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Vampires, werewolves, angels and demons; knowing all of the characters on "Supernatural" can get a little complicated when they aren't all human. Do you think you know everything about them, though? Could you guess them from a single hint? Here's a quiz where you can put your "Supernatural" knowledge to the test!

"Supernatural" isn't made up of your typical cast of characters. Of course, there are the Winchesters with Dean's childish nature and Sam's slick hair, but there are also the hundreds of side characters that the boys come across as they try to kill as many evil things as they can. "Things" is the key word here, because not everyone they come across is human. Instead, they face demons, angels and just about any other monster you can think of, which can get complicated when Sam and Dean try to separate evil from monster.

Are you an expert on all of the "Supernatural" characters, monsters included? Do you know all of Sam and Dean's allies and enemies, the ones who helped them just to flip sides later and then maybe flip sides again? If you think you do, then here's a quiz for you. Get started and see if you can name these "Supernatural" characters from a single hint!

Sam and Dean go looking for him when he goes missing in the pilot episode.

Sam and Dean find their father's journal while on their first hunting trip together in a while. Dean starts to realize that John wants them to continue the family business by killing every monster they come across.


He takes both of his sons and hits the road to find his wife's murderer.

No one is more obsessed with hunting demons than John Winchester. His obsession drives him to the point that he drags his two young sons around the United States, staying in hotel rooms, while looking for his wife's killer.


He sells his soul to a demon to save his brother.

Dean can't live without his little brother. When Sam is killed, Dean does the unthinkable to bring him back.


He's the first angel to reveal himself to Dean Winchester.

Castiel struggles with his duty to Heaven and his newfound freedom on Earth. His relationship with Dean causes him to choose humanity over the angels.


He gets the Mark of Cain.

The Mark may make Dean stronger, but it's a curse as well. With the curse strapped to his arm, Dean slowly starts turning into a demon himself.


He owns the Impala that his father gave him.

Dean likes a lot of things; food, beer, women. It's his car, however, that's his most prized possession.


She was the first demon created by Lucifer.

Dean broke the first seal that releases Lucifer when he started torturing souls in Hell. Sam, however, breaks the final seal when he kills Lilith.


He is Sam and Dean's grandfather from their mother's side.

Samuel was a hunter who trained his daughter, Mary, to hunt as well. Sam and Dean have no idea their mother was a hunter until years after their father dies.


He dies and comes back without a soul.

After defeating Lucifer, Dean actually gets out of the hunter's life. When Sam comes back without a soul, though, Dean is pulled right back in.


He went to college to escape his family.

Sam wanted a chance to get out of the hunter's life, but Dean just couldn't let him be. The yellow-eyed demon couldn't either.


One of his favorite words is "idjit."

Throughout their childhood, Bobby has often been the father figure for Sam and Dean. He even taught Dean how to throw a baseball when he was supposed to be learning how to shoot.


Dean tries to start a family with her and her son.

More than anything, Dean wants to start a life with Lisa and her son, Ben. When he realizes that will only put them in danger, he has Castiel wipe their memories.


He's a vampire that Dean makes friend with in Purgatory.

Benny isn't your normal vampire. He not only helps Dean escape purgatory, but he also refuses to feed on live humans.


She owns the roadhouse.

When Sam and Dean find the roadhouse, they come across an entire network of hunters. More importantly, they adopt more family after meeting Ellen and her daughter, Jo.


He is supposed to fight Lucifer at the end of the apocalypse​.

Dean is supposed to be the vessel of Michael. When Dean refuses, Michael moves on to his younger brother, Adam.


She's Crowley's mother and a powerful witch herself.

With a gift for witchcraft, Rowena was once part of the Grand Coven. She was forced out because she used magic for destructive purposes.


He is God.

Chuck created humanity, which he eventually sees as a failed experiment. However, as Metatron points out, humans are actually the perfect creation because it's not about their failures. Instead, it's about their refusal to give up.


He wrote down the Word of God.

Metatron uses a spell to cast all angels out of Heaven. He then proceeds to unite only the angels who are loyal to him.


This hunter is an old friend of Bobby's who enjoys drinking Johnny Walker Blue Label.

Rufus helped Bobby when his wife was possessed by exorcising the demon out of her. Sadly, it was too late for his wife.


He has demon powers.

Despite Sam's struggle to be normal, Azazel always had plans for him. When Sam realizes this, he starts to believe it's hopeless to save himself and live a normal life.


His girlfriend was burned alive on the ceiling by a demon.

Between Sam and Dean, Sam is most likely the smarter of the two, at least when it comes to books. Dean seems to be more concerned with pie than with reading.


When he dies and goes to Hell, he starts torturing souls.

Dean Winchester turns into one of Hell's most prized torturers. This, of course, haunts Dean when he's brought back to life.


He covers up his identity as an archangel by pretending to be a trickster.

Gabriel is the youngest of the archangels. Unlike the other archangels, however, Gabriel gives in to many human vices.


She is the sheriff in Sioux Falls.

Jody Mills' family is killed during the Apocalypse. She later adopts Annie Johns and Claire Novak, two girls Sam and Dean came across on the road.


He has a mullet.

Ash lives in the roadhouse that Ellen owns. He's a genius who would rather drink beer than complete his degree at MIT.


He is the author of the "Supernatural" books.

No show is better with meta-references than "Supernatural." They even have a book series in the show that mirrors events that occurred.


She's the demon who helps Sam control his powers.

No one is more conniving than Ruby. She spends two seasons manipulating Sam into using his powers.


He tries to take over for Bobby after he dies.

Bobby's death leaves the hunting world with a hole to fill. Garth does his best to fill that role, though Sam and Dean aren't pleased with this at first.


She stole the cursed rabbit's foot from Sam and Dean.

When Bela was young, she was abused by her parents. To get back at them, she made a deal with a demon to have them killed.


He killed Sam and Dean's mother.

Azazel was one of the top demons in Hell. This was before Dean put a bullet through his head.


He gives Sam and Dean the Colt to kill Lucifer.

When Lucifer gets sent back to the cage, Crowley takes over as the King of Hell. He uses manipulation and dirty tactics while ruling.


She was blinded while looking at Castiel's true form.

Pamela was a psychic who Sam and Dean often turned to for help. Eventually, she is killed trying to protect the boys.


She gave up her angel grace to become a human.

Anna decides that the only way to end the Apocalypse is to make sure Sam and Dean never existed. She tries to go back in time to kill Sam and Dean's parents.


He is in charge of getting Dean to say "yes" to Michael.

Zachariah was one of the most powerful angels in Heaven. That was before he was assigned to Dean Winchester, of course.


Originally a partner of Castiel, he betrayed the angels before being killed by Anna.

Uriel works as a double agent trying to free Lucifer from his cage. When Castiel refuses to join him, he turns on Castiel as well.


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