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If you live in the U.S., it's easy to think that fame begins and ends in New York or L.A. – until you take a look across the pond, that is. London was founded more than 1,500 years before either of these major cities was even a dream in development, giving Britain quite the head start on everything from business to government to entertainment, fashion and celebrity culture. English stars run the gamut from actors and actresses to musicians, athletes, models, royals and people who are famous for who-knows-what ... kind of like the Kardashians back in the U.S.

While U.S. actors aim for Broadway, stage performers in Britain dream of the West End or Shakespeare. The BBC produces countless TV shows to give actors their start, and labels like Syco sign new artists to take over the music charts. The NFL and NBA stars in the States are replaced with soccer legends in England, while the notoriously voracious British tabloids like "The Sun" and "The Daily Mail" keep famous names in the headlines ... even when those celebrities aren't actually doing much worth talking about.

Think you can name the greatest actors, singers, models and celebutantes to come out of Great Britain? Prove it with this quiz!

Zig-a-Zig-ah! Back in the mid-'90s, the Spice Girls sold more than 20 million copies of their debut album "Spice," largely thanks to the success of the single "Wannabe." Victoria Adams, a.k.a. Posh Spice, went from singing star to mega-celebrity in 1999 when she married soccer legend David Beckham. The pair went on to have four kids, and Victoria concentrated on running her own fashion line after the Spice Girls split in 2000.

In 1967, Elton John and Bernie Taupin teamed up to write songs, with Taupin contributing the lyrics and John writing the music and doing all the singing and performing. More than half a century later, Elton John is one of the most famous musicians in the world, thanks to hits like "Rocket Man," "Crocodile Rock," "Daniel" and "Candle in the Wind," which sold 30 million copies in 1997 when it was re-released as a tribute to Princess Diana.

Emma Watson had only really acted in school plays before she was chosen to play Hermione Granger in the "Harry Potter" films. After growing up alongside Harry and Ron through eight Potter films between 2001 and 2011, the brainy star graduated from Brown University. More recently, she starred in a 2017 remake of "Beauty and the Beast."

The media has followed Prince William of Wales since his 1982 birth, but his celebrity grew in 2011 when he married Kate Middleton and became the Duke of Cambridge. After a stint in the Royal Air Force, William retired to spend his time parenting his royal tots and performing official royal duties.

Born in London in 1959, Simon Cowell started his own music label in the '80s and found huge success signing the Irish band Westlife. He was a judge on the British reality show "Pop Idol" in 2001 before moving across the pond to judge "American Idol" in 2002. He became a huge star, thanks to his sarcastic and even mean-spirited comments to wannabe singing stars on the show, and it was his idea to put together five solo contestants on "The X Factor" in 2010 to form what would eventually become One Direction.

Adele is one of those singers who was a success right from the start. Born in London in 1988, she signed her first record contract in 2007 and released "19," which went platinum, the next year. She picked up a pair of Grammys in 2009, then had one of the best-selling albums of the year in 2011, thanks to the release of "21."

Cheryl Cole became part of the band Girls Aloud, thanks to a 2002 turn on "Popstars." While she released a series of solo albums after leaving the group and served as a judge on "The X Factor," she is most famous today for her style, endorsement deals and magazine covers.

With not much more acting experience than a TV movie version of "David Copperfield" under his belt, Daniel Radcliffe became an overnight superstar when he was picked to play boy wizard Harry Potter in the film versions of J.K. Rowling's bestselling books. Radcliffe spent a decade as Potter before moving on to more adult roles.

After signing a modeling contract in 2009, Cara Delevingne immediately became famous for campaigns with Chanel, Burberry and other major labels. After conquering the catwalk, she turned to Hollywood, starring as Margo in the film version of John Green's "Paper Towns" in 2015 before trying her hand as a supervillain in "Suicide Squad" the next year.

He built a career as a stand-up comic in Britain before working as an MTV host, but Russell Brand didn't become a major star outside of England until transitioning into film in 2008. He played Infant Sorrow singer Aldous Snow in "Forgetting Sarah Marshall" and its 2010 sequel "Get Him to the Greek," then had his first major leading film role in the 2011 comedy remake "Arthur."

