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"Don't mess with the babysitter!" Think you have what it takes to answer this trivia from Adventures in Babysitting? Try your luck now with this ultimate quiz!

In which year was Adventures in Babysitting released?

Adventures in Babysitting was released on July 3, 1987.


Adventures in Babysitting was released in other countries but went by the title of...

Even when translated into the native languages of the other release countries, the title was A Night on the Town. It was only Adventures in Babysitting in the United States!


Who is the babysitter?

Chris Parker is her full name.


What was Chris supposed to do the night she ends up babysitting?

Sadly her boyfriend cancelled on her.


What is the name of Chris' boyfriend?

Mike Toddwell was his first name.


What excuse did Mike give Chris in order to cancel their anniversary date?

Chris was devastated that he cancelled but felt bad for his sick sister.


Now that their date is cancelled, who does Chris invite over to cheer her up?

Brenda is Chris' friend.


Mr. and Mrs. _________ call Chris to see if she can babysit last minute.

Although she is not in a good mood, Chris agrees to babysit because she has no other plans.


What is the name of the Anderson's 8 year old daughter?

Sara Anderson has a cute little laugh.


Where does Adventures in Babysitting take place?

Adventures in babysitting was filmed in both Illinois and Toronto.


When Chris arrives to the Anderson's house, who is Sara arguing with?

Her brother is mad because Sara stole his Clearasil to paint a picture.


What is the name of Sara's brother?

Brad Anderson has a not-so-secret crush on Chris.


What is the name of Sara's Marvel hero?

Sara painted a picture of Thor using Brad's Clearasil.


Who is Daryl?

Brad was supposed to sleep over Daryl's house that night.


Brad cancels his plans to sleepover Daryl's house once he found out...

Daryl too wanted to get in on the action with Chris!


What does Brad refer to Daryl as when he is eavesdropping outside the Anderson's home?

Brad goes around to all the windows to close the blinds and prevent Daryl from seeing that Chris is there and that's why he cancelled the sleepover!


Who calls Chris in a panic as soon as Mr. and Mrs. Anderson leave for their party?

Brenda has officially run away from home!


Where is Brenda stranded?

She has no money to pay for a cab ride home.


When driving to pick up Brenda, Chris tells the kids a scary story about a man with ______.

The rest of the scary story goes that the man with the hook kills the babysitter and her children!


While driving into the city to pick up Brenda, what happens to Chris' car?

They don't have a spare!


Who comes to the rescue of Chris and the kids on the highway?

John Pruitt has a hook for a hand and it scares them all!


While driving into the city, what does Daryl show Brad in the back seat?

Daryl stole it from his Dad, but Brad threw it out the window.


When scandal erupts outside of Pruitt's home, Chris and the kids jump out of the tow truck and into...

Since it was dark, they could not see that someone was in the front seat!


What is the name of the thief who was in the stolen Cadillac and befriends Chris and the kids?

Joe Gipp promised to take Chris and the kids to safety after he dropped off the stolen car at the shop.


What is the name of John Pruitt's boss?

Dawson is going to fix their windshield and tire. Pruitt will pay for the windshield but they're going to have to pay for the tire!


What happens to Brenda's glasses in the bus station?

An old woman takes them while Brenda is sleeping.


How much is it going to cost to have the car tire fixed?

Chris panics because she doesn't have that kind of money!


What type of club do Chris and the kids get chased into?

"Nobody leaves this place without singin' the blues!"


"You slip me the cash, and I'll slip you the _______."

Brenda tries to buy a hot dog at the bus station but she has no money so the man won't give it to her!


What does Daryl steal from the hot car shop?

He needed to replace the one that Brad threw out of the car!


Mike's license plate?

Mike drives a red Camaro.


Who kicks Mike into the dessert cart when they spot him with another woman?

Daryl is not only sticking up for Chris, but also getting payback for the time that Mike kicked Daryl!


Who does Sara believe is Thor in real life?

Dawson is tall, physically fit nd has long blond hair - just like Thor.


Caught in the middle of a gang fight on the train, what famous line does Chris exclaim?

Brad gets stabbed in the foot, but Chris pulls out the knife, pointing it at the gangs and says this famous line.


What is the name of the guy who helps Chris raise $45 at a frat party?

Dan Lynch meets up with Chris at the end of the movie and they kiss!


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