name of Maine's state animal?

These cats are tall, muscular breeds with bushy tails and water-resistant coats. On average, a male Maine coon can grow between 13 to 18 pounds while the female can get up to 9 to 12 pounds. These cats are perfectly suited for the harsh winters in Maine, having luxurious coats and tufted feet.


What's the name of California's state animal?

This state animal is honored on the state flag of California and was designated as its official animal in 1953. However, it is rumored that the last grizzly bear was killed in 1922 in Tulare County.


What's the name of Utah's state animal?

Members of the deer family, Elk are prized for their hide and meat. These animals enjoy a diet of mainly grass, berries, mushrooms and wildflowers.


What's the name of New Hampshire's state animal?

Found throughout New Hampshire, this state animal ranges in color from olive to brown and has red spots on its back. Adult red-spotted newts are commonly found in water bodies like shallow lakes and ponds.


What's the name of Michigan's state animal?

Made the official state bird in 1931, the Robin is an exceptionally vocal animal; its sounds include a ‘tut' and ‘whinny' calls. This common and widespread thrush can be found in backyards and on front lawns pulling up earthworms.


What's the name of Vermont's state animal?

This state animal ingests toxins from the milkweed plant, making it poisonous to predators. The annual migration of the monarch butterfly usually starts in October.


What's the name of New Jersey's state animal?

The horse became the state animal of New Jersey in 1977 and is seen as a vital staple in the economic growth of the state. Horses contribute to the farming and racing industry and the preservation of green acres in New Jersey.


What's the name of Colorado's state animal?

These animals thrive in the rugged terrains of Colorado and were given their name after their enormous curling horns. It is curently illegal to hunt, wound or kill these animals, except as stipulated by the law.


What's the name of Maryland's state animal?

This is the only turtle in North America that spends its life in brackish waters. The diamondback terrapin consumes snails, crabs, fish and marine plants and hibernates underwater in mud during the winter.


What's the name of Tennessee's state animal?

Raccoons are comfortable living in deeply wooded areas as well as urban areas. Tennessee raccoons can grow between 30 to 38 inches long and weigh between 12 to 25 pounds


What's the name of Georgia's state animal?

This is the only great whale native to Georgia; it became the state's marine mammal in 1985. Hunting this whale has been illegal for more than 100 years.


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