Daniel Craig replaced Pierce Brosnan as Bond, James Bond, in the movie series based on Ian Fleming's iconic books, beginning in 2006 with "Casino Royale." He was still in the role three films later with the 2015 release of "Spectre." In between playing a spy, Craig starred as Lord Asriel in "The Golden Compass" and as Mikael Blomkvist in "The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo."

Kate Moss was just 14 when she was discovered in New York. She quickly became a favorite of designers like Calvin Klein, Chanel and Dior, then started her own clothing line with British chain Top Shop in 2007. In addition to her style and career, her troubled relationship with Pete Doherty of the bands Libertines and Babyshambles helped to keep her name in the headlines.

Kate Beckinsale was studying at Oxford when she began landing roles on British TV shows. She hit it big in Hollywood in the late '90s with "The Last Days of Disco," then starred opposite John Cusack in "Serendipity." By 2003, she was landing leading roles in action flicks, starting with the "Underworld" series and followed up with "Van Helsing."

Harry Styles ended up being teamed up with four other solo performers on "The X Factor" in 2010 to form the group One Direction. They came in third on the show, but ended up being signed to Simon Cowell's label anyway and went on to sell millions of albums all over the world.

Emma Thompson had success with television, thanks to the BBC, then starred in a series of films throughout the '90s, including "Sense and Sensibility" in 1995. In addition to turns in "Love Actually" and "Nanny McPhee," Thompson found a whole new generation of fans playing Divination Professor Sybill Trelawney in the Harry Potter films.

Don't feel too bad for Robert Pattinson. Sure, he died at Wormtail's hand as Cedric Diggory in the Harry Potter films, but he went on to star as the undead vampire Victor Cullen in "Twilight." After becoming a huge international sensation as the RPatz to Kristen Stewart's KStew, Pattinson went on to more adult roles in "Water for Elephants" and "The Lost City of Z."

Lily Allen released her debut album "Alright, Still" in 2006, which earned her a Grammy nomination for Best New Artist. The Brit hosted her own talk show in 2008, then started her own label in 2011.

Hugh Grant got his big break with the 1994 flick "Four Weddings and a Funeral," and it didn't hurt that he showed up at the premiere with a scantily-clad Elizabeth Hurley on his arm. Grant made his name with romantic comedies like "Notting Hill" and "Bridget Jones' Diary," then starred opposite Sarah Jessica Parker in 2009 for "Did You Hear About the Morgans?"

Emily Blunt had her big screen breakthrough with "The Devil Wears Prada," then brilliantly played the lead in "The Girl on the Train." She teamed up with husband John Krasinski for "A Quiet Place," then gave fans a heavy dose of nostalgia in "Mary Poppins Returns."

Benedict Cumberbatch starred in Shakespeare and West End productions before landing his role as the Great Detective in the TV series "Sherlock" in 2010. Since then he's starred as Dr. Stephen Strange in a series of Marvel Comics flicks and earned an Oscar nomination for his work as Alan Turing in the 2014 movie "The Imitation Game."

"Bend It Like Beckham" made Keira Knightley a huge name all around the world, and her success continued with a starring role as Elizabeth Swann in "Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl" in 2003. She kept up her role in the Pirates sequels and also found time to act in period pieces like "The Duchess" and "Pride and Prejudice."

Born in London in 1972, Jude Law got his big break starring opposite Matt Damon in the 1999 film "The Talented Mr. Ripley." He went on to star in blockbusters like "Cold Mountain," "Alfie," "Hugo" and "The Grand Budapest Hotel."

Thandie Newton co-starred with Oprah Winfrey in the 1998 classic "Beloved," then spent a few years on television with a role in "ER." She co-starred in "Mission: Impossible 2" and "The Pursuit of Happyness" before landing the part of Maeve Millay on the sci-fi series "Westworld" in 2016.

If you love Michael Scott and the gang from "The Office," then you have British celebrity Ricky Gervais, who created the original U.K. version of the show in 2001, to thank. Gervais got his start in music before switching to comedy, then went on to star in TV shows and movies like "Night at the Museum."

Sienna Miller co-starred with Jude Law in "Alfie" in 2004, and the pair ended up falling in love and getting engaged. Miller played the role of Edie Sedgwick in "Factory Girl" and made a successful 2015 Broadway run as Sally Bowles in "Cabaret" before playing Maggie in "Cat on a Hot Tin Roof" in London's West End in 2017.

Chris Martin and friends started playing as the Pectoralz in 1996, later changing their name to Starfish and then finally to Coldplay. Their 2000 album "Parachutes" was a smash hit, thanks to "Yellow" and "Trouble," and Martin got even more famous when he married actress Gwyneth Paltrow in 2003.

Born in Hammersmith, Sacha Baron Cohen attended the University of Cambridge before building a career making mockumentaries based on characters like Ali G, Borat and Bruno. He married fellow celebrity Isla Fisher in 2010 and voiced a lemur named King Julien in the Madagascar flicks.

Elizabeth Hurley wore a cut-up-to-there Versace gown, using safety pins to protect her modesty, and became a tabloid favorite starting in 1994. She soon signed with Estee Lauder, then landed roles in "Austin Powers" and "Bedazzled."

Born in Wales, Anthony Hopkins was knighted by Queen Elizabeth in 1993 for his contributions to entertainment. After getting his start in theater, Hopkins went Hollywood, playing Captain Bligh in "The Bounty" and winning an Oscar for portraying Hannibal Lecter in the 1991 classic "Silence of the Lambs."

Her marriage to director Tim Burton made Helena Bonham Carter a natural choice for movies like "Corpse Bride," "Dark Shadows" and "Sweeney Todd." She played a female chimp in "Planet of the Apes," then took a turn as the cruel Voldemort flunkie Bellatrix Lestrange in the Harry Potter movies.

Mel B became a huge star as Scary Spice when the Spice Girls released their debut album "Spice" in 1996. World tours and chart-topping singles followed before the group split in 2000. Brown later competed on "Dancing with the Stars" before serving as a judge on "The X Factor" and "America's Got Talent."

Born in Scotland in 1966, Gordon Ramsay opened his signature establishment, Restaurant Gordon Ramsay, in London in 1998. He put on a tough persona on a series of U.K. shows beginning in the '90s, then became an international star by the '00s, thanks to global restaurant openings and a series of reality shows.

Born in Reading, English actress Kate Winslet became one of the biggest stars in the world after starring as Rose in the 1997 movie "Titanic." She won a Best Actress Oscar for her role as Hanna Schmitz in the 2008 film "The Reader," and she is among a small group of celebrities who have earned an Oscar, Emmy and Grammy.

Mick Jagger dropped out of the London School of Economics to front the Rolling Stones in the '60s. Turns out it was a pretty good plan, considering how much generations of fans love Jagger's swagger as he delivers creations he penned with Keith Richards.

Native to Surrey, Julie Andrews was just 13 when she was invited to perform in a Royal Variety Performance for King George VI and Queen Elizabeth. Believe it or not, things only got better from there for the actress, who won an Oscar for her role as Mary Poppins in 1964 and also starred in the 1965 classic musical "The Sound of Music."

Orlando Bloom let his long locks flow as Legolas in the Lord of the Rings trilogy between 2001 and 2003. He kept those flowing locks for a turn as swashbuckler Will Turner in "Pirates of the Caribbean." Bloom also starred as Paris opposite Brad Pitt in "Troy," married and divorced supermodel Miranda Kerr, and announced an engagement to singer Katy Perry in 2019.

J.K. Rowling was on a train from London to Manchester in 1990 when she came up with the idea for Harry Potter. More than a dozen publishers turned down her manuscript, according to "New York" magazine, before one finally agreed to publish it in 1997. Seven Potter books and eight films later, Rowling is one of Britain's richest women.

David Beckham became a star on the field for Manchester United, but became a household name as part of Posh and Becks after marrying Victoria Adams of the Spice Girls in 1999. He moved to Real Madrid in 2003, then signed a $250 million, five-year contract with the L.A. Galaxy in 2007.

Naomi Campbell appeared in the videos for Bob Marley's "Is This Love?" and Culture Club's "I'll Tumble 4 Ya" before signing a modeling deal at age 15. She was on the cover of major magazines and showed up on the hottest catwalks at fashion shows throughout the '80s. Later, Campbell guest starred on television shows, including "New York Undercover" and "American Horror Story: Hotel."

Paul McCartney met fellow Liverpool native John Lennon at a church festival in 1957. The pair began writing songs and shot to worldwide fame as part of the Beatles in the '60s. The group split at the end of the decade, but McCartney continued to make music, first with his band Wings, then later as a successful solo act.

